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You know bakura would have won if he activated destiny board at the end of yugi’s turn when dark sanctuary showed up mohamed elhedi issa trading card gamer 9. Wrong Dark necrofear cant be special summoned from graveyard and when yugi destroy him Bakura didn't take control of his monster Rasha Green 3. Dark necofear effect should took control of yugi magician girl. Effect card game and the effect in the anime are different. So if Bakura Had played his destiny board back when he first drew it, he probably would have won mohamed elhedi issa trading card gamer 9. Judging by the nature of Bakura's cards I think we can all assume what kind of character Bakura is. That is why the actual card game is way more fun than this anime shit. Good guy does move-opponent does a better move- good guy does better. And when it comes the final, main character does the insanely overpowered nonsense shit and wins. Many of you say if he ply monsters in defense he would not lose LP that is true,but if he play. Headless knight in defense(1700)and Gazelle have only 1500 in Attack then headlles knight would not be destroyed and what then ha? e cant summon Dark Necrofear without banish 3 fiend monsters from graveyard so that mean he must sacrifice some LP in order to summon Dark Necrofear. akura best.

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I didn’t know the fight between Theon and his man had been confirmed to be in the season finale. I had always thought it would be in the season premiere. But now, a fight in the finale is very interesting in itself, because Theon is supposed to be in King’s Landing within the same episode. Naturally, one wonders if it takes place before or after the fateful dragonpit sequence, as well as what causes that fight to begin with. By the way do you also happen to have a confirmation for in which episode Theon’s reunion with Jon takes place, by the way. No, the naval battle definitely doesn’t take place in the premiere, and the Theon fight with his man directed by Podeswa is from the finale, I can confirm that much. I always thought it to be somewhat “confirmed” to be right in episode one, quasi the opening sequence. I don’t know really: the scene of the Ironborn bashing Theon can be in Ep 1, but it can be in Ep 7 as well and I lean towards the later, because the way Jon meets Theon in Ep 5 (I guess it’s 5, not 4) implies that Theon and all the Ironborn have screwed (had they returned victorious, their welcoming would be different methinks). In general, the whole course of war of queens looks very messy, because Dany’s landing on Dragonstone is not a good decision from the tactical point of view: she will get stuck on an isolated island and lose communication with her westerosi allies, as well as the momentum for the attack on KL. As a result Cersei will be still standing in the season finale. But OK, I’ll try to think of some reasoning for Dany’s action. 1) Landing on Dragonstone. It could be a forced decision, if Euron scatters her fleet and prevents her landing at the intended location.

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(512)416-8333. TAP REALTY - with serious results C a l l u s w h e n y o u m e a n i t. Walk to Barton Springs in Zilker Park. 1126 Hollow Creek. Prefer no pets (might negotiate) and no smoking. This is a nice quiet street with quiet clean neighbors. Hope to get the same. Water Paid. Very Low Bills. 1 year lease 445-0627. Each unit backs to a creek or golf course with balconies that double as observation decks. Tall ceilings, tons of dual-pane windows, gourmet kitchens, concrete and hardwood floors are just the beginning. Terraced with 3 huge levels and full guest accommodations makes this property so unique.

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Better then the first but not by much A group of collage girls buy an old house to use as a Sorority House, once there they hear a story about a guy who hacked his family to pieces at that same house years ago. The girls find a ouija bourd and deside to use it to call the spirit of the. Overall SHM2 is nothing to special, it's a little slow and predictable but who cares, it's still better then SHM1 Not all cult hits are good. ovie was born. The plot behind this is that there is a group of college girls, who are purchasing a new sorority house. Little do they know it once was the scene of a grisley set of murders (sorority house Massacre 1) and from there they meet. It's because of films like thsi that the horror genre is so looked down upon today. Joe Bob Briggs said it would set the standard for the modern Horror film and he was right. Virtually every horror film in the 80's featured cheap acting and big breasted women getting naked and getting killed. The plot behind this is that there is a group of college girls, who are purchasing a new sorority house. Little do they know it once was the scene of a grisley set of murders (sorority house Massacre 1) and from there they meet the immortal neighbor (litterally he is shot, stabbed, burned, caught in a bear trap, drowned in the toilet, and so on) and hear his strange tale. At one point the girls throat is slit and blood splatters on the wall, we see that exact same spot a minute latter and it's perfectly clean. Oh and like a typical slasher film of the time there are 9 girls in the movie, 8 of them get topless.

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If you prefer to have a more fresh start, go with power leveling. If you prefer the speed then a used account would be optional but of course you would need to spend the time finding the account as well. Visit website for a free buyers guide relating to buying mmorpg currencies, accounts, power leveling and items. You can also find a farming guide at WoW Gold Guide. nce you've leveled past level 10 its time to decide which talent build to have. The 3 builds we'll look at in this World of Warcraft Paladin Guide are Tankadin, Retadin, and Healadin. However you want to have some talent and gear for the other roles just in case you need to fill a different role in a group than what you specialize in. Paladin guide- Specialties Some other good things about World of Warcraft Farming guides is they can help you acquire adequate gold and silver to buy very much required advances for your fictional character and as you likely guessed the more gold you've got the more adept gear and arms you can buy. But many people have found ways to milk it for real money. WoW Gold Farmers stock hoards of gold in the game, which is later sold for real money. But, before you harbor any dreams of becoming a WOW gold farming honcho, let me inform you that it is against the rules. Shamans dell'Earthen Ring new arrivals to Deepholm to manage the World Pillar, but their efforts are becoming the target of nasty forces, including the Twilight's Sort. While Horde and Alliance are struggling to assist the shaman, the Stonecore is starting to become a symbol of the ruthless grip on the adepts continue to enjoy on Deathwing Deepholm.