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Tidak bosan? Mengapa harus bosan. Kau memang sulit ditebak jika sudah cinta. Itulah aku. Tetaplah bertahan, walaupun akan berujung--- Tidak akan ada ujungnya. Benarkah? Iya. Penantianku tidak akan berujung, begitupun dengan cintaku. Aku menyukai apa yang kulihat pada saat aku memejamkan mataku, semua seperti film yang terputar dengan sendirinya, gambaran-gambaran ketika aku bersamamu tervisualisasi begitu jelas. Aku masih ingat apa yang kau kenakan pada saat itu. Memori demi memori, gambaran demi gambaran terlukis jelas tanpa ada yang terlewat. Pertama kali aku mendengar suaramu melalui sambungan telepon, aku tak henti menyunggingkan senyum walaupun aku tahu kau tak melihatku tersenyum.

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“Did she pass? She didn’t. Someone else had done their three-point turn on a road where they were cutting down tree branches, and got half a tree tangled up in their undercarriage, which caused the car to cut out. Goaded on by my fear of failure, I signed up for hundreds more driving lessons. Just as well—we were going to be seeing an awful lot of one another. Unfortunately, I’d managed to pick up loads of bad habits: cruising in neutral the last hundred yards or so to the traffic lights; never ever using my rearview mirror because I was only interested in what I was driving toward and had no interest at all in what was behind me. And another side effect of the forthcoming test was that I totally lost the ability to distinguish between left and right. “Take the next left,” Barbara would say. 163 Under the Duvet “Right you are,” I’d reply heartily, flicking on the windscreen wipers and moving into the right-hand lane. I had lesson after lesson, and some days I thought I detected an improvement and other days it was clear I’d been hallucinating. It was the reversing around a corner that was nearly the death of me: I either mounted the curb or ended up on the other side of the road with no idea of how I’d got there. More than once I pounded the steering wheel and cried with frustration at my own crapness.

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And it has only gotten worse with passing seasons in this regard. According to Asbaek, that wasn’t the only suggestion he made about Euron. The actor also had ideas about how the character should look, and said that “it was my idea the leather pants and the leather jacket, and the eye-liner. Way to own it, Asbaek Asbaek revealed that Euron was originally more “broody” on the page before Benioff and Weiss made cuts. I will enjoy reading the essay from Cambridge on how Julius Caesar was a black, blue haired, genderfluid Jew. I suppose the last big twist will be that ASOIAF was a Star Trek fanfiction all along. In the final episode the romulan reveals herself and her master plan to annex Planetos for the Romulan Empire. Wut? Glad Arya finally gone but this is as retarded as Arya killing Littlefinger. I know it's a video game, but it proves you can pull off violent, hostile, scary and yet colourful world. Also worth mentioning that Witcher is considerably more grim than GoT. Even the weird witcher biker jackets looked more like armour than what ever is worn in shows these days.

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He also called for creation of a Palestinian state — something that chilled his relationship with some Jewish voters. Despite the skepticism that greeted his bid, Jackson won more than 3 million votes. Though he came in a distant third, Jackson was credited with enrolling as many as 2 million Democratic voters that some say helped the party recapture the Senate in 1986. America had much work to do to overturn the racial discrimination, poverty and injustice that had long haunted it. In his role as a self-styled diplomat, he's met with leaders such as Cuba's Fidel Castro and Iraq's Saddam Hussein, brokered the release of American prisoners and lobbied for causes such as wiping out apartheid. His first success came in 1984 when Jackson, then running for president, negotiated the release from Syria of Navy Lt. That same year, Jackson visited Castro, who then freed dozens of American and Cuban prisoners from Cuban jails. In 1990, Jackson helped secure the release from Iraq of hundreds of foreign women and children being detailed as human shields to ward off an American military attack after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. Critics sometimes accused Jackson of showboating and meddling in foreign policy, but his diplomatic forays also won him praise. They soon were married and had five children — three sons and two daughters. Unlike her husband, Jacqueline Jackson has largely avoided the spotlight. But in 2001, the glare from her husband's affair with a former aide shone on Jacqueline Jackson.

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I’m just the Tidbit Titillater. That will never fly; no one wants to revisit 70’s fashions. Note to self: take orange bell-bottom pantsuit to Goodwill. I refuse to contribute to the overall stupidity of the planet. What’s sad about that is that somewhere in the world there’s a woman with no life who would love reading that list. Hmm, I’m the only woman in the world with no life who would love reading that list. Man, this is making me nauseous just thinking about it. Maybe we could come up a less mundane name such as Psychopompus Sunday Delights. You do realize there’s a fine for every minute of my time you waste, right. I strongly recommend just taking the community service plea deal. State your defense, Mr. D.

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The beauty, however, is that the Tarot is not a living and breathing state. This particular tool which can be found to anyone that wishes to educate yourself regarding their own, inner international. It is there to disclose the secrets to ourselves that often remain out of sight. The online tarot reading always provides guidance as to how day-to-day activities achieve or manifest our goals. In tarot reading, the Tarot provides insight and new concepts. It can be there help us brainstorm, discovers what influences us and highlights situations that all of us may are usually unaware using. Most importantly, the tarot offers one a new sense of awareness of who they are. During the 15th century, special cards were put the playing cards. Later, these became referred to as a major arcana cards, then called the trumps or triumphs. If you've been a master in ale the Tarot, you am aware that there is among very important step to performing an accurate tarot reading for your subject. Area of interest has to come in along with the plastic cards. Under hazy circumstances, a 4 suited playing card pack first appeared in Europe on the 1370's, probably in Italy or England.

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Jon has never been a better fighter and nothing ever touched him-arrows actually landed AROUND him-it was almost unreal and then you think-well he died and he might be Azor Ahai so maybe that means something. And I counted four times when someone was about to get him but a racing horse or a wildling knocked them out of his way. But he made up for it with the sheer amount of people he personally sliced through. Then when it looked like his luck had run out and he was nearly buried alive it was brutal and the flash of light and shadow was gripping. When he pushed out gasping I instantly thought two things. PS-now something Brienne and Tormund have in common. In a rough fight? Bite off a piece of flesh for the win. Also loved how the wildlings instantly shielded him when he was injured. Davos is alive! And not even hurt-I love it and I don’t care. WOOHOO!

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If I'm not mistaken, Dany's brother (Rhaegar) is Jon's dad, therefore they are aunt and nephew (fwiw, I've only put this in spoilers since the previous comments are. I'm pretty sure this connection has already been confirmed in the show). I would prefer them not being a couple but equals or partners instead. They cut that obviously but either way it's stupid. You either have what we actually saw and just a swerve just to have one without any real explanation OR a case where Sansa continues to be useless instead of her figuring it all out herself. Or the resurrection of the Hound and him joining the Brotherhood Without Banners. However, I found Season 7 to start to be predictable and play out in less than extraordinary ways (the lackluster dragon pit meeting being the best example). The show has to walk a line between too many swerves and too predictable. Overall, I think they do a good enough job to still qualify as my favorite show of all time. I can't stand the last scene though, 7 years of buildup, the wall the wall the wall, and its defeated in 5 minutes. I think I was watching 2-3 episodes a day for the most part. It was a bit much and had to backtrack to get more context to what I viewed.

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