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The seat of human power in Westeros, destroyed by some unseen force and in the grips of eternal winter. Hopefully, it’ll prove about as true as the whole “Drogo back from the dead” thing. The preferred outcome is “won’t,” which fits with my personal interpretation of the House as feeding on Dany’s fears and insecurities in an attempt to scare her into submission. Meanwhile, the book version of the House mostly offers a few things to look out for, i. . a potential traitor in Dany’s midst. Qarth is also where Dany encountered another loose end, Quaithe of the Shadow, whose prophecy continues to have implications for the endgame of this sprawling story. Preston Jacobs The Order of the Green Hand Alt Shift X Rawrist whycreate The Last Harpy bridge 4 In Deep Geek IdeasOfIceandFire GrayArea Honorable Mention's SmokeScreen, Fire and Blood, Talking Thrones, Nerd Soup, Secrets Of The Citadel, Nerd Soup. List your top 10 Im not trying to hurt anyone saying that other is better this is only my opinion and youtubers i most enjoyed and their content. He doesn't do much GoT stuff in the off-seasons, but I like that he discusses themes rather than theories in his reviews, and also he's funny as hell. He’s not “GoT exclusive”, but he talks a lot about GoT, and I like his videos and his insights a lot. He perfectly explains why season 5-7 ruin the show. But he's given to rants, and I find rants useless and upsetting, even if I agree with them. He's not the only ranter--I avoid them like the plague. It’s still enjoyable to watch but it’s a shell of its former self. Your an idiot or never read the books to believe season 5-7 are good or great. They have some great episodes in them, but make no sense. Jon somehow wins battle of the bastards, bastards killing the ruler of dorne and THEN rule it, tarlys betraying tyrells, people of kingslanding accepting Cersei as queen, Euron building a 1000 ships in 1 MONTH, Stannis walking to winterfell like it’s his first day at war, Arya becoming an Uber assassin in a couple months etc etc etc. I have no doubt season 8 will be enjoyable, however the show lowered in quality after s4 and stopped following the books.

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Can the specific arrangement between 2 companies be second party-like on a project to project basis. Is Microsoft's (not the IP) Cuphead indie or 3rd party on Switch. So most of this is sort of subjective and used to detail scope. Third party means not owned by (in this case) Nintendo. Second party means developed by third party as an exclusive and that can refer to a game such as Snipperclips or a studio such as Insomniac and it can be temporary or permanent. Doesn't matter who made it and the status of their employer's ownership. Who cares if game X is 'indie' or by a studio owned by a big publisher. Would Shovel Knight be better is Capcom bought Yacht Club? Nope. Sure, there have been true classics (Journey is still the high point for me personally) but these tend to be few and far between. How could the average Switch owner know that Party Golf is incredibly fun while Party Crashers is almost unplayable (it is fun on powerful systems, but the choppiness makes it garbage on Switch). Nintendolife and similar sites help, but there's just so many games. It's a workable situation because Nintendo and others are putting out so many good or excellent games. Yes, it it has most of its stands filled with Indies and Nintendo does not bring its first party titles but it always has a bit of everything. This year it had also ubisoft with anno 1800 and 2 years ago sega was there with Warhammer 2k and persona 5 for example. You could do that, and have a lot of fun gaming, but I think almost everyone mixes it up and plays games like Zelda as well as games like Yoku's Island Express (or Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, or West of Loathing, or Towerfall, or Iconoclasts, or Owlboy, etc). Just on occasion you see arguments like that, which make no sense to me. I think it's due to the nature of the console, it's versatility makes it very appealing and the way it is low powered in comparison to the big home PC-esque consoles these days means the indie games can really standout. The switch pro needs to hurry up and release so more titles like DOOM can come to the system.


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