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Trans Snape Week- held the first week of August of every year. Happy Snape Week- Jan 9th and May 28th of every year. You can make fanart, fanfics, moodboards, gifs, headcanons, meta, etc. And I think that if you ship Keith with anyone (except maybe Shiro but that was more brotherly) this wasn’t really the season for Keith centered relationships. Lemme explain why. Well first off, Keith wasn’t even with the team for the first half of the season (the first 3 episodes). Keith was out on the mission with Krolia in the second episode so there was no communication with the rest of the team there. In episode 4, Keith returns to the team but they are all focusing on exposing Lotor and his messed up plans. After that, the Kuron thing was revealed and Keith chased after him and was away from the team again. Now here is about the only development between any Keith ship (but like I said earlier, it was kind of a brotherly thing). And everyone has their own opinions, I’m not really gonna go into that right now. After that, Keith goes back to team Voltron and they form Voltron and fight Lotor in the quintessence field. And again, this wasn’t exactly the best time for flirting so nothing shipping wise was gonna happen here. Then when that was over, they has to sacrifice the castle which set a somber mood over the team. So with all of that stuff going on, there really wasn’t time for Keith to have much interactions with anyone, except Krolia and Shiro. But I am gonna make a prediction that next season, Keith with have some relationship development with someone ( I’m kinda hoping for Lance ). Keep hoping that your ship will be the lucky one to become canon.

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If you are and want to find a good racing game here are some tips to help make the process easier and avoid wasting time on bad games. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of 5 important tips to help you pick the perfect sports betting app for you and your lifestyle. So whether you want to learn about the laws surrounding sports betting or you want to know how to better your odds, you can do it all at the click of a button. Using an app to determine where the closest bus stop is or when the next train will arrive can be incredibly helpful, but how do you find the best one. In our modern world, they are also a refuge for people who wish to experience nature first hand, away from the concrete and the traffic of 21st century living. For those ready to set out on an adventure, our advice on how to equip your smartphone with the best apps for the job will prove indispensable. But that doesn't mean you can't still live out all your fantasies on your phone. If you're looking for the best empire games around, look no further than these five tips that'll help match you to your new favorite app. Whether you want to bring out the color of a photo with a matching color frame or you want to make a collage of your favorites, you can add any frame you want anytime, anywhere with photo frame apps right on your phone. But, with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to find the right one. Here are 5 tips to help you find the perfect photo frame app. Besides the obvious benefits for your shape, cycling has other physical and even mental benefits. The Best 10 Food Delivery Apps are no longer a simple commodity for a quick pizza or burger, but much more thanks to teens. To find out what candy making games you should end up choosing as your favorites, check out these five tips. Understanding and monitoring it is of utmost importance and this is where smartphone apps come into play. In our day and age, they can be of tremendous help. If you wish to select the right one for you, follow our advice and you will be on the right path towards great health.

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Teraz nowej, oficjalnej daty nikt nie podaje, ale spekuluje sie, ze moze byc to nawet dopiero czerwiec 2018 r. Wyremontowane zostana takze kamienne schody po lewej stronie dziedzinca. Prowadzone sa takze prace na wiezy, ale te nie sa juz finansowane z unijnej dotacji. JS. Na Wawelu pojawia sie sledczy i miedzynarodowa ekipa bieglych. Jak podaje Newsweek, w ekshumacji maja wziac udzial proboszcz katedry na Wawelu ksiadz Zdzislaw Sochacki razem z ksiedzem profesorem Jackiem Urbanem. Jako ze pogrzeb pary prezydenckiej odbyl sie 18 kwietnia 2010 r. Sam prezydent Andrzej Duda w rozmowie z Polska Agencja Prasowa prosi rodziny ofiar smolenskiej katastrofy o wyrozumialosc dla dzialan prokuratury. Oznacza to, ze ekshumacje mialyby dotyczyc cial 83 ofiar tej katastrofy. Jednak nie wszystkie rodziny ofiar zgadzaja sie na ekshumacje. Poczatkowo cala procedura eks - humacji miala sie odbywac wedlug alfabetu. W pomoc protestujacym zaangazowal sie rzecznik praw obywatelskich Adam Bodnar. Dwukrotnie zwracal sie w tej sprawie do zastepcy prokuratora generalnego Marka Pasionka. Stanowisko Prokuratury Krajowej bylo jednoznaczne: nie ma prawnej mozliwosci zlozenia zazalen. Ze stanowiskiem prokuratury nie zgadza sie Pawel Deresz, wdowiec po Jolancie Szymanek-Deresz. Jak tylko dowiedzialem sie o ekshumacjach, powiedzialem dwa zdania. Ma nadzieje, ze prokuratura jego zazalenie przyjmie.

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g thanh thi l? cang it be b? . Subsequent analysis leads us to believe it is unrelated to this investigation. Based on our research, it's clear that this adversary spent time understanding the victims' network infrastructure in order to remain under the radar and act as inconspicuous as possible during their attacks. Based on this actor's infrastructure and TTPs, we haven't been able to connect them with any other campaign or actor that's been observed recently. This particular campaign utilizes two fake, malicious websites containing job postings that are used to compromise targets via malicious Microsoft Office documents with embedded macros. In a separate campaign, the attackers used the same IP to redirect the DNS of legitimate. ov and private company domains. During each DNS compromise, the actor carefully generated Let's Encrypt certificates for the redirected domains. These certificates provide X. 09 certificates for TLS free of charge to the user. We don't know at this time if the DNS redirections were successful. Additionally, we will describe the malicious DNS redirection and the timeline of the events. At this time, we don't know how the target received these links. The attackers most likely sent the malicious document via email as part of a spear-phishing campaign, but it also could have circulated via social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, in an attempt to legitimize the opportunity for a new job. The scheduled task is executed immediately and repeatedly every minute.

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While Fielding is relating this part of the story, additional lighting for the show has been added, casting bright green and red light on the walls, giving an added eeriness to this documentary footage, while also underlining its artificiality. At one point while descending these stairs, Fielding breaks off her narration for an inserted “reconstructed” shot: filmed as a monochrome renegativized image (giving the illusion that the image is a negative and perhaps reflecting the negative connotations of this violent spirit) and with the action highly sped up, a young man descends the stairs, moves toward the camera, and then disappears. But just before the image disappears and we return to Fielding’s narration, the “presence” shakes its head very rapidly with a rattling noise on the soundtrack. We return to Fielding, who notes that some people descending these stairs are actually pushed by persons unknown or unseen. There are two more insert shots of the negative spirit still present doing his sped-up head shake. Visually, at no point do these two figures occupy the screen at the same time (they may in fact be played by the same person), but the effect is one of causality—that the “negative spirit” pushed the other man. This lengthy description of this sequence does not do it justice: not that this is a brilliant example of television artistry, but this entire sequence on the steps, including Fielding’s narration, runs for only twenty-four seconds. The artificial lighting, the use of renegativized monochrome, the slowed-down and sped-up action are all technical tricks that underline the artificiality of this section of the episode. In many respects, beyond following in the tradition of tabloid TV shows, this introductory section of each Most Haunted episode functions to key the television audience to interpret the forthcoming phenomena within the context of the narratives just related. If we see each episode as a televised legend trip, this section conforms to what Gary Hall (1973) noted regarding the telling of scary stories prior to such adolescent adventures: As important as form is in legend-telling, the “legend atmosphere” or “general scary condition” is just as crucial to the effectiveness of this type of narrative. More specifically, the “scariness” of the legend-trip is a result of: (1) the foreboding appearance of the legend site, (2) legend-telling, and (3) the atmosphere of tension and uncertainty generated by the trip. During the legend-trip, in fact, the young people cultivate an atmosphere of fear; they try to frighten one another; they seek out contact with the supernatural and attendant dangers. (170) The highly artificial legend and memorate section of each Most Haunted episode is more than just contrived television. It creates this “general scary condition” in the location prior to the investigation proper. This section of the episode, then, primes the belief pump as it were. The first part of an episode’s investigation begins with a psychic walkabout: the show’s psychic or psychics are filmed touring the site, in normal videographic style, and picking up on any residual or grounded spirit information. These sequences tend to run for approximately fifteen minutes and so make up a considerable amount of on-screen time.

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It monitors your movement and tries to determine times when you are more active than others by graphing activity with a series of squares. Due to a issue monitoring sensors in some android versions Dayometer increases Dayon Dayon is a freely available personal contact and event management software that provides contact oriented information to users on day to day basis. User logs in daily thru client and can add other users whose public information like birthdays etc Dayon Alarm. With the venue and time automatically determined by Dayout - No Chat, Just Meet Dine, grab a coffee or beer, or watch a movie with strangers around you, Dayout automatically matches you with other users nearby so that you can easily make new friends while doing fun activities. With the venue and time automatically determined by Daypick Daypick is the perfect app to relive your photos. Daypick allows you to relive your photos taken in this day in the past years or Daypractice Your most valuable resource is the time and attention you bring to each day. Daypractice is a tool that helps you focus on activities, and track the time you spend on them. Having a clear understanding of how much time you spend can help you set pers Dayre What makes your day uncommon. Remember it with Dayre, and share your story while on the go. Record your most memorable daily moments, and let us piece them together into a complete day's entry. Choose between writing a blurb, snapping a pic Dayre What makes your day uncommon. It also means a meeting or assembly of elderly and experienced men, convention or gathering of friends. Days is private photo journal to write the precious moments in daily life. Cherish unforgettable memories with your own emotions and feelings. It will make your life more meaningful and Days - Sobriety and Personal Counter Days is a simple easy-to-use personal and sobriety counter with beautiful and clean interface. You can override your counter by either providing a new number of days or a Days 2 Halloween Countdown the days to Halloween with this small 1x1 widget. Everyday it would ask you a question or assign you a task, you track the progress yourself until you are ready to move on.

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In 47 Below, we join Australian doctor Geoff Wilson in his attempt to complete a coast-to-pole crossing of Antarctica, to honor a friend’s fight with breast cancer. In doing so, he transformed one of his equipment carriers into a “boob sled,” painted pink and designed to resemble a pair of, yes, breasts. To survive, he had to battle ferocious blizzards, with winds exceeding 100 kilometers per hour, frostbite, deadly crevasses, loss of food and key equipment, and Antarctica’s terrifying isolation. Dogs would have provided some warmth and companionship, at least. Hell’s Kitty is an exception, if only for people who believe a pet can be possessed by the devil and make dating a hellish experience for its owner. Such is the case with aspiring screenwriter Nick Tana, whose obsession with his cat blinds him to the fact that friends, lovers and acquaintances are dying in its company. When relatives of the victims come to him asking questions, Nick scrambles to defend his pet. Typically, Hell’s Kitty would be a one-gag-per-episode experience, if it weren’t for some nifty editing. In the 98-minute feature cobbled together from the segments, it succeeds through the large number of cameos by familiar actors and lots of jokes only a dog lover would fully grasp. By the time Nick is convinced to have a kitty exorcism, most viewers will be sold on the picture, I think. Among the actors who pop up more than once are Nina Hartley, Michael Berryman, Adrienne Barbeau, Bill Oberst Jr. Doug Jones, Creep Creepersin and Lynn Lowry. It’s difficult to imagine they could be paid much, if anything for their contributions. Two years later, such talk would be greeted with derision and outright revolt, but it almost sounded reasonable before the first war with Iraq. On the eve of an abandoned hospital’s demolition, a large group of party-hardy yuppies gathers in its empty surgical theaters and waiting rooms to dance to EDM delivered at a pulsating 150-beats-per-minute. It’s 1992 and the president is about to be swept out of office by Bill Clinton. When Rachel (Sara Bess), Branson (Jared Sullivan) and other ravers are ushered into the illegal party, they are handed a hallucinogenic drug that inspires nightmarish visions and leaves them open to torture by malevolent forces.

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Interviewees: Gail Dines, Robert Jensen, Richard Wolff, Ana Bridges, Ariel Levy, Pamela Paul, John Stagliano, Joanna Angel, Ernest Greene, Sarah Katherine Lewis, Noam Chomsky. Introduction -- Porn stars: myths and realities -- Just a fantasy? -- Empowered by porn? -- Harder and harder. -- An interview with Noam Chomsky -- Donkey punch -- Media Education Foundation trailers. Hugo Chavez elected president of Venezuela in 1998, is a colorful, unpredictable folk hero, beloved by his nation's working class and a tough-as-nails, quixotic opponent to the power structure that would see him deposed. Two independent filmmakers were inside the presidential palace on April 11, 2002, when he was forcibly removed from office. They were also present 48 hours later when, remarkably, he returned to power amid cheering aides. Their film records what was probably history's shortest-lived coup d'etat. Language: Series: Distributor: Wallflower Press URL. Contrasts the clan life of the Sakuddei with the modern life of coastal Mentawaians and discusses the problems caused by the logging of their forests. Language: English Series: Odyssey (Disappearing World) Distributor: Granada URL. Disagreement was over whether this was an abnormal modern human or an extinct ancestor. By examining Neanderthal bones and reconstructing fossilized skeletal remains, scientists are seeking an answer to the origins of modern humans. It garnered director Tran Van Thuy the Best Documentary Prize at the Asia Pacific Film Festival in year 2000. The violin referenced in the title is that of American Vietnam veteran and peace activist Roy Boehm. At first he thought it was a turtle shell, but it proved to be a human skull.

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In this new work, Koizumi is working for the first time with non-Japanese subjects, engaging United States veterans from the Iraq and Afganistan wars. Five veterans recount traumatic experiences during these past military conflicts, while wearing body-cams that record images of their current domestic spaces and everyday landscapes in the US. The video poetically articulates how these difficult memories of war continually mix with daily life for these individuals, creating emotional, psychological battlelands. This exhibition is presented by Bank of America with additional support provided by Knight Foundation. Planned to overlap with the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the exhibition will explore how the sport has stimulated artists to reflect upon its implications on society. Through visual art, PAMM seeks to present the art form of soccer—a place where social, cultural, and political issues of identity, nationalism, globalism, and mass spectacle play out vibrantly. The exhibition celebrates the commonality of human experience through a sport that has been one of the few common languages worldwide. This exhibition is supported by NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises, Relevent Sports, LLC. and CONCACAF. Lead individual support received from Patricia and William Kleh, Jerry Lindzon, Nedra and Mark Oren and Stephen M. Early on in his career cordova worked with the figure of Tupac Amaru both in music and language. The famed rapper was named after 18th century Andean revolutionary, Tupac Amaru II, who was killed after leading an indigenous uprising against Spanish rule in modern-day Peru. In his works, Cordova often creates intersections between these two figures, pointing to their similarities and important roles in affecting the contemporary artist’s worldview. The two Tupacs embody notions of activism, collaboration, and political transgression. Other works presented in the exhibition deal with the impact that Third Cinema and Afro-Peruvian poetry and music has had on cordova’s practice. Combining different motifs into one drawing or sculpture, Cordova considers how vernacular cultures specific to the South of the United States, the Andean region in South America, and the Caribbean are essential as strategies to transcend political, racial, economic, and cultural oppression. Cordova, who began making art in the streets as a form of activism while attending Miami Central High School, will create two new works to be placed outside the museum.