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Im always there on a different Hhhehhehe on a name always. I can't wait for character from USA who is overweight black, umm i mean woman of colour. Kappa. That said, he wouldn't be where he is now without pro league. It's not like a person is entertaining just because they've got titz. They are obviously so retarded that they instantly get banned so they have resorted to just meming. Mostly because he doesn't spew endless memes OverRustle. We're looking at a dollar bill in a Richard Lewis suit. I am watching it in the background so I feel like I missed any edits PEPE. I ignored that cuck for posting a bad link and lying to me about it. You never need to post images that are bigger than like 8kx8k. I honestly cannot tell if you were ironic or just don't know about braking xD. The problem it is ok to ban covering face, the issue is usually people start protesting on the rest. And I only saw that it got removed for some comment not a youtube channel. So everyone is mad. Usually no one can strike EXCEPT the sectors that have a monopoly. But she's gotta be pretty close to it and neither your nor the chicks I posted are that LUL. What does a man need to do to get some italics in chat? Yeah, it's called Ancients, I can help you with that. You on?

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Add to the fact that it is well noted in the books and the show that Walder never, ever commits troops to anything while there is fighting going on. He always sits it out and waits to see who he should side with. I sincerely doubt there will be any Frey’s in the North. And in the books Selyse is clearly fond of Shireen. My bet is that Mel burns her with the aid of some wildlings (after all they see her as accursed and better off dead anyway). Patchface has a role to play in all of this too I’d say- otherwise what’s the point of including him at all. Patchface is another one of those pointless characters that the fans turned into some big mistery, with ”well tought” theories. I’m not in denial like other people, and I fully expect Martin told them exactly what happens. I loved Stannis’s end on the show, so for me it doesn’t really matter what happens in the books. The Boltons would have already beaten Stannis quite badly, he acceps to burn her. It could hapen this way, it could happen a very diferent way. I frankly do not care, as I won’t be reading any of these books until at least 2018. There is actually another theory with the same premise as this one, where the chosen one is already dead. It is a theory about Rheager actually being Azor Ahai, and that Jon is Lightbringer. The most awesome, the most boring or predictable they become. Personally, it kinda ruins the “realism” and Martin’s plot twists, I think. We will then see them rebuilding the Night Fort before fading luxuriously down the Wall into the Haunted Forest where we will see a White Walker in fancy robes closed eyes concentrating, it will be implied he is controlling the Wights and needs to be in relative close quarters to do so. He will have two primitive looking White Walkers accompanying him on chains. Similar to the White Walkers we saw in season one. Another reveals that Brienne did NOT kill Stannis but instead they forged an alliance and are now leading what’s left of Stannis’ army, Pod, Sansa and Reek in tow.


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