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The Provincial Excise Administration Eeports for the year 1922-23. Medal, probably because he thought this act would add to his popularity. By the time the next elections took place in 1923-24, the Swaraj Party. Pre-war Pan-Islainic Agitation in India, 1911-1914. Quranic theory that Islam should dominate over every other religion. Muslim power which could deal with those of Europe as an equal. Abdul Hamid was far too astute a statesman to listen to such. Khilafat and these found a hearing, especially in India. ’. Mj'. Petrie, who was then Assistant Director of the Intelligence.

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om and sign up to his newsletter to get a free book! This episode sponsored by The Foundation of Economic Education. This episode is also sponsored by Praxis, for those who want more than college and think they have the entrepreneurial bug. Because, holy chalupas, do we have some hot-ass takes up in this episode. Suggested talking points: The Gibbler Shed, Young Love, Underwear Voice, Gildo, Birthday Business Future Man, 22 Slices, SkiDrake, MC Scat Facts 1:09:46 February 29, 2016 55 - Beginner's Guide To Startups Part 4: How To Get Funded, with Evan Baehr Our Beginner’s Guide to Startups continues with Evan Baehr joining us in this fourth and final episode of the series to talk about how to get your idea funded. Evan lays down the essentials that you need to think about when you are preparing to ask someone for money. He provides some tools and tips that can help you find the right investor(s) for you and your team, and how to get to that crucial point - meeting with investors. Evan also talks about why he thinks that business plans are dying out and how pitch deck supplants it, with us diving deeper into some of the pitch deck building blocks. Also, he stresses the importance of story telling when the time comes for you to pitch. Evan Baehr is a cofounder at Able Lending and coauthor of a book that you should read when preparing to pitch: Get Backed: Craft Your Story, Build the Perfect Pitch Deck, and Launch the Venture of Your Dreams. What makes you come alive is not easy to discover, but you can do it by going via negativa and by eliminating things that are hurting you and which give you pain.

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It may not be as obvious as the development of others, but GRRM said himself that he decided to use Sansa as an inversion of the Princess in the Tower trope. She’s already pointed out that no-one will ever marry her for love only her claim. It honestly didn’t take very long at all for her to start to break out of the mold she’d been groomed for, she was told that her highest aspiration and the biggest honour she could do her family is to marry well, and to be a good wife. Arya less so, as she takes more after Cat in that regard, and I could see her saying the idea of honour over family was stupid. Sansa and Jon both hold the same ideals and temperament as Ned, they did at least. Jon wanted to honour the family by joining the Watch. For Jon, his priorities became clear when he decided to abandon the Watch, Sansa has made it clear that all she wants now is her family and home and is prepared to make dubious marriage arrangements to do so, Arya revealed her loyalties when she chose to keep Needle. And its because I believe that that I grow increasingly frustrated at what appears to be her lack of progress towards that goal (or any other goal, for that matter). If she ends up on the Throne, I don’t want it to be by default; because everyone else conveniently died. I want it to be because she either took meaningful steps to end up on the Throne, or because she demonstrated the capacity to both lead and rule with integrity, intelligence, character, strength and compassion. I feel like all of those elements are there, they just haven’t put it together and made it WORK.

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Here, she is utterly refusing to ally with the Targaryens and the Starks (people whose past with each other would be more than enough reason to undermine an alliance) despite being given irrefutable proof of an even greater threat to all of them because her petty and spiteful nature refuses to allow it. The episode begins with the Unsullied army massed outside King's Landing and the Lannister forces scrambling to prepare for a fight as the Dothraki arrive on their horses to bolster the Unsullied. Though less blooded than the Lannister forces, the Targaryen army took fewer losses in the battles at Casterly Rock and the Goldroad and even with those losses outnumber the Lannisters by a significant margin. The Unsullied and Dothraki, unlike Cersei's army, fight for Daenerys of their own free will and out of genuine loyalty and love for the Dragon Queen. If Daenerys is murdered by Cersei under parley, her forces will descend upon King's Landing and lay waste to the city in revenge; and even if the Lannister forces were to somehow repel them, Drogon and Rhaegal would likely be enraged at the murder of their mother, and would destroy the city. In addition, due to being based in Essos, they would likely be aware of the reputation of the Dothraki and Unsullied. As the Lannister debt has been paid off, they have no further obligation to Cersei. Daenerys remains polite and reasonable in her speech and bearing towards her opponents, even towards Jaime who killed her father and also tried to kill her only a few episodes ago. In contrast, Cersei is aggressive and flippant towards her rival the moment she arrives and openly derides and insults her as a usurper whose word cannot be trusted. During the actual trial, Arya joins in the accusations by pointing out that Littlefinger lied to their mother Catelyn that the Valyrian steel dagger belonged to Tyrion Lannister, in order to stir up conflict between the Starks and Lannisters. She had no way of knowing this beforehand, so apparently, either Bran or Sansa told her off-screen.

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Finally, I’d like to thank Ian Davidson for inspiring this collection. I sincerely hope you enjoy it. —Marian Keyes vii OH, THE GLAMOUR Paperback Writher. I write alone, in a darkened bedroom, wearing my pj’s, eating bananas, my laptop on a pillow in front of me. Occasionally—it usually coincides with promoting a book— I am led, blinking, into the daylight, and when I try to talk to people, discover that I’m not able to, that I’ve become completely desocialized. And as for being mobbed by adoring fans—I’m never recognized. I was in a shoe shop (where else? , and when I asked one of the girls if she had any of these sixteen shoes in my size, she looked at me, put her hand on her chest and gave a little gasp. “It ’s you! she declared. It is me—I’m famous!