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But then you said girlfriend, you called me your girlfriend. No, what you are going to do is, you're going to the chief's office and beg for-. For a few hours in surgery, I forgot I had cancer and I forgot he was dead. You're a great doctor, and you have a fantastic future ahead of you. But, you've gotta step up and start taking care of yourself. You've gotta pace yourself, 'cause I can't be your nurse. I can't. So I like going to get them pudding and playing games with them. Because it makes attaching their arms way more fun. Not because she was ready to go back to work, but because she was scared.

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Instead of Garthon, Lord Tully opened his mouth to answer. “That, my friend, is a crossbow”. He's wearing his black armour every time he goes out of his chambers. I bet he even pisses and sleeps and fucks in that thing” Garthon gave him a short nod. “He probably does”, he answered, to his own surprise. “That's why we acquired this particular weapon. May I? . His other hand moved back into the bag, pulling out a small bolt. “This crossbow has the advantage that it does not loose a lot of strength, despite its small size.

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It's rather likely the marriage was mentioned explicitly - at least in the 7x03 scene where it didn't strictly need to come up - as a reminder. Would the images of the fire on the set potentially allow to limit the fire to the area in between the two walls (I don't remember if some of those tower structures, seemingly on fire, are supposed to in the inner area or along the outer wall). It would be a potential fire trap for wights while still preserving the people inside. Some on freefolk claim the set wasn't damaged much in the fire, allthough that is probably necessary for filming anyway (even if Winterfell is melted down by dragons). The Shae stuff, on the other hand, was absolutely a case where the writers weren't able to bridge the distance between the major changes they'd made to the character and the preordained outcome she had to fit into. Makes one wonder if the fire - as it would be on the show, with all the effects added - will be as dramatical as it looks in the images and video that were posted. Could it be limited to the space between inner and outer wall. It could be a brilliant move if they did that (semi)deliberately, trapping a large chunk of the NK's army in between the walls where it's hard to scatter to escape the fire. And GRRM has a history of setting wrong expectations for the publication of his books (which he is more careful with now because of all the flack he got, but still). There is a public relations aspect and deals going on in the background and so on when these people give interviews.

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3. Something that changes shape or form every month. Once a month comedian Will Abeles invites one of the country's top new headliners to perform a half-hour alongside some of New York's top up-and-coming as well as credited comedians. Past guests have been seen on Comedy Central, The Tonight Show, The Late Show, Conan, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan and festivals all across the country. It's Winter Olympic season again, and all eyes are turned to the best sport in the universe: figure skating. But after closing ceremonies what happens to all the gold hopefuls. Former competitive figure skater turned comedian, Phoebe Stonebraker is lifting the veil to reveal the totally perfect world of ice queens. Featuring true stories, characters, and sketches - this show is like Tonya Harding's sex tape: real, disgusting, and a gift to society. A mix up, mash up, anything goes kinda show featuring a cast of Chicago veterans and New York luminaries improvising together. You have stepped into the Hall of Heroes, a place where all the greatest tales of adventure throughout all space and time are kept.

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Ramsay being imprisoned in 6x09 and fed to the dogs in 6x10 still makes sense to me; we already got two scenes of buildup for Ramsay's use of his dogs. Maybe that's a misinterpretation of a scene that actually occurs at the Wall or in a neutral location at the end of 6x05. That would leave them with nothing to do in 6x06-08. Of all of the spoilers that just sounds so. nticlimactic. I had all kinds of scenarios in my head about how this poor boy would be murdered it certainly never occcurred to me that he'd take his own life and I certainly can't see such a thing happening in the books. The idea of him taking his own life is so perplexing even with the current state of King's Landing. I feel like he'd be more likely to become a follower of the High Sparrow the way that Lancel is rather than just killing himself. I'm thinking of how happy Jaime was during the conversation with Myrcella before she died. I wonder if he'll tell Tommen the truth and Tommen responds by having a total meltdown.

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GLITTER WIZARD VINYL HOLLOW EARTH T. 2016. Another astonishing full-length from San Francisco glam weirdos Glitter Wizard and their unique brand of oddball psychedelia. A double-lp compilation of tracks from the band's albums and numerous ep's, topped off with artwork from the branca studio. A compilation of tracks from the band's albums and numerous EP's, topped off with artwork from the Branca Studio. NICK OLIVERI'S MONDO GENERATOR 2xVINYL BEST OF (LTD. 2017. A double-lp compilation of tracks from the band's albums and numerous ep's, topped off with artwork from the branca studio. The desert's godfathers of psychedelic rock return with their 2016 studio album! 'Idle Hands' is Fatso Jetson's first album since 2010's 'Archaic Volumes'.

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It was a social theme that made reconciliation possible and set in motion the happy ending of marriage, festival, feast or dance, which become the Hollywood Fantasy Model. In the HFM, the division of class and power are secondary to common humanity. It is magical escapist entertainment and wins a global audience. The comedy of romantic attraction has been a motivator for comic action from the advent of sound. It began as a device rather than being explored in its own right. This outcome is never in doubt and audience expectations would be frustrated if this was not the result, tipping the story out of genre and over into the complexities of drama. Instead, we can sit back and enjoy the accumulation of intervening obstacles and complications and be sure of the result. In romantic comedy this may be shown as a mixture of performative routines such as those of Sally Albright in When Harry Met Sally, Bill Murray in Groundhog Day or Seth Rogen in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and the adversarial roles of the lovers. Placing the lovers as adversaries highlights the fact that they are the embodiment of different qualities sought by the participants. Each represents what the other needs most, thus the antagonist becomes the partner.