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Sinema salonlar? sahipleri ise bu tur ad? lara kars. Bundan sonra sinemada gosterimine giren filmlere 8 ay boyunca. Dernegi (SISAY) uyeleri, 'Organize Isler 2: Sazan Sarmal? filmini Netflix’te yay? latan BKM ve dag? ? c? . Desafortunadamente Frank Castle no volvera tras estrenar sus ultimos episodios en enero. Netflix Cancels Last Marvel Shows Jessica Jones, The Punisher Cache Translate Page Netflix and Marvel's relationship. Netflix cancels 'Jessica Jones' and 'The Punisher'; Marvel TV responds with vague confirmation Cache Translate Page Five years after Netflix teamed with Marvel Television for a run of the series, Netflix has announced the cancellation of “The Punisher” and the series conclusion of “Jessica Jones. The news, which follows last year’s cancellation of “Luke Cage,” “Daredevil” and “The Iron Fist,” ends the Disney-owned. Cache Translate Page To no ones surprise, Netflix has crushed any remaining hope we had to see our beloved Punisher, Luke Cage, Daredevil, and (after one more final season) Jessica Jones. As the “Cthulu-like” Corporation, Disney starts packing up all its toys. They appear to be sending a message that “share-time” is over. While the later seasons, and the terrible Iron Fist, didn’t strike a chord with fans, the Marvel shows were a staple of Netflix’s streaming service since they kicked off with Jessica Jones. Ken Jeong Cast As Lead In Show Written By 'Crazy Rich Asians' Author Cache Translate Page Fans will be seeing a lot more of funny dude Ken Jeong. The comedian, whose first Netflix special, “You Complete Me, Ho,” debuted last week, has been cast in CBS pilot “The Emperor of Malibu” as lead character Gerry, a Chinese tech billionaire.

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Then I found out there was an Invisible Mom and I rented that and enjoyed it as well. Then, I found out that there was an Invisible Mom II and I rented that, but I don't really remember it, since I didn't care too much for it. However, the original film, as well as Invisible Dad, I've always enjoyed. As I watch them now, they're not that good, but I do enjoy them for the nostalgia factor and they're just fun. They remind me of the old 1950's B-Movies, but for kids. I guess you could say that they're guilty pleasures for me. I know there are more movies I could've mentioned such as The Dark Crystal, Return to Oz or others, but movies like that have gained popularity over the years and are being discovered by new generations, so I can't really call them gems. I just wanted to show some of the gems that get little to no attention. These films weren't great films, but they were certainly good and enjoyable. They're all just nice movies to watch on a Sunday afternoon. It's just too bad that films these don't get as much attention as they should. I am looking for info on any old movies aired on the disney channel, but not original Disney made movies. I remember The Adventures of The Great American Rabbit, Trading Moms, Not Quite Human, there were a bunch. Baby's Day Out and Fluke are great movies by the way, found Babies at a thrift store on dvd for a buck. It's another gem, that I would've included in this article, but I never heard of it, until recently and I saw it and it's a very weird film, but kind of fun. It was a Canadian television movie about a little kid who sees some ghosts and all his hair falls out. Then it gets really weird, kid sees the ghosts in a dream, they tell him to make this peanut butter stuff and put it on his head. He does this, his hair grows back at an alarming rate, he gets kidnapped by some pervo who makes hairbrushes out of his evergrowing locks and the whole soundtrack is by Celine Dion. As a rule of thumb, movies where the main character is a human baby are awful. This article made me remember other two good tv movies: needful things (an adaptation of Stephen King's novel) and another, whose name i can't remember, about three brothers that looked exactly the same,being one of them a murederous psycho who kills his brethren to steal their lives.

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It sounds drunk, floating along on the periphery, weaving in and out. I think one of the reasons why Gospel Elvis is one of my favorite Elvises is that, while he is always sincere, no matter the style, he feels most sincere in the gospel. I don’t have a lot of his stuff, but I love him, in general. It’s overwhelming if you turn those speakers way way up. Put this song at a party, any time, anywhere, and people will start to move. Does anyone else know who she is? Her voice. Her songs. I discovered her years ago. A point by point justification for being Bad. It’s funny. I honestly don’t know who I would have become if I had grown up in an era where this was the representation of marriage and gender relations. God, Faye Adams is just so out there, she just puts herself, her voice, her feelings, OUT there. No holding back. Sexy. Yearning. Mad. Dirty. Sad. It’s all there.

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(SD 4. ), respectively (pA. A thermo-formable brace has been developed for management of such fractures, but no data exist regarding its comparative stabilizing efficacy to fiberglass casting. Study results support the use of the thermo-formable brace clinically. However, effect of test fixture configuration on interlaminar shear strength has not been clarified. This paper describes dependence of fracture mode and interlaminar shear strength on the fixture radius using the same materials and procedure. In addition, global understanding of the role of the fixture is discussed. When small loading nose and supports are used for the tests, bending fracture or translaminar fracture happens and the interlaminar shear strength would become smaller. A variety of treatment options is available, including closed reduction and plaster casting, K-wire-stabilization, external fixation and open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) with volar locked plating. The latter is widely promoted by clinicians and hardware manufacturers. Closed reduction and cast stabilization for six weeks is a simple, convenient, and ubiquitously available intervention. In contrast, ORIF requires hospitalization, but allows for functional rehabilitation. iven the lack of randomized controlled trials, it remains unclear whether ORIF leads to better functional outcomes one year after injury than closed reduction and casting. ORCHID (Open reduction and internal fixation versus casting for highly comminuted intra-articular fractures of the distal radius ) is a pragmatic, randomized, multi-center, clinical trial with two parallel treatment arms. It is planned to include 504 patients in 15 participating centers throughout Germany over a three-year period. Secondary outcomes include differences in other SF-36 dimensions, the EuroQol-5D questionnaire, the Disability of the Arm, Shoulder, and Hand (DASH) instrument. Also, the range of motion in the affected wrist, activities of daily living, complications (including secondary ORIF and revision surgery), as well as serious adverse events will be assessed. Data obtained during the trial will be used for later health-economic evaluations. The trial architecture involves a central statistical unit, an independent. We studied bone strength in youth with a recent forearm fracture.

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I guess it is worth conceding, at least by narrative omission, that the vast majority of unseen masses on GoT world has no idea what is going on at all beyond the next meal. And even as far as Winter is Coming, it's been brought up once or twice as more than just a Stark catchphrase, right. The Night's Watch arseholes clearly think Jon was mistaken, or lying or at least massively exaggerating for his own political agenda, as some climate change deniers think its advocates are. It's an imperfect analogy cos obviously an army of snow zombies and a gradual but catastrophic change in weather systems are very different things. But the White Walkers are, like climate change, a slow moving but profoundly existential threat, whereas the Wildlings, like Isis, are the enemies du jour perceived as probably a far greater danger than they actually are. I assume they're preparing for the White Walkers, too, perhaps more than most. The show has changed that with Hardholme and the mystical Night King and all that, and as with nearly all their changes, it probably wasn't thought through. Wrt magic, there are two things to remember: 1) Magic mostly happens away from the center of Westeros, so most educated elites dislike it. Essos is much more magical, and the Targaryans also rode their dragons from over there. The other thing, which is probably much more in the book as well, is that 2) Magic is intertwined with power in this world. She does the will of the fire god R'hollor, and was claiming that Stannis was that God's rightful king. They're demonstrating their connection to the animal of their vigil, and their power as descendants of 'the first men' (who inhabited Westeros before the southerners came, kinda like the celts in Britain), their connection to the Old Gods, etc. The White Walkers are also intertwined with this myth, and with the Children of the Forrest (whom Bran are now with), so to people in the south, it's a bit suspicious that a Stark bastard keeps talking about them. And of course, there are the Targaryans and their dragons. And basically, for the followers of the Seven, of the New Gods, mainly the Lannister family who has not a single speck of magic connected to them, every admission of magic is an admission that other families are stronger than them, and therefore, by implication, probably more skilled at ruling the kingdom. I guess my take is just that it is not something that is predicted to happen in the future, but something (in the show) that is actually happening now, a prediction come to pass. But you (all) are right, not a lot of people seem to know about the White Walkers or even the return of dragons, at least not outside (some) of the elites the show focuses on. Obviously people believe in dragons, they just don't know they're back. But Winter (writ large) is a real thing, too, that people have experienced and planned for and dealt with, so it's not like some fiction. Andrew's point is that climate change is 2013 (or in fact most of the 2000s).

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Kisujj nem latta elore, ot atbasztak itten, Arya meg ugy mosolyog, hogy a hideg raz tole. Mi a bunom, az, hogy segitettelek, igyekszik menteni a menthetot Kisujj, mire Sansa sorolja, kinyirtad a nagynenemet, elarultad az apamat, az anyamat, eladtal Ramsay Boltonnak es nem mellesleg szart kavartal a Starkok es a Lannisterek kozott akkor, amikor aszontad, a tor, amivel Brant ki akartak nyirni, az Tyrione. Persze Aiden Gillan szinesz nem feltetlenul szall ki a sorozatbol, Arya az arcabol majd maszkot csinal es medzsik, Kisujj ujra szerepelhet. Az jo, mondja Bran, mert Havas es Dany eppen erre tart. Erre Bran felemel egy hollopostat en meg kis hijan megfulladok a rohogestol. Aztan jon az a pillanat, amire az egesz evadot epitettek, Havas igazi rokonsaganak tortenete, amit a mindent tudo Bran ad elo, es kozben mutatjak a hajot, amin Havas bekopog Dany kabinjaba, bemegy, rafekszik es nagyon megdugja, szoval mikozben ez megy, Tyrion meg a folyoson all es nez maga ele meredten, Bran azt mondja, hogy Havas nem is Havas, hanem Sand, azaz Homoki, mert torvenytelen gyermeke volt Ned Stark huganak es Rhaegar Targaryennek. A lenyeg, hogy Bran osszegez, akkor nem fattyu, hanem tronorokos, ove a vastron, nem a nagynenjee, akit eppen most dugott felhulyere. Minden fasza, csak Gendryt nem latom, tan elfutott. Mindegy, ere ido nincsen, marmint az elmelkedesre, mert lent az erdobol kilep egy maganyos lovas, rajta a hosszu haju White Walker, es megall. Telenorosoknak a korlatlan belfoldi adatforgalom a MyTV-csomagok resze. Kerdezze meg, hogyan nem fagyott meg Hodito Aegon Balerion hatan, vagy a hugai a sajat sarkanyaikon. Azt is megkerdezheti, hogyan nem konnyezett a szemuk pilota szemuveg nelkul. Amikor Aegon Harrenhal ellen vezette Baleriont egeszen fol a felhok fole hajszolta, a vegen nem is lattak alulrol. Azutan onnan felulrol egyenesen raereszkedett a varra. Miert nem fagyott meg, a gyorsulast hogyan birta ki. Kezenfekvonek tunik latvanyos csatajelenetek osszehozasahoz valamivel ellensulyozni a zombi oriasokat, hogy izgalmas parharcok alakulhassanak ki mind a levegoben, mind a foldon. Persze ehhez az is kell, hogy a Golden Company is csatlakozzon Daenerysek-hez. Az megint mas kerdes, hogyan hozol at a tengeren oriasokhoz melto meretu elefantszeru lenyeket. Akik pedig uj karaktereket szerettek volna, azok a Golden Company szemelyeben megkaphatjak. Hacsak a forgatokonyvirok meg nem trefalnak minket, es jovobelato Bran tanacsara az Euron flotta, fedelzeten a Golden Company-val a tengerbe veszik sarkanytuz altal.

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