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Special: The Adventures of Marco Polo (1956, codirected with Eleanor Lambert) The original Broadway stars of Kismet, Alfred Drake and Doretta Morrow, were the featured players in this NBC musical about the explorer who opened up China for western traders. FRANK GALATI b. November 29, 1943, Highland Park, Illinois PIERRE GANG American Playhouse: The Grapes of Wrath (1991, codirected with Kirk Browning) A mainstay of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Galati won Tony Awards for best play and direction for The Grapes of Wrath (1990) and was nominated for best director for Ragtime (1998). Galati received an Oscar nomination for adapting Anne Tyler’s novel into Lawrence Kasdan’s film, The Accidental Tourist (1988), and also adapted Arthur Miller’s Depression Era play The American Clock into Bob Clark’s 1993 TV production. The Grapes of Wrath was a beautiful adaptation of John Steinbeck’s great novel of the Depression, starring Gary Sinise as Tom Joad and Lois Smith as Ma Joad with an ensemble featuring Francis Guinan and Terry Kinney. Once again, the Emmy nominations flowed, five, including for best miniseries, writing (Nicholas Wright), and actress (Olympia Dukakis). Co-starring were Nina Siemaszko, Laura Linney, Whip Hubley, Swoosie Kurtz, Colin Ferguson, and Jackie Burroughs. Further Tales of the City brought a lot of the same suspects back and another Emmy nomination for outstanding miniseries. Made the same year as Tim Burton’s feature, Sleepy Hollow (1999), Gang’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is reputedly closer to Washington Irving’s story and less dependent on theatricality. Brent Carver played Ichabod Crane with Rachelle Lefevre as Katrina Van Tassle. Sell- TIMOTHY GALFAS Movies: Revenge for a Rape (1976), Maneaters Are Loose! (1978) As a low-budget filmmaker, Galfas directed Black Fist (1975, co-directed with Richard Kaye) and Sunnyside (1979). As a cinematographer, he shot a pair of high- 188 G ing Innocence starred Sarah Lind as a teen model who’s ostracized by her fellow students for her career path.


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But the Watch app is a handy, or perhaps wristy, companion. Apple is positioning the Apple Watch not just as a handy gadget but as something that can save your life, and the Apple Heart Study app is designed to do just that. It’s been created in collaboration with Stanford Medicine to monitor your heart rhythms and identify any irregularities, such as the potentially very serious condition AFib (atrial fibrillation). AFib is a common cause of blood clots and heart failure, and it can also cause strokes. Despite affecting millions of people it’s often undetected because the symptoms aren’t obvious to us. They can be obvious to the heart rate sensor in our Apple Watches, though. In practice, the Heart Study app tells you when it spots an irregular rhythm - it’s not the same as the heart rate monitor already in the watch, which tends to pop up unwanted warnings when we’re jumping around with the kids because we’re fantastically unfit. The study app only tells you of things you need to know. Participation in the actual study is voluntary, but if you join you can receive a free video consultation about any detected irregularity. If you’re outside the US, try the Cardiogram app instead, as it too monitors for irregularities. Transit is mainly for American users, but its city coverage extends to more than 50 non-US cities including London and Paris too. It’s a public transport app, and it works on a simple and largely accurate assumption: when you use the app, you’re in a hurry. That means instant information for departures on nearby routes and a Take Me Home button that tells you how to get home as quickly and simply as possible.


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Haunted Asylum - animation RCMdigital this is an animation of the haunted asylum atraction i have planned. Movie Freak Kejadian-kejadian paranormal menyeramkan ada di GONJIAM: HAUNTED ASYLUM. Has Now Decided to End His Acting Career Cloud K-Drama Rising actor Lee Seungwook has announced that he is leaving the entertainment industry. The Haunted Asylum Christopher Cruz A man is stuck inside an asylum and must escape. Korean Box Office looks up as Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum leads the pack on April 9, 2018 Wadayathink Business is looking up as a surge of Korean films at the peninsula's box office is lead by Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum on April 9, 2018. Russell Edwards reports for. (? ? Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital Noe Dominguez We visited Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital during fall 2016. A VW Joins an woman's fight to keep a developer off her land. 5381374 (8:35) MOVIE: HERBIE GOES TO MONTE CARLO (G, '77) Dean Jones. A nanny uses murder as a tool to snare Tales From the Crypt (r) (cc) 867428 MOVIE: TWISTER (PG-13, '96) Helen Hunt. Bill Paxton.


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Unlike previous works, completely soaked in rusty distorted yell of bass buitar and metal percussion, here the things are less violent. Zinc Room's trademark sound is still here, but now it's become a part of more calm and dark scene created also with the use of synthesizers, recordings of soil, samples and mouth harp. Five unhurried ritual dark ambient composition with strong industrial spirit. Special guest on this album was t. . ein (Scratching Soil, Carved Image Of Emptiness, Prognostic Zero). Kein has also participated in Zinc Room recording sessions, playing mysterious cello, keyboards and synths. The result is a quite rhythmical and even melodic recording somewhere between dark ambient and death industrial. Second part of the disc goes to Sol Mortuus who provided more sophisticated compositional manipulations on the same topic - he used lots of instruments: cello, percussion, flute, guitar, mouth harp (vargan) and also some multi-functional digital electronic shamanism. All this creates quite dense atmosphere with ghostly sounds interwiving in slow otherworldly dance. Dreamingly beautiful, sad and at the same time weird and progressive Folk songs with a gentle early 70ies touch. The band uses a large variety of perfectly played acoustic instruments, as well as some fine electronic sounds. The powerful and empathetic (Russian) vocals from Fred Adra and his (background) singers give a very personal and unique touch to the music of Zlye Kukly.


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Most Iraqi administrations before World War II only lasted a few months on average. Eventually political parties were formed, but these lacked any real platform and were simply meant to bolster support for whoever the prime minister was. In turn, each government acted like the previous ones including even people from previous governments they had criticized. Tarbush believes this was the only way to keep these fractious politicians happy because the political system didn’t really allow for any organized opposition. This is actually a contested view of this time period in Iraqi history. Opinions of King Feisal vary greatly from those like Tarbush that believe he played an important role in bringing stability to the new country, to others like the British of the time that believed that he was weak and part of the problem. It’s not hard to combine both views, that he was both a good politician, but also caught up in the constant rivalries and bickering between the leading individuals. What brought this system into crisis and led to the emergence of the military was the death of King Feisal in 1933. His son King Ghazi was young, inexperienced, and not always interesting in governing. That led to an intensification of rivalries between politicians for power, who increasingly came to rely on the army for support. Eventually a small group of officers believed they were the guardians of Iraq’s national interests and began seizing power, starting with a coup in 1936. These men would eventually be whittled down to four colonels and generals known as the Golden Square who would stage another coup in 1940 in response to Britain’s demand that Baghdad break relations with Italy over World War I. The Golden Square did not want to give into British demands seeing it as an affront to Iraqi nationalism.


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The English philosopher John Stuart Mill (1806-1873) explains. Therefore, the total destruction of two Japanese cities was a necessary and morally justified act. The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, the Bush Doctrine, military interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Panama, Libya, Grenada, the Balkans, and American support of coups in Iran and Chile, were all based on utilitarian arguments. In arguing for military action in Iraq, President George W. If you think about it, more than a few “interventions” have gone very badly. If this is so, how can you justify military aggression if the result is worse than the initial problem. We would be neglecting our moral duty if we do not. Taking lives is not necessarily wrong if our ultimate goal is to increase the overall good (or happiness) of the whole. But, if you haven’t already realized it, not every bomb falls on its intended target. And sometimes our best utilitarian intentions fall victim to the law of unintended consequences. Sometimes, despite our best intentions and expectations, the situation ends up much worse than before we did anything. We can have all the best intentions in the world, but if we act and the consequences are bad, then our actions are morally wrong. One need not look too deeply into the plot to see the parallels between the events in the film and the terrorist attack on New York on September 11th, 2001.


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Rawlins disregarding his promise to give Frank Castle a quick death gets him to set Frank free for revenge, and he lets Curtis live after it was part of the arrangement for his final showdown. Russo says he refused to take any part in the assassination attempt that killed Frank's family. Russo claims he regrets what happened, but Frank obviously still despises him since he knew about it and said nothing. Dexter: Serial Killer for Justice Dexter Morgan has a strict code he adheres to driving him to kill only people who have somehow escaped justice. Said code was placed upon by his cop father, who recognized that Dexter was going to be a serial killer. It's shown that had this code not been placed, he would end up just as monstrous as other serial killers. When he discovers that the Trinity Killer has been psychologically terrorizing and physically torturing his own family for years Dexter is completely horrified. One episode of Diff'rent Strokes had Arnold go to a sleazy guy known as Spider to get a forged report card rather than show Mr. Drummond his bad grades. Spider refuses to give him better than a B in biology for thinking a spider was an insect. Spider also makes him take a test for the other classes, but they're very easy questions that any third grader could answer. This time the only surviving character from those episodes has had herself installed as mayor of Cardiff, and is planning to destroy the city to get herself home. However, when she is about to kill a reporter who is getting too close to the truth, she stops when she learns that the intended victim is pregnant.