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The difference in the way he acted with Ygritte and Dany are worlds apart. Fair Play Mes atras There have been a few seasons now where you can clearly tell that the story line was NOT written by any literary writer, but rather a TV show script writer. There's so many issues to have with the show now, its unreal. Its sad as they begged George to let them do this show, they were so adamant with the show, and i felt by season 5 they were already burnt out. They've stated multiple times, shooting is boring, the show is boring to make. Then they confirmed it was only going to air 8 seasons, which i felt was a big mistake. The show has been overly simplified, which again, is what George hates in fictions. They should have given the show over to different producers that can handle long term projects like this. And now DnD are given a star wars trilogy, which is worrisome, give they've already shown they can't write a cohesive story to save their lives. Kurt King Mes atras Just sayin lady, u put way too much emphasis on your S sounds Lozax Mes atras What is the name of that music please ? (I know it is from incompetech). How can u prove it nobody knows ur powers even if they believe nobody would believes it right. Varun Patil Mes atras Can someone please tell me the name of the Intro song. A few more: 1. hy didn’t Dany conquer Kings Landing when she had the chance?

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While the story centers on the romance between Rhett and Scarlett, it also touches on the hardships that war brings - like kissing the one you love goodbye as he goes off to fight. Even if you're not a big fan of superhero movies, there's something so sexy about Mary-Jane pulling off Spidey's mask in the rain as he hangs upside down, and the actual kiss is just as steamy. Though she tries to fight it, meeting a fellow lonely soul - Paul - changes that. When she finally gives in, the kiss that ensues (Cat and rain included) is incredibly romantic, despite taking place on the busy streets of Manhattan. Dealing with a mother who's addicted to drugs and a number of bullies at his school, Chiron finds a friend in Kevin, a fellow classmate who is also trying to hide his sexuality. During one electric scene, the boys share their first kiss on the beach. But after a week with businessman Edward Lewis, who hired her to be his escort, she ends up falling in love. Edward makes it quite clear that their relationship extends beyond business when he conquers his fear of heights to kiss Vivian on her fire escape. The movie - a rare combination of romance and suspense - was an unexpected hit that won multiple Academy Awards. The scene that everyone remembers most is Sam and Molly's supernatural kiss, made possible with the help of Oda. But despite her animosity towards him, Kathleen can't deny their connection, and after admitting to Joe that she hoped her Internet friend would be him, a romantic kiss ensues. But when Jack writes Ennis four years later, they reunite, and the passionate, up-against-the wall kiss they share shows that their love for each other is still very much alive. The competitive spark that came between them as kids turns into sexual tension as they grow older, and the kiss they share while playing strip basketball is a steamy one that cements the start of a tumultuous romance. Carol finds the love and passion that's missing from her current marriage in the affair she starts with Therese, a younger sales associate whom she meets in a department store. Carol's husband does everything he can to try to stop the two from being together, which is why when Carol and Therese kiss for the first time, it's that much more passionate.


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We spend more on criminal justice and have more crime. How can that be? We’re richer and have more poverty. In his book, “Greed and Good,” Pizzigati focuses on the extreme increase in inequality that the United States has seen over the past generation. We are now the most unequal wealthy nation on earth, and have reversed the relationship we had to Europe when the founders of this country rejected aristocracy. Today Europeans come to the United States to marvel at the excesses of wealth beside shameful poverty. Perhaps it’s time for a right to some minimal level of equality. Pizzigati argues that you cannot do one without the other, because the super-wealthy will always have the political power to avoid contributing to bringing the bottom up. The middle class won’t want to do this, and instead will support policies that benefit the super-wealthy. Get rid of vast concentrations of wealth, and all sorts of things happen, including lower murder rates, lower blood pressure, and lower housing prices. Research suggests that when people see their situations improving over time, and when they see their situations as acceptable by the standard of those around them, they tend to be happy. Explanations for this fact vary from consideration of the levels of stress caused by economic insecurity to the focusing of health care on plastic surgery and other luxuries at the expense of treatment of actual illnesses. Research also shows that a country’s murder rate varies with its inequality, not its overall wealth or its criminal justice spending. This system would ensure a living wage and a maximum wage as well. If your household brought in less than the income of two full-time minimum wage workers, you would pay no income tax.


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If it’s anything close to the show Randyll could be a casualty. Although it’s only seven episodes, I get the impression filming will probably take as long as ten episodes did previously. They’ve delayed filming by a couple of months so the air date would also be a couple of months later than usual. Can’t wait to see stupid, vicious, narcissistic Cersei fall, permanently (though I will miss Lena Headey once she’s gone). Gorgo was so good, so honorable, so loving of her husband, King Leonidas. What perfect casting, I thought, another regal role for this lovely lady. It took me too long to realize Cersei is the flip side of Gorgo, regal but wretchedly proud and hateful. I’m not rooting for Cersei, exactly, but it’s always interesting to see what’s in store for her. Hers has to be a spectacular end, with a great build up, at least as satisfying as seeing Ramsay go to hell. Just don’t come in with the expectation of always being a dissenter just for the sake of dissension. You block out a lot of good stuff when you do that. Promise that if you see something good, you will be positive about it. The narrow gorge approach to the Aerie was filmed at the Thingvellir National Park near Reykjavik. So it’s possible they may not be filming north of the Wall scenes. Theon: And the truth about the farm boys I killed in their place.

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PARTICIPANTS: ' ry'gzengrho. I call now to the unsleeping one, the black herald, Nyarlathotep, who as- sureth the bond between the living and the dead. O dark one, who rideth the winds of the Abyss and cryeth the night gaunts between the living and the dead, send to us the Old One of the World of Horrors, whose word we honor unto the end of the deathless sleep. Hail, Nyarlathotep. PARTICIPANTS: I'a N'yra-l'yht-Otp. Hail, Nyarlathotep. CELEBRANT: I'as urenz-khrgn naaghs z'h hlye fer-zn cyn. I'as aem'nh ci-cyzb vyni-weth w'ragn jnusf whrengo jnusf'wi klo zyah zsybh kyn-tal-o huz-u kyno. Hail to thee, blade prince from the grotto whose charge we bear. Hail to thee and to thy fathers, within whose fane thou laughs and screams in terror and in merriment, in fear and in ecstasy, in loneliness and in anger, upon the whim of thy will. I'a zhem'nfni n'quz n'fha'n-gn ki- qua hu-ehn zyb'nos. Hail, Shub-Niggurath, father of the World of Horrors. Hail, ram of the Sun and deathless one, who sleepest not while we honor thy name and thy bond. I am that I am. Through the angles I speak with the hornless ones, and I pledge anew the bond of the Daemons, through whose will this world is come to be.

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Leaves and is run over by a truck, His remains cannot be repatriated as he was not part of the military at this point. The autopsy indicates her was dead long before the truck incident suggesting he was beaten to death. His mother launched a facebook page which was taken down then put back up. End note regarding censorship laws etc curtailing social media use. It is hard to tell what is truth and what is embellishment. There is a profound arrogance to those in the industry and a belief they are above the events they cover. Often the language of speaking down to people is employed as shown with Anna’s pitying the soldiers. Once I attended, in Chepstow, a talk by the BBC’s former political head Nick Robinson and who afterwards insulted the audience, via twitter, mocking how very few of the, mostly OAP aged, audience used Twitter as so few hands were raised when he asked who was on twitter. He is incredibly smug and even recently in a different role he comes across as such. Considering how much lying and manipulation we have had here in Britain during the past decade even the best of them is viewed in a jaded manner nowadays even without similar acts of self aggrandisement and disrespect to those who would give the time to listen to them. Though they are, at least here, hailed as champions of free speech if you look at some of the things they publish it does come across as them seeking to cause controversy not take the unpopular step of presenting hard truths people refuse to admit to themselves about the world around them. Journalists have a fetish for martyrdom to order to create a legacy for themselves. If a person kept walking on a cliff edge and suddenly a gust of wind pushed them off would we speak of them as a brave person or as a fool. There is a fine line between intellectual courage, to expose the obscured truth, and being foolhardy in opening Pandora’s box. I believe the military events happened but at the same time believe this sort of thing happens in military organisations around the world including, most notably, Guantanamo Bay and many events of the Iraq War.