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One idea that occurred to me was that no one would be on the throne, but that can’t be possible because, well, you need someone to rule. I’m going with Jon or Tyrion (I like your theory of Jon and Dany having a baby, but dying, thus leaving Tyrion to take care of it). I’d actually be pretty upset if she died giving birth and Tyrion raised it. (Never understood why it wouldn’t be his sisters or Missandei and Grey Worm? I think no throne is on the right track but maybe more so for the book. I still think it’s going to King Jon and Dany in the show. Seems like he could be the dark horse (better than Gendry anyway ? ) I’ve got to be honest, I genuinely like the idea of Bran being the villain tbh. And I think (I hope) Martin has gotten enough crap with the endless round of mothers dying in childbirth that he’s not going to go that way with the Mother of Dragons but who knows. Honestly right now I’m mostly excited that Jaime’s beard is back. I definitely don’t think they’re going to have him running for miles beyond the wall to save the day. I honestly don’t think it’s going in that direction. Hehehe. Personally, I’d rather see her ruling the north alone and if she is going to marry a character for both love and politics, I can see it being Gendry. But I hope they keep her until the last episode, GoT wouldn’t be what it is without Cersei, she’s the ultimate villain. I don’t like Book Tyrion, easily one of the more morally grey characters in the books, the show has whitewashed him. She’s her mother’s daughter and the only one who seems to know how to rule.

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It’s important to not only acknowledge these two as separate mediums, but to also not hold the latter accountable for deciding to do things a bit differently. There are tens of millions of fans of Game of Thrones. There are not tens of millions of fans who can tell you all the regions of Westeros (which isn’t that difficult). Fine, even if it comes as a slight to a certain one true king. This is a high budget production with hundreds of talented people working both behind the camera and in front of it. The show should be faulted for ones that don’t work. We should not however, fault the show for making changes solely on the grounds that it’s different from the books. I can’t really say that’s not going to be a problem because I don’t know. This is pretty unprecedented as far as screen adaptations go. I imagine this is something that GRRM has thought about once or twice. Until then, I’m going to enjoy Game of Thrones and do my best to keep my inner ASOIAF geek at bay. If I had a gold dragon for every time something was changed in the upcoming season, I’d be richer than the Iron Bank of Braavos. To say that time and time again would grow more annoying than Joer Mormont’s raven demanding corn and it would also be ignoring the fact that deviation is fundamentally in the best interest of the realm (Earth). To ensure you never miss one, I encourage to subscribe by putting your e-mail address in the “Free Candy” form on the right. Also, I’d like to thank all of you who helped make A Trip Down Reality Lane a bestseller in metaphysical fiction and thank you for reading. A Feast For Crows debuted at number one on the New York Times Best Seller List, joining a club of fantasy novels with more exclusive membership than those who have pitched a perfect game or played James Bond. Martin has woven an intricate puzzle that’s been the subject of countless articles, videos, and cocktail party conversation (I can attest to that final one).

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Niedecker follows the ballad’s method of selecting high points from a person’s life, but idiosyncratically, so as to set the workingclass father’s ambition for middle-class status for his daughter against her own transformation of the material circumstances of his outdoor labor into intellectual values. The lines are both shorter and more variable in length than in the two earlier poems, none of the stanzas conforming fully to the 4343 stress distribution pattern of common measure, the last three even disrupting the length relationships of that pattern. The syllable-level rhythm is mainly rising, with the exception of the second stanza, where it modulates through the second line, consisting of an initial trochee and a spondee, to the fully trochaic third and fourth lines. The thematic resolution in the ? al sentence of the poem (the last stanza and a half) is supported by a clear return to the dominant pattern, with iambic-anapestic regularity sustained over the ? al six lines. As in “Old Mother turns blue. ” the terminal rhyme of the second and fourth lines is only part of the sound repetition and modulation that binds the stanzas together. Especially remarkable is the reverse rhyme in the second stanza, linking “wood” and “woman,” “dog” and “daughter,” “lost” and “prologue. In the same stanza, there is also the eye rhyme of “wood” with “? od. The last two stanzas are also especially tightly woven by sound repetition. In the penultimate stanza, the sound of the rhyme pair “tank” and “bank” is anticipated by “bankers” and “land” in the ? st line. The syllable-level rhythm also enacts such a disappearance and return, as the rocking (cretic) movement of the ? st line is disrupted in the second and third, where the line division splits the trochaic “water” from the long, stressed monosyllable “yield,” then recurs in the fourth and ? th.

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16, 2001), the whirlwind success of Ghostland Observatory has opened doors and local airwaves for a new wave of electro-pop. Meanwhile, the 2010 return of the Nocturnal Festival to Rockdale has proven the demand for largescale events. “Dance music and this sound is a bigger part of the mainstream than it’s ever been before,” posits Gartner. “From a business perspective, it’s a very lucrative time. Copping the name from one of his childhood soccer coaches, Gartner created his latest incarnation four years ago, in part to capitalize on the market opportunity but more so to reflect an overall aesthetic change. His work under the Wolfgang Gartner moniker hits better, harder, faster, etc. adding a metallic sheen and terror-alert electronics to house music that has put him in the same league as Deadmau5 and MSTRKRFT, both of whom he’s collaborated with. Gartner started blowing up on Beatport, notching eight No. 1 tracks, including his breakthrough “Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony,” an electro makeover of Beethoven’s greatest hit that was licensed from India to South Africa as well as for the DJ Hero video game. That led to an invitation to Pete Tong’s prestigious Essential Mix program on BBC Radio 1 and performances at Coachella and Lollapalooza. In the midst of his jet-setting tour schedule, Gartner was flown in from Brazil just to make beats for the Black Eyed Peas. “Wolfgang Gartner is an anomaly,” praised Will. . m recently to MTV News. “He’s a hater, a lover, a maker, and a creator. Judge music. Create music.

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There are VIP guests in the crowd, surrounded by security, but noone can hope for the happy end. Hands with weapons seen in the mass of people, sounds of shots and the enemy is down, no agitation, payment for the few - hundreds of innocents. Sounds of triumph, sounds of history and sounds of mourning. Each experiment is threaded in the structures of other experiments and this creates the feeling of compositional construction and makes each track an independent piece. In each recording there is some substitution, some replacement, stripping the core of any sound event - a waiting for return to zero. Petersburg's project (a side-project of Lunar Abyss Deus Organum), released in 2004 on Extremal Psyhonauts label limited to 34 copies. This is a collaboration between the group Reductio Ad Absurdum with yet unknown Igor Potsukailo (Bardoseneticcube). This compilation is a second part of the collaboration recordings of RAA and Igor made in spring 1997. All material was recorded during 3 or 4 noise sessions in two months. Cirque (1994): premiered on May 23, 1994, Futura, Socar (Crest, Drome, France). In October 1995, Bernardo Montet premiered a choreography for eight dancers on Cirque. The concert premiere was on May 23, 1994 in the Socar factory in Crest (France) during the first Futura festival. The recordings used in this music were produced between March 1988 and October 1993. The eternal spirit of war burns the wicks of people fates, the fight for higher ideals borders with death - but the fates of those contempting death spark brighter. The album contains different pieces, but all they are united by one unique inner mood. Sexy vegetarian blonds from Novgorod, Russia won't make you dull with their pathological love to toys. Their rival - Sir Belly loves more serious toys, in the end we have a fine example of royal alco-noise and shit-ambient - spirit-lovers may get properly drunk.

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CVT’s by their nature linger at the speed that most efficiently puts power to pavement. The Christmas yard lights will also look brighter and crisper. Investing in LED lights for the holidays is a great idea. The printer deal is expected to close in about 12 months and is subject to approvals, the companies said. HP will receive more than 6,500 patents from Samsung, Mr. Lores said, adding to its intellectual property lineup. Turn on the power and see if the motherboard makes any beep codes. If it does, you probably want to check what the beep code is, but if not it might be the processor. But the little clear hairs that grow on the back of that tiny sea worm thing. They’re much, much more efficient than the cables we’re using. All fiber optic cables (and in fact, all cables of any kind) lose some of their signal over a distance. Fiber optics work by controlling the reflection of the light so that it bounces perfectly along the length of the cable, but the world is an imperfect place, and no medium we’ve come up with doesn’t lose at least a little bit of the light over distances. No shopping for us! For Zach, decorating has become sentimental. Some of my fondest Christmas memories are putting up our lights with my mother and father,” he said. They are amazing, and I could never accomplish any of this without them. The proposed cuts include eliminating four positions in the Fire Department, eight in the Police Department and seven in the Public Works Department.