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I believe this is an important consideration as the union is recognized as the exclusive bargaining agent for the employees in the bargaining unit and has both the expertise and experience in this regard. Currently, to be appointed to a position within the public service a person must be found qualified. If a candidate is deemed unqualified for a position, that person could challenge the appointment of another candidate through a complaint, clearly creating a potentially adversarial process. Bill C-4 would amend this process so that a candidate could only challenge the determination of his or her own qualifications and not those of another candidate deemed qualified for the position. This creates a much fairer, more efficient and less adversarial process. Clearly this proposal reduces the overlap and duplication of bureaucracy to help avoid a lengthier and more costly process. Bill C-4 will help to ensure the public service is affordable, modern and high-performing in a manner that respects the taxpayer and our public service. It goes back to what a mentor once taught me many years ago when I was running a business in a very competitive environment in Taiwan. The lesson I learned was “may the niche be with you”. That means asking whether we can focus on something that is our calling, something that will lead us to success.

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This movie was simply vulgure and a pathetic excuse for the offspring of the original. It fucked up the way pumpkinhead looked, sounded, acted and even the acting was just BAD and generic. For Christs sake, how do you mess up the design of your own monster in your own movie. The teeth, lips, head shape, skin color and shoulder extensions are completely different. If i was going to make a pumpkonhead sequel, id make damn sure fucking pumpkinhead himself looked a little updated, but atleast like the original. And if i didnt have good actors and or special effects, I WOULDNT MAKE IT. The camera quality was choppy and the clips were poorly edited, the kills were cheaply done, cliche and unimpressive, and the ending was just stupid. The original Pumpkinhead film is a metaphor for the pain and hatred of loosing a child, and was marvelously done and had a beautifully designed and puppeted monster, good acting and good, memorable scares. It's been forever since I've seen them (and I honestly don't know if I ever saw all of them) so I figured I'd throw them on my Netflix queue. Unfortunately I only get 2 discs at once so I have to wait til I return these to get the other one.


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I fear even the fact that they needed to reinstate the deleted scene in a more subtle way in Season 5, is an even bigger give away. In S5E10, Dario is the one to tell Missandei that she’s the one that Dany trusts the most, even more so than she trusts Dario. I appreciate the uncertainty they’re trying to create but if he is I’ll eat my hat. Wonder if the other cast are being more blatant than usual with their comings and goings to draw attention from Kit as they try and smuggle him in and out. I appreciate the uncertainty they’re trying to create but if he is I’ll eat my hat! onder if the other cast are being more blatant than usual with their comings and goings to draw attention from Kit as they try and smuggle him in and out. Yes Jon Snow-White. If we take into consideration that he warged into Ghost in the books, he’ll warg back into his body later, kill the Night’s King with Long-Claw, and lead the army of the dead down towards Winterfell. But having spent so much time in Ghost, he will change almost entirely, only a piece of Jon will be left in him. He was spotted in London on the Picadilly line last week.


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Lucky for me, I saved it given everyone else’s experience with posts going AWOL. I just delivered a beer to my husband at the pool, and he bowed when I arrived (I’m cosplaying as Cersei today). The guests at the pool were mightily entertained. Are you going to the Waychers on the wall event tomorrow at 10. Thought Emilia was excellent in her role, nothing wrong with her acting. Will the attendies (sp) be reporting back on the different discussions? Hope so. I would guess it’s scenes with Kit in Belfast but it’s pure speculation. If I had to guess, most of what she’ll be filming now will be her dragon scenes. Those were the last scenes she filmed for S7, so why not again for S8.


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Had they known, all Westerosi people had to do was let the Night King and the White Walkers pass through. As a result, who would be the villain in this scenario. Is it the Night King and the Whitewalkers that killed tens of thousands so they could stop themselves from endlessly killing life. One thing is for certain, knowledge would have been their true savior. Even with the most unlikely kind of people or thing, there may be common ground. Newborn Babies, a Recipe for White Walkers The Night King is the same man we saw in the origin story with the addition of Bran spirit being trapped inside of him, turned by the Children of the forest into a killing machine. The only semblance of free will he has in this state of existence is: 1) killing humans and animals 2) expanding his army of the dead and 3) to be fair, probably also being able to move in whichever direction he chooses and some other small things like drawing with dead bodies to a certain extent, etc. To expand his army, this Night King chooses newborn babies. Now why would the Night King specifically need to use babies to create walkers. I would assume turning babies into Whitewalkers means he has to wait at least 15-20 years before he can realistically cash back on an adult Whitewalker.