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Guided by Chris, David explores a lost aboriginal temple buried far below the city streets, where he nds wall paintings depicting a gigantic wave that has been prophesied to destroy the white mans civilization. He ponders whether his vision of the drowned city will come true. Weirs end-of-the-world parable generates considerable unease in the viewer, and seems to anticipate current anxieties over global climate change. Burtons personal journey into the world of aboriginal shamanism is equally disquieting, and as in Roegs Dont Look Now, a mood of prescient gloom and watery dissolution pervades the lm. Weirs pacing is stately and dignied, and his treatment of aboriginal culture is respectful and is not played for horror. The lm is dominated by the performances of David Gulpilil, who starred in Nicolas Roegs acclaimed Walkabout (1971), and Nandjiwarra Amagula, an actual tribal elder who lends the lm a wonderful verisimilitude. These native actors provide a striking contrast to Chamberlains bland, whitebread screen presence. Russell Boyds gorgeous cinematography and Charles Wains musical score, which combines native didgeridoo sounds with electronic synthesizer tones, contribute greatly to the lms unnerving mood. Like Peter Ibbetson and In Dreams, The Last Wave deals with the phenomenon of dream telepathy. Davids nocturnal wanderings allow him to make aboriginal connections with native prophecy in the dreamtime. He is also prescient in his waking life, where he has even more intense visions of the watery 90 Cinema of the Psychic Realm Producer Jon Peters, left, confers with star Faye Dunaway on location in this production still from The Eyes of Laura Mars (1978). With its apocalyptic visions, signs and portents in the skies and Fortean rains of hail and frogs, the lm conjures a mood of spiritual uneasiness and possesses a disquieting undertow composed of racial guilt and fears about future survival. The screenplay by Tony Morphett and Petru Popescu was reportedly Five The Dark Side of ESP 91 based on a real-life premonition experience of Weirs in which he had a strong feeling he would nd something valuable and then unexpectedly located a buried piece of statuary in a eld.

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I was like, “You guys have no idea how perfect this is for me. I actually have a weird ventriloquist doll at my house. Of course, the doll looks like me, so I was in heaven. You guys got in my weird brain. So, I get to see it tomorrow (on March 27, 2019) for the first time. I’ve only seen my stuff, but I get to see the full film tomorrow. She’s from the 1950s, and she’s been stuck in the curio cabinet of an antique store, seeing kids coming in and out, every once in awhile with their parents, just wanting to love, and be loved. She’s a bad guy, but you completely understand where she’s coming from. So, when she meets Woody, she’s like, “Oh, my gosh. He’s got a voice box and it works. That’s who Gabby Gabby is. The idea is that she’s this naughty, weird, creepy baby doll, but then, you go, “Oh, my gosh, she just wants to fulfill her toy dream. .