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They can kick some serious ass, but their powers are limited to everything north of the Neck. For some reason, Martin claims they're based off the Norse Gods. Probably has to do with the way the Vikings made sacrifices to their gods, by hanging them in Ash trees, a symbol for the World Tree Yggdrasil. The Weirwood trees are sacred to the followers of the Old Gods in a similar way. So far the only one who is actually shown to get shit done asides from Death. Some people think that R'hllor is supposed to be a stand-in for Islam, but these people tend to be inbred white trash. GRRM said this faith is roughly based (read: poorly modeled after) upon Zoroastrianism and Gnosticism. His nemesis is The Great Other: the god of cold and darkness. Whether this is before or after he destroys the world is unknown. According to his cult of assassins, whom Arya joins, every other god is him in a different form and he requires his assassins to utterly forget their past identities in service to him. Has a heyday during the Battle of King's Landing and the Red Wedding.

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Giant snowballs have appeared on a beach in northern Russia. The balls can be seen over 18 kilometres along the coastline of the Gulf of Ob. The snowballs are a variety of sizes - from the dimension of a tennis ball to that of a beach ball. They are thought to have been formed when fragments of ice in the near-frozen sea continuously rolled around near the shore, slowly collecting more ice and growing in size. The tides, working with the other currents in the sea, caused the balls to be deposited on the shore where they froze and were coated by more ice and snow. If you split the snowballs open, they would consist of concentric bands of sand and slush. Similar balls of ice have previously been seen in the Great Lakes of the US. A little further offshore, the lumps of ice were flattened discs, rather than round balls. This is believed to be due to the calmer conditions of the sea away from the shore. These Giant Snowballs Just Appeared on Russia’s Coastline article. n.

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Karena sangat ambisius terhadap Youtube. Tujuan lain mereka mengunjungi hutan itu juga untuk menarik perhatian pengunjung video di channel Youtube mereka. Dengan konten seperti itu, mereka berharap penonton Youtube menjadi meningkat. Dan menjadi orang yang terkenal. Ketika masuk ke dalam hutan, berbagai kejadian mistis mulai datang dan menghantui mereka. Banyak mayat yang bergeletakan terserak berai di atas bamboo. Jenazah-jenazah itu dipercaya merupakan arwah gentayang yang tidak diterima oleh tanah. Keadaan semakin menyeramkan, saat Jessy mengalami musibah. Karena ketakutan, mereka memutuskan untuk pergi dan meninggalkan Jessy sendirian. Sampai akhirnya mereka berhasil kabur dari hutan. Terdapat kekuatan mistis yang berusaha mengikuti mereka.

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The buffalo are raised on two ranches, which are located on the prairie in the shadow of the Black Hills of South Dakota. They are never subjected to antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids or confinement. In addition to that, we harvest the animals humanely in the field under state inspection. Our product is frozen and shipped directly all over the country, via UPS or Fed-Ex. It is available by calling us directly or through our website. Jordan is about to launch a new company called “Beyond Organic” providing the world's healthiest grass-fed beef, raw cheese, an African inspired 100% GreenFed cultured dairy beverage, living spring water with unsurpassed purity, botanically infused spring waters supporting energy, diet, fitness and beauty, probiotic infused omega-3 certified organic dark chocolate, probiotic infused flax seed oil and the first probiotic infused spring water to support digestive and immune system function. Products are offered online year round, and they will be shipped directly to you (anywhere in the US). We use no antibiotics, steroids, or growth hormones. We offer free delivery in the Middle Tennessee area and we also ship to other areas. We believe in, and practice, sustainable farming practices. They also produce raw, grassfed milk (goat and cow) and other dairy products.

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In Sky Trackers, Pamela Sue Martin starred in a high-tech espionage drama about the international figures who collect in Australia for the reentry of an outmoded satellite containing a mysterious experiment. Charles and Diana: Unhappily Ever After is cued by its title and unraveled as expected, with Roger Rees and Catherine Oxenberg in the title roles. The Tommyknockers, about the residents of a small town digging up the backwoods at night and building odd gizmos by day, was an ABC event presold by the Stephen King name, gathering together Jimmy Smits, Marg Helgenberger, Joanna Cassidy, E. G. Marshall, Traci Lords, et al. In Betrayed by Love, Steven Weber is among the legion of lawmen in TV noir-land who fall in lust with beautiful but very flawed suspects, this time Patricia Arquette as a drug addict. Mare Winningham, Perry Lang, and Jim Haynie are also involved in this well-paced thriller. In noir-land, Power directed Cynthia Gibb as the spouse of a serial killer in Fatal Vows, and Lisa Hartman raising Someone Else’s Child. Recluse Henry Winkler finds a kidnap victim in the woods and returns the kid in A Child Is Missing. A New Zealand firefighter is portrayed in Heart of Fire, and silver-spoon Alyssa Milano joins an all-male expedition in the 1899 Klondike in Goldrush! A Real Life Alaskan Adventure.

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Exposing the criminal underbelly of the south that most people wouldn’t have guessed, Justified makes the wise and honest decision to present them not as southern-drawled inbreds (okay, sometimes they do), but as intelligent, cunning, well-read criminals who could stand their own against Tony Soprano or Walter White. That the final episode of the final season was able to end at the height of the series’ run was a testament to how well rendered Justified remained throughout, never faltering with a weak season. Never before has a series ended with one line of dialogue that managed to effectively summarize an entire conflict between good vs. Drawing heavily from the psychologic profile of Sherlock Holmes, the show follows brilliant-but-troubled diagnostician Gregory House (played to poignant perfection by Hugh Laurie) as he tries to balance his mastery of the medical arts with his inability to conquer personal and interpersonal demons. At a time when Americans are looking for enemies in every neighbor, this series couldn’t have been more welcome. Elizabeth and Phillip Jennings put a face to every Reagan-era threat: their marriage, their family, their entire existence, are all based on lies. An uncomfortable truth is that makes Elizabeth and Phillip as authentically American as the FBI agent hunting them next door. Sure, the stakes aren’t as high as life or death in the Cold War, but the deception is still recognizable. Paige’s discovery that her parents are spies is just as devastating as any other fall from grace kids witness their parents make. And unlike other programs, The Americans is never afraid to let scenes breathe while ratcheting up the tension. Bond-level spy games are the selling point for advertisers, but that’s not the real draw to the show.