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Episod kali ni agak banyak benda yang aku nak komplain, I mean komen sebab tu aku tak sabar nak tulis semua ni sebelum api semarak nak membebel mula hilang dan basi. Rupanya hanya Thoros sahaja yang mati macam mendeee. Empat! But instead yang banyak mati ialah pelakan extra yang tetiba muncul entah dari mana. Aku macam wuuut! Hari tu yang keluar dari Eastwatch ada 7 orang saja. Confuse kejap. Masa scene lawan-lawan tu aku macam ni sapa. GoT is becoming not GoT dengan simpan watak-watak kesayangan peminat. Let me tell you, I love Catelyn Stark tapi masa Red Wedding diorang bunuh dia tanpa belas kasihan it was unpredictable. Even masa Ned Stark mati pun kita tak sangka sebab ingat mungkin ada orang akan selamatkan dia. Sebab dalam GoT there is no such thing as kalau ko baik ko akan selamat. Spoil gila kan?

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Cassandra and Emma meet up with Jens and Tobias at the beach. When the gymnastics team for a major competition is announced, Cassandra is. She avoids that evening’s celebration dinner but sneaks into. Cassandra’s bedroom during the night to watch her sleep. At the stables, Emma and Cassandra argue; goaded, Emma kneecaps her rival. This offer applies to all cds, dvds and books instore and is only available on production of a valid reeceipt dated no more than four weeks from the time of your original purchase. Individual titles which appear elsewhere in the store, outside of this campaign, may be priced differently. When Robyn discovers the bag of money on the roof-rack, she presumes that. Marek’s gang intercept Robyn and her sons; Robyn tells them that Nate has the. Nate tries to bargain for the release of his family but can’t find the money, which he. Exploiting tensions among the thieves, Nate escapes. Marek and his gang lay siege to the shack but are repelled. Nate wins a final bloody fight with Marek, regaining the.

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John Hemphill Here's to hoping that Euron kills Yara and Theon and teams up with Dany, to end her later. Robin Murray Agree NoOne serves up a big slice of Frey pie Cersei makes fire her champion. Ned cuts out his sister's baby(ies? at ToJ explaining bloody hand and bed of blood. TheShamefulNarcissist So happy I finally got to watch this. I had to hold off because I wanted to write a prediction post, but I didn't want to muddle my head with any better thoughts. If Euron has a dragon binding horn do you think that would be a cheap tactic of the show because there really haven't been prior hints. Tyler McCail It's tough to say how much of a problem Euron will create for Danny. There are still 13 episodes after the season 6 finale. 2 or 3 episodes of season 7 could focus on Danny vs Euron, before she finally makes it to Westeros by the middle of season 7. Hopefully, Euron can gain control of one dragon, and escape with a few ships, thus creating a wild card threat that will strike at some point. Jay It's a safe assumption that Varys' secret mission was to Dorne. We haven't seen the Sands since the first episode, so they are bound to show up tonight.

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Ava is a heavenly mechanical body of sinewy circuitry topped with a lovely face, reminiscent of a Chris Cunningham creation. Her creator is an alcoholic genius and head of a Google-like search engine called Bluebook which has made him impossibly rich. Enter Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson), who is helicoptered in after winning a lottery at work for which the prize is a week at Nathan’s house. Nathan also intends to use Caleb to conduct something of a Turing test on steroids with Ava to determine if she can truly exhibit human behavior. In fact, Ex Machina seems designed around the performances of its excellent mini-ensemble; it’s an awfully attractive film, appropriately seductive. No doubt it was intended to provoke conversations about the morality inherent in “creating” intelligence—as well as whether it’s cool to have sex with robots or not. —Jonah Flicker. It’s as if Schwarzenegger is playing entropy itself—entropy seemingly a theme of The Terminator series, given the time-hopping do-overs, reboots and retreads since. You can destroy a terminator, but the future (apparently driven by box office receipts) refuses to be changed. — Jim Vorel. But what makes it so brilliant, 18 years later and with two Netflix seasons in the can, is that it’s so painfully, relentlessly nihilistic. We could trade quotable lines for days (my personal favorites being what Jon Benjamin’s can of vegetables admits he’s acrobatically capable of, and then Paul Rudd bluntly refusing to make out with Elizabeth Banks ’s character due to her burger flavor), but the key to the movie’s endurance—past its timelessness grounded in a specific brand of ’80s sex romp flick—is the way in which it treats nostalgia. Like Wain, Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black’s Stella series, Wet Hot American Summer, which takes place over the course of Camp Firewood’s last day, exists in a bleakly amoral world.

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Three of his shorts were screened in the Broke in Seoul Video Festival, and in July 2004, he participated in the 8th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival with his short film Three Persons. One day he meets Jung-sik, his former classmate in high school, and Jung-sik asks him to sing a song at his wedding. Meanwhile, Seung-ha can t accept the warm affection of Nan-ju. One night, Seung-ha and Nan-ju spend time together in the moonlight. The next day, Seung-ha is reminded of Nan-ju s words, and finds something in his memory to understand his own sorrow. Film Festivals 5th Jeonju International Film Festival 2004 Seoul Christianity-Film Festival KWON Yong-sook Born in April 1979, KWON Yong-sook studies at the Korean National University of Arts, Dept. Sometimes it is only with reluctance that beloved people can be loved. Her family is stirred up by her brother s facing a divorce. The more that divorce settlements and custody of the nephew consume the family, the cheaper her brother and mother become, only to be met by her father s helpless apathy. Discouraged and emotionally drained, she seeks her boyfriend, who makes her only more anxious as he still can t forget his past lover, causing only more suspicion. But she still remains who she is: a member of her family, and a lover to her boyfriend. Short Films: Fiction Film Festivals 23rd Vancouver International Film Festival, Dragons and Tigers Series 5th Jeonju International Film Festival, Korean Shorts PARK Chan-ok Born in 1968 in Gu-rye. Producer KIM Jong-guk Producer KIM Jong-guk Screenplay KIM Jong-guk Cinematography KIM Jong-guk Editing KIM Jong-guk Lighting KIM Hong-min Recording LEE Do-hyun Synopsis I m running.


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