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SENSE AND SENSIBILITY 1995 Every movie based on the work of Jane Austen is romantic, and God knows there are viewers who still haven’t recovered from Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy in 1995’s BBC production of Pride and Prejudice. But that year also brought forth Sense and Sensibility, directed by Ang Lee, from a screenplay by Emma Thompson. In its fiercely composed, almost metaphysical landscapes, its brushstrokes of deep darkness, the movie invokes and then challenges the high Romanticism that is one of the novel’s themes. A young Kate Winslet is the too passionately romantic Marianne, Thompson is the too selfless Elinor, and Greg Wise, Hugh Grant, and Alan Rickman are their too divine love interests. So let’s give the BBC—with Firth and Jennifer Ehle (the definitive Elizabeth Bennet! —the prize for best Pride and Prejudice. Which leaves 1995’s Sense and Sensibility to win best Jane Austen film to date. THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER 1940 Charm, charm, and more charm. The Austrian sheers on the store windows tuck the viewer in to 99 cozy minutes as elfin Margaret Sullavan spars with the heartbreakingly young and elegant James Stewart (the acting chops are already there—the touchy cross-currents playing about the cloudless face). They irritate each other at every turn, these two co-workers, and have no idea that they also happen to be each other’s “Dear Friend,” anonymous pen pals, sharing their hearts through the mail. Frank Morgan, that grand MGM staple, turns in a touching performance as their temperamental boss, Hugo Matuschek.

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al phase of the game, Reflection, the story pile becomes a summary of the players’ joint e? rts in confronting their Shadows. Players can now choose to add newly authored cards to the deck for future games, thus cohelp another friend, in a future game. In this phase, players are engaged in re? cting-onaction, triggered by the narrative which is a result of their play-session. They consider which methods might be useful in real-life, and whether they should be kept to expand the narrative potential of the deck. Fig. 3. An example of the hand of cards at the players disposal in the enactment phase. 3 Development and Design Considerations Over the course of three years, ten iterations of the game have been considered in 18 documented play tests. The play tests were of the participatory design ? vor, and the majority included domain experts, who advised about the following areas: therapy, counseling, story construction, graphic design, user experience design, board game design, and game mechanic design and balancing.


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But in response, Republicans did not accuse the Democratic Legislature of sitting on its hands in response to PBB. With Flint, both parties have made the water crisis a political issue and showered criticism on each other unceasingly. Which brings the last point: how the public has reacted. The 1970s was a cynical time, after Watergate, assassinations, Vietnam. And those directly affected, particularly the farmers, were understandably angry at state government. Yet, the public overall seemed to expect and feel that government would respond and take care of the issue. In part that was because it had seen both parties in Lansing and Washington try to work together to resolve problems. No such confidence exists now with the public. Decades of partisan dysfunction and an overwhelming cynicism has shattered any sense of trust in government. It is more than a partisan breakdown in the public, there is a real sense that government cannot solve the problem it created, and may not care to. One could ask which governor you would rather have in charge during the Flint crisis. One could better ask why did state government not learn the lessons of the PBB crisis.