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Cersei's entire acceptance and breakdown about how her son was pure evil yet she still loved him (Cersei may be my favorite character and good god she got some incredible moments because of that kid). And Joffrey was interesting in the sense that he was yet another Mad King created via inbreeding. I think anything interesting he had to offer stopped a long, long while ago. All the best characters are the most complex and Ramsay just isn't one of them. I don't hate him for the reasons the show wants me to. I hate how I can so tell that the show wants me to. It's a series that can really exist above that kinda shit that most TV dips into constantly. In general I just dislike how little we're getting of the Lannisters in this season but I know we're getting that Riverlands business at some point. I'm hyped for it. Also to say he's necessary in a show with scenes like Red Wedding makes little sense since that involved him a whole not at all. Roose -- a calculating, pragmatic power-hungry bastard and Walder Frey, a douchey two-faced and bitter weirdo -- were the direct leaders of it, with Tywin Lannister -- one of the most complex characters in the series -- making it happen. I don't mind Ramsay existing, I mind the constant focus on him when he's numbingly boring to watch. Cool scene indeed, but now im just more emotionally invested with everyone else and when she is on screen im all, yea dragons. If we want a real-world parallel, he's a cult leader, like L Ron Hubbard or something. Kleiner, if you find the character boring, that's fine. He's not implausible though, and he's important to the story. He sucks I really liked his lone eulogy for Myranda. Cool scene indeed, but now im just more emotionally invested with everyone else and when she is on screen im all, yea dragons.

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And to preemptively answer some questions: Yes, these are legit. No, these are just normal Oreos in a redesigned package. No, these are not exclusive to a particular store. Certainly if there were a set formula, every person on every show would be adored. Still, it’s a testament to how unpredictable character likability can be that Bella Ramsey fully expected fans to loathe Lyanna Mormont. While her reluctance to, as she puts it, “sacrifice one more Mormont life for someone else’s war” is well-founded, in my opinion, one can imagine why Ramsey expected such reticence to rub viewers the wrong way. I think we could have pushed it more and I could have been more of a celebrity, but that isn’t something I wanted to do. . Season seven concluded with the Night King and his pet dragon blasting through the Wall that kept that them out of Westeros. And while it was a truly epic way to wrap up Season 7 of HBO's Game Of Thrones, fans of the much-loved series have been left panicked with the news that they'll have to wait until 2019 to find out the fate of their beloved characters on social media. The series finale brought in a record 16. million viewers - with live tune-in and night-of streams included - and while the seventh offering has received mixed reviews throughout it's six instalments. Scroll down for video Wait: Fans of the much-loved series have been left panicked with the news that they'll have to wait until 2019 to find out the fate of their beloved characters on social media Despite the initial cries about the character's woes, loyal fans of the fantasy drama were left in shock after the Hollywood Reporter reported that the wait between the two season's will be 18 months. Reacting to the long wait, viewers took to Twitter in their droves to confess their dissatisfaction at having to wait nearly two years until the next instalment of the successful franchise in the form of hilarious comments and memes. RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next 'It wouldn't have made me happy to stay': Suranne Jones. Time to refuel: Exhausted Gemma Atkinson munches on crisps. 'She had no idea he was a fan': Geordie Shore's Sophie. Pretty Little Liars star Brandon Jones sentenced to 180 days.

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Virtually very other family was experiencing similar grief. On one of his visits to Mrs Deane, Fitzsimons encountered a sad, care-worn-looking man in the garb of a clergyman. The clergyman was clutching a psychic photograph of his recently deceased wife. “My wife and I had been married twenty years, and we were childless”, he explained, “she was all I lived for. The portrait photograph has often been associated with the irrevocability of death because it freezes a moment of life permanently in the past, while giving it only a vicarious presence in the present. In this morbid theory the photograph intimates our own mortality because one day we, too, will remain frozen in time. By inserting a ghost into the photograph, it made the photograph itself less corpselike. Very much against my better judgement I’ve devoted my time to becoming an expert on spirit photography, and have published a small biography of Mrs Deane. I just haven’t been able to stop myself going back day after day to libraries and archives to find out more about Spiritualism and early spirit photographers. In the Cambridge University Library I came across nearly one thousand spirit photographs taken by Mrs Ada Deane, pasted in grids of twelve into the pages of four large leather bound albums. I got Cambridge to make copies of some of the photographs for me and I burrowed into them with Photoshop to produce a series of art works for an exhibition. These people, once so desperate for an image of their departed loved ones, are now themselves all dead also, but ironically revenant in the photograph. As they were photographed in the act of channelling an image from the Other Side their faces appeared confused, doubtful, worried, tired and distracted. The Spiritualists where prolix writers and enthusiastic publishers, and I found many journals, pamphlets, proselytising tracts and reminiscences to draw on. I collected all the ones relevant to Mrs Deane and then ordered them into a narrative and strung them together by either directly quoting, or closely paraphrasing them. I tried to retain the flavour of their original prose—which is always pulled between the breathless excitement the writer obviously feels for what they are experiencing, and the need they also feel to appear to be sober and dispassionate in their reporting of positive evidence for spiritualist phenomena—while homogenising and modernising the texts just enough to make it a smooth read. I sometimes thought that I was acting as an amanuensis for these people. Although I remain a materialist, my enthusiasm for their enthusiasm matched their enthusiasm for what was to them the manifest truths of spirit photography and automatic writing.

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I think they got away with it this time because the Hodor scene was so emotionally powerful, but if it becomes too central to the story to the point where it is the story, then I think people are going to get turned off (and will turn off) the story. Martin has talked in the past how he’s afraid of pulling a “Lost” and not sticking the landing. If he goes all in on Bran being responsible for so many things, I think that’ll be the road he’s on. Cersei is on her list and the play is a reminder of who she is. And the actress sort of resembles her mother as a brunette. Final test maybe? Or its on the up and up as assassinations get. The waif, AKA Stick Bitch, is training Arya to be badass. It’s like Navy Seals Hell Week at the House of Black and White. I think many of us are just sick of Arya getting wacked up side the head with that damn stick. It is interesting that she’s tasked with killing “Cersei” (who’s on her “list”) though, and I’m wondering what’s gonna come from that. I don’t mean that in a rude way, it just impacts how best to respond. I suspect she’ll flee back north when she finds out (from Jaime) what LF is up to and also that the Tullys can’t help. But she’ll perhaps be ambushed on the road and hung for collaborating with the Lannisters- in which the sword will serve as proof. At the last minute, Brienne changes her mind and chooses the sword. When it comes down to it, I don’t think Brienne will be able to kill Jaime, but she’ll be breaking her vow in doing so. She may even take down LSH, the lady she had sworn herself to. I wasn’t following those spoilers too closely but I thought I read he was going to be at odds with her after getting fed up with her crap.

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Obviously I'm not talking about the sailing, people were right to dislike that. Unless maybe because I'm five years older now, I am of an age to appreciate a more sedately paced boat-based activity. We'll see. I'm trying to make more of an effort to cook things this year. Tonight I made Tuna Steaks in Special Sauce with Mustard Mash and Odd Brocolli. It tasted lovely, but I think I could work on the presentation a little. Relatedly, I've just watched an incredibly odd cookery programme, with Ray Mears cooking things in the woods, using assorted hunting spoils, tubers, seeds and the odd tub of sour cream. He had an old guy with him who would eat absolutely anything with masses of enthusiasm, and then say how lovely it was. Next week, I think I too will be shopping not in Sainsburys, but in the 100 Acre Wood. I went to put some washing on earlier and in the seal of the washing machine door I spotted a dark bit. I figured it would be just a bit of fluff or hair so I reached in to pull it out. What I actually found there surprised me slightly: It was a black Bic biro. It was all bent round into the shape of the outside of the door. I'm not sure how long it had been in there - it's hard to tell now. I'm normally quite good at checking my pockets though and in any case I rarely keep pens in the sorts of pockets I put in the washing machine. It's a mystery. However it got in there though, I guess I'm quite lucky that a) it didn't cause any damage to the washing machine door seal and hence a leak over my floor. The most important question that I bet you're all asking though is.

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Suburban Danny battles robots, aliens -- DRACULA A. . 2015, directed by Joshua Kennedy. The Count is resurrected in this homage to Hammer films. -- EXTRAORDINARY TALES, directed by Raul Garcia. Five animated Poe stories; narrators include Lugosi, Lee, Corman. -- FRANKENSTEIN VS. THE MUMMY, directed by Damien Leone. Brain swaps and classic monsters in New York City. -- THE HALLOW, directed by Corin Hardy. Irish forests yield unspeakable horrors. -- KILLING POE, directed by Nathan Andrew Jacobs. Five students must conjure up ways to defeat a crazed professor. -- TALES OF DRACULA, directed by Joseph P. DeMuro and Thomas E. Rice. An homage to Universal and Hammer. -- TALES OF HALLOWEEN, 10 tales featuring genre talent such as Joe Dante, Adrienne Barbeau, Stuart Gordon.

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Drop by for a hard hat tour of our studio space while it’s still under construction. Start at any of the eight participating breweries, then hop on any one of three vans running approximately every 30 minutes. It's Halloween and that means it's time for what's become our annual Cyber-Seance. We're getting in touch with those tinsel town favs who've gone on to the great beyond. Commune with the dearly -- or not so dearly -- departed through your medium madame, Rita Kempley. She was online Wed. Oct. 31, at 2 p. . EST, to help conjure up and touch the vibes of some long-gone film stars. Editor's Note: Washingtonpost. om moderators retain editorial control. Madam, I thought I might take this opportunity to offer some advice to this current generation of filmmakers and filmgoers. What I said was, actors should be treated like cattle. When an actor came to me and wanted to discuss his character, I’d say, 'It's in the script. If he said, 'But what's my motivation? ' I said, 'Your salary. 2.