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Strange things are happening in and around Shanghai and they have a direct impact on the life of Ruby and her friends and family. There are throughout the book little bits of lost information that could have given some of the supporting cast a bit more depth and therefore understanding. The main character Ruby is thankfully a good strong one, being a first in a trilogy I can hope that more is added throughout the next two books for the other characters. This maybe aimed at a young adult audience but I believe they can be far more discerning and unforgiving, especially as there are so many other distractions in the world today, so rounding out characters is a must to draw them into the story. ll that saying, the setting of Shanghai in the days of the International Settlement in the 1920's is an interesting time period that has not been over used in stories, there is here a new piece of history for those in their teens to look up and discover. From start to finish Ruby is on one heck of a wild ride and we're right there with her. Revolution, gangsters, Taoism, racism, ghosts and spirits - and in the middle of it all Ruby and her friends, with no idea what's going on but doing everything to keep each other safe. From page one Sedgwick kick starts the action and he doesn't slow down. I'm pretty unfamiliar with the history of China, and Nationalism versus Communism, so there's a lot to take in as you get into Ghosts of Shanghai. Especially as Ruby is so focused on her fears of hauntings and her quest to trap these spirits. The political nature of the world around her is revealed in snippets and as she doesn't understand, neither do we for the most part. While it is often a little confusing, feeling like so much information is thrown at us at once, it's purposeful and adds to the overall atmosphere of Ghosts of Shanghai. The tension builds as Ruby sees and overhears more and more, as she throws herself into the fray without understanding the true danger she's in. And then there's the other worldly elements - foxes, vampires and spirits - that Sedgwick writes so well. I read part of this book at about 1am, in the dark but for my booklight, because I couldn't sleep.

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€ť. But they had to struggle this season because the Sons of the Harpy needed to be taken seriously by viewers and show characters alike. And I look forward to the ancient fighting force to be a significant part of Dany’s plans (whenever she returns to Meereen) in future seasons. When Joffrey dismissed him from service at the end of season one, Barristen the Bold stormed out, reemerging at the beginning of season three in the service of Daenarys. He guarded her for two plus seasons, falling in a street fight while coming to the aid of Grey Worm as he fought off the Sons of the Harpy. He could’ve been king if he hadn’t taken the maester’s vows before the throne passed to his younger brother, Aegon V. Always possessing great advice for those who sought it, Aemon’s wisdom and level-headed approach to managing affairs at the Wall have been and will continue to be sorely missed. The next time we see her, she’s hanging from a pole after being flayed by Ramsey. No show can snuff out the hope of its viewers quite like Game of Thrones. After the Wildling defeat in their attempt to take the Wall, Rattleshirt fleed with the uncaptured Wildlings to Hardhome. His death was anti-climatic, as Thormund knocked him down and bludgeoned him repeatedly so he could talk to someone more reasonable. I remember making note of who this character is and what possible inspirations could be coming from the text to inspire her character. But the mood shifted suddenly as Wights appeared out of the ground and, after getting her children to a boat, Karsi turned around and fought to her death, succumbing to a pack of former wildling turned Wight children. We may see her again fighting for the White Walkers, but Jon and Tormund lost a very strong potential ally here. Born with greyscale and resented by her mother, Shireen still kept a positive attitude with her appreciation of various books and stories.