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Wildfire burns acres near homes in Villa Rica on 11. 1. 016 of Autoplay Pause Show Thumbnails Show Captions Stay updated on this and other stories by downloading the FREE 11Alive News app now in the iTunes store or on Google Play. These astronauts will join a pair of Russians already on the station, commanded by astronaut Shane Kimbrough of NASA. The last American space shuttle launched five years ago in July, but NASA still can’t put men into space without Russian cooperation due to President Barack Obama’s cuts to the agency’s exploration and spaceflight capability. Relations between Russia and the U. S. have worsened dramatically in recent years due to the annexation of Crimea, the quasi-conflict with Ukraine and the fact that Russia has killed more civilians in Syria than Islamic State. NASA plans to return to Earth’s orbit are entirely dependent on private companies, some of which are scheduled to launch by the end of next year. Astronauts installed adapters that allowed commercial spacecraft to dock with the ISS in August and give NASA less expensive options to resupply the station.

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Remember how I said that any kind of clickbait article is taken at face value. Even if you end up replying to every single comment and trying to shift the tides, it won't work - the title of the article or thread is still there. Whereas if you take control, your message is what gets shared. This gives you a chance to explain yourself, and provide insight that'd otherwise get lost in the social media abyss. The incredibly curious case of Hello Neighbor is the perfect storm for this article. The game's development cycle became a communal experience. Fans were hungry for more information, scouting every piece of content for clues. Fans creating fanart, fan-musicals, and cosplaying as Neighbor. The game's development process was part of the game. It also drove a specific part of the gaming audience nuts.

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PoC in places where they are underrepresented don’t have that, so of course they think about representation in different ways. A Pakistani-American has as much right to Jinnah as a Pakistani does. The politics change in the so-called melting pot we live in. The director is American, and he’s making an American movie which he will probably market and sell in the U. . primarily. Dude can shove it with his excuses. People abroad are always noting with pride when someone like Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai Bachan, or even Omar Sharif breaks that barrier and gets into Hollywood. If the director is so concerned about people abroad, he could really give them something to root for by casting one of their own as Rumi. So to say that Leo-as-Rumi is an honor is a symbol of deeply embedded internalized racism and the on-going colonial mentality.

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They say they had believed that Sandusky and the boy were engaged in nothing more than horseplay in a university locker room shower. The open access the hackers enjoyed meant they could run their own queries about individuals via the databases of the three firms. He said his group maintains close phone contact with local commanders. He estimated his group has smuggled up to 4,000 people into Malaysia in the past six months. That's not a rip of the OUYA, either, but in general, I've found that microconsoles are geared more towards casual gamers than anything. They went to the Madrigal, one of the stylish new private bars opened under economic reforms by President Raul Castro, where they talked with university students and the bar owner, filmmaker Rafael Rosales. Were Mr Tsvangirai to have aloofly stayed out of government, his reputation today might be more intact, but Zimbabwe would have remained entirely in Zanu-PF's inept stewardship, with potentially disastrous consequences. That, along with Chinese imports pushing down prices, have sent many European solar companies into bankruptcy. In 2007, when the Duke and Duchess temporarily split up, Mrs Jardine-Paterson was one of a handful of friends who consoled the Duchess during a holiday at her uncle Gary Goldsmith’s villa in Ibiza. She also attended St Andrews University, where she became friends with the Duke.


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Enjoy. Over the past few months of work, I had already breast pumped on an airplane and in dirty airport bathrooms. I had already begged flight attendants and fast food workers for ice to put in the cooler carrying pouches of my “liquid gold. Did I mention it was my birthday. As we got out of the car, they were showing me some specific details about the vehicle. I was paying close, close attention to the parents and I had no idea that the little kid was right near me. His parents rushed to his side and looked him over, examining his hands. All I could do was yell impulsively, “I didn’t do it! I was horrified. What am I going to tell Melinda (my boss)?

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away from me! I don’t want to know “It’s a good movie, and I’m proud of ” this stuff! what Lance and I did as the bad guys. John Woo was a to base his performance on that of pleasure, but while I hate speaking badly Liam Neeson, who played the role in about anyone, I don’t have anything good Sam was about to return to South Africa when he was approached by A1 Pacino to co-star in a revival of Salome in New went in and read, and got it, and did that with Sheiyl Lee and A1 Pacino; he played King Herod and she played Salome, and I was John the Baptist. That was great for me, because he hadn’t done a play in eight years, so everybody came to see him, and in turn saw me. He sees a shrink because he’s disturbed about it for weeks afterward; he can’t sleep, he’s tired. She takes him into some sort of regression thing, and he starts beheving that they were abducted, Darkman by ahens, and that his wife was impregnated. At this point, she comes to him and says that she is pregnant. So we’re not sure if he’s just obsessing about this, happened. At the end, he drags her into the ER room, puts her under and gives her a Cesarean section, to see what’s in there.

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In the beginning of the First World War, two British agents, T. . Lawrence and Gertrude Bell, found it expedient to arm Sunni warlords against the Shia tribal chiefs. Such divide and rule tactics initially paid off, as a result of which Turkey had to lose its hegemony over the Arabian peninsula. Today, however, the chickens are coming home to roost because of such reckless meddling and intrusion by the West in the affairs of the Middle East. Under the pretext of civilising the heathen peoples of the East, the 18th-century Western powers, mainly Great Britain, France, Holland, Spain and Portugal launched one of history’s major invasions to subjugate an entire continent. Between 1757 and 1857, the East India Company alone ruled nearly two-thirds of South Asia. From the deserts of Egypt to the palaces of Peking, the West had created a moral justification for ravaging some of the greatest civilisations of the world. There is no authentic record of the number of people who were killed by different colonial powers in South Asia and the Middle East between 1757 and 1900. Here, it must be conceded that barring the massacres by the army of the East India Company in the aftermath of the failed Revolt of 1857 in India, the track record of the British colonialists was generally much better than that of the other colonial powers.