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“Pontiac residents had a turnout rate of ONLY 7. PERCENT, while non-Pontiac residents turned out at 16. percent,” Mr. Metzger wrote. Not exactly a sterling showing by either region in the belief of representative democracy, but there you are. Pontiac residents backed the proposal by 65. percent, while out-city voters opposed it by 79. percent, he said. Mr. Metzger points out that Pontiac voters could have won the issue while still smarting from a pathetic overall voter turnout. With just 179 more voters, presuming they voted at the same 65. percent for the proposal, the issue would have won and Pontiac still would have a voter turnout of 8 percent. Yep, just 0. percent more than the number that actually showed up, and the issue could have won. The Oakland website also shows one other ironic figure: Mr. Metzger’s notion is not at all far-fetched as more yes voters showed up at the polls than those that voted no.

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I seriously thought you didn't know the difference. I said that things like crying statues make the news, trying to show that not all things on the news are actually real. So, simply because your haunted house was on the news, is not evidence or reasoning to tell me that the house is actually haunted. Or maybe two. Riot Breaker 8 ? ? You don't exist, prove me wrong: Mohamed Redha 8. I wonder why people are so eager to disprove possibilities. Let's consider Edison and his eagerness to study from discredit and steal the ideas of Tesla. Wireless energy concepts were being devised over 100 years ago yet shut down because they could not yet be manipulated for profit. Likewise if we consider the energy surrounding paranormal activity you can understand why souls do not like to be harvested and used like batteries so people are not lining up to be studied and abused. We now know Tesla was accurate and his desire to help humanity was why corrupt minds suppressed his studies and corrupted his technology. Samiam 666 7 ? ? I was going to say something like that. It is far more likely that they were shut down because THEY DIDN'T WORK.

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They are far more cultured and intelligent than many of the people in North America. You're first thought with that title is, maybe it's a movie version of the board game. And you think, no, how could they make a movie out of a dumb game like that. It made 300 million worldwide, but how much did they spend on promotion. Anyway, it got slaughtered by the critics but was simple enough to translate well to foreign languages apparently, and that saved it. There it will certainly cash in and make its money back and then some. I can't believe so much prejudice against people because of their religion. I guess people don't realize how many Scientologists there are in this world. I am not a Scientologist but I am aware of its superiority over other religions. It's the only one that has true and logical answers. I think it is abominable that these people are being so horrible to a young teenage boy on here. If you walk out of a movie partway through, you've already paid for your ticket. It's explicitly anti-gay, how dare you promote a homophobic organization on gay turf. It's hard to know truth and logic when your head is stuck in your anus, lying clam. You guys just want to pick on him because his parents are rich and had connections to help him into the movies. People, connections in the movie business mean nothing if the child has no talent.

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The team of researchers from the University of Zurich, and the Technical University of Madrid in Spain, taught the software how to steer using more than 70,000 images from an open-source dataset created by cyber-uni Udacity, which is developing open-source self-driving car software. The pictures depict a range of scenarios taken from a front-facing camera tacked onto the vehicle. A second dataset for collision-avoidance training was scraped together by attaching a GoPro camera to the handlebars of a bicycle to capture 32,000 images. Stills were taken from video recordings of the bicycle approaching different objects, such as pedestrians, vehicles, or trees. The images were then marked as 0 if the bike was far from an object, and 1 if it was very close to crashing into an object. Our intuition was that cars, bicycles, or similar vehicles, already have this great ability. Therefore, we developed an algorithm to make drones that can imitate them,” said Loquercio. The video below shows a Parrot Bebop 2. drone buzzing loudly as it hovers along streets, turning corners and stopping in front of cyclists and pedestrians. It travelled up to 245 metres in one of the flying experiments in an urban setting, and could be flown 50 metres in a parking garage although it wasn’t explicitly trained on parking environments. Youtube Video It’s not bad for a small network with eight layers. Loquercio said reducing the complexity of the system means it an action performed by the drone requires a smaller computational cost, allowing it to react faster. That's particularly useful for responding quickly to sudden obstacles and dangerous situations. It also means it should draw less power, which is good news for battery-powered setups. Since DroNet was trained on data taken from bicycles and cars, it can also only move on a single plane at groin height and cannot fly up or down. However, there still lot of work is required in this direction.

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It has been followed by The Absent One (2014) and A Conspiracy of Faith (2016) with the same cop characters. Benedict Cumberbatch is especially fine as the jerk titular hero. I liked the library scenes because for the most part they were quiet ones. I was amused by Dobby’s resurrection, even if he’s disguised as a Cloak of Levitation. I liked the first credits scene hinting at a return of Thor and Loki, and the second one developing Mordo into a sequel villain. I wonder if the origin story should have been delayed until after Adventure Plots 1 and 2, so the writers had a better idea of who they were dealing with. And who cares? They aren’t interacting in significant ways with the characters that matter: us; normal well-adjusted people. There is a long history of strong magical traditions in Europe too, and absolutely no reason for him to trek to Kathmandu for this kind of thing. I was invited to see this; had I known it was the 3D version beforehand I wouldn’t have gone. For that matter, in fictional universes, it isn’t magic either. Lord of the Flies but with adults, a soccer team, and sex. The characters are relatively shallow and stupid, and the dialog is skimpy, but on the whole, the movie wasn’t bad. I missed about a quarter of his dialog because of it. Not good casting, I think, and I generally am in awe of Colin Farrell. ( And then turning into Johnny Depp.

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oogle. om Redmi 5A to go on Sale via Flipkart Today at 12 pm gadgetsnow. om. Apple will use these chips in new iPhone models and other products for sale in the Chinese domestic market specifically, the Nikkei reported, citing two people familiar with the matter. Both Apple and Yangtze Memory did not immediately respond to requests for comment. At the meeting, shareholders defeated two shareholder proposals, one asking that rules allowing shareholders to nominate directors to the board be eased, and another asking for a human rights committee at Apple. The Customer Isn't Always Right PS4 Is a Best-Seller but Here Are 4 Reasons It's Far From Perfect Apple to buy memory chips from China-based chipmaker for use in products sold in Chinese market firstpost. om Apple Focusing on Smart Glasses which Might Replace iPhone: Reports techvicity. om. There are no less than three MediaPad M5 versions in the pipeline, according to the latest speculation, two of which will technically follow in the footsteps of the early 2016-released MediaPad M2. Its rumored 4GB RAM count today has already been confirmed in a benchmark, with User Agent Profile data also revealing the 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution of the MediaPad M3 will be retained. Last but certainly not least, the MediaPad M5 10 Pro “Cameron Pro” is purportedly also coming with 4GB RAM, but upgraded 64GB storage room, M-Pen stylus support and LTE speeds, at 520 Euro or so. Huawei MediaPad M5 tablets leaked with specs, pricing androidcommunity. om Everything you need to know about the Huawei MediaPad M5 digitaltrends. om. This would become a legally binding requirement on operators of both public and private charging points, with the transport sec proposing a related amendment that would give inspectors powers to enter land and take documents relating to public charging points.

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