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26 at the Detroit Zoo. Registration for the 1. mile walk starts at 7: 30 a. . the day of the event. There is no fee to participate, but walkers are encouraged to fundraise and bring attention to the cause. Similar walks are held in roughly 600 communities around the country. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive, irreversible neurological disorder. Symptoms include gradual memory loss and disorientation. The chapter says more than five million people in the United States suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.


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Arya later encounters Brienne of Tarth who offers her the choice to travel with her as she will bring her home. She grabs the chance to escape both Brienne and The Hound as they are fighting each other. She wants to fulfill her quest on her own, as she always intended to do. Arya has fully redeemed the Hound, he’s no longer part of her prayer. We later learn that the Hound is still alive, due to Arya’s choice not to kill him. Arya travels to a nearby port and speaks to the captain of the ship. She first wants to travel to her half-brother, Jon Snow. She chooses to leave her old identity, Arya Stark, behind and sails toward a new destination, Braavos. The Faceless Man doesn’t let her inside the House of Black and White, which frustrates Arya. Arya drops her coin in the water and decides to give up on her quest already.


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I was lucky to spend it catching up with my friend Emily, whom I first met at uni in England when she came to do a year abroad. We hadn't met in 3 years and I didn't realise Portland was so close to where she lives, so I never messaged her about my trip. Luckily, she responded to a story of mine and we got to hang out on this beautiful day. And, of course, I couldn't miss the chance to take this photo now, could I. Emily was most obliging, even though, as usual when it comes to photos like this, I feel like a bit of an uncomfortable fool since I'm not a big fan of getting my photo taken in the first place. My reading focus for April is to find books that can become favourites, even if I don't read as many. Currently, I am reading Lavinia by Ursula Le Guin and enjoying it very much, though the start is a bit slow. This conference very much cemented the wish I already had. Have any of you seen the documentary on her life yet. Let's hope I fare better than Mansfield Park last month!