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What makes some environments enlivening and others deadening. Reflexively, we ask: To what extent can we instantiate labs or ateliers for the creation of apparatuses for ethico-aesthetic improvisation. This essay describes institutional, socio-technical, political, economic issues around running such an atelier-laboratory as an alternative social economy complementary to post-industrial, “knowledge-based” economies. This includes, by reflexivity, moving from working with fixed (i. . transcendentalized) concepts, to putting concepts in play. Staying close to the material, and collective-environmental implies making “thick” experiments in the “wild. . Situated in the academy, the atelier-lab benefits and strengthens the considerable institutional infrastructure including labs, technicians, as well as the flow of students, artists, researchers from many strata and disciplines. It is not a studio warehousing gear and technicians. It is a lab, building apparatuses impelled by certain streams of inquiry. But it is not an engineering research lab, even though it accesses the technical expertise necessary to invent solutions to any required technical and mathematical depth. Its engineering results are published in the relevant professional contexts. Streams of inquiry 5 Like other interdisciplinary “labs” the atelier-lab is a transversal machine for the production of knowledge. However, it differs from many in two respects: (1) it meets disciplines not in a point, but thickly; (2) it provides a place for its affiliates to re- orient their approach to their production of art and knowledge. Its methods generally sidestep models or representations because it is concerned with non-cognitivist experience (Descombes, 2001) and unbifurcated ontology (Whitehead, 1978). Its philosophy of technology draws on continuum; it processes intuitions rather than algebraic schema and discrete states. The atelier-lab hosts apprentices and expert practitioners to realize experiments requiring collective effort, drawing from the practices of the art studio, the engineering laboratory, or the pre-industrial atelier.

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Because we know they don’t travel that fast in the books. We also know there is no way for them to truly express that on a TV show. Its into its 6th season and the complaining about that is stupid because they can’t help that. It doesn’t matter how fast someone end up somewhere except that they are meant to be there. Yes when they change plot lines and send Jaime to Dorne or have Sansa marry Ramsey, those are legit complaints. The fact that matters, is he died as he was supposed to for the plot to move along. It will not go down well if Dany invades Westeros by using Dorthraki and Dragons. It makes for a more interesting story when we really know and empathize with the two different sides in the battle. I guess Jon just wanted one day without responsibilities or a small holiday. Seems more like he was just in a coma and then he was brought back to life. The way Tormund was checking out Brienne, was one of the funniest scenes on the show, ever. And now Dany can finally return to Mereen with an army. The Jon and Sansa reunion was as emotional as I expected it would be. The fact that it’s now Sansa, the self-absorbed little girl, telling Jon, the fearless warrior, that they have to fight to take back their home is profoundly satisfying for both of their characters, but especially for Sansa. Her actions in this episode really drive home that the cruelties she suffered last season steeled her for what is transpiring now. Edd reminding Jon of what they saw at Hardhome, Tormund checking out Brienne like you know he would, Melisandre making clear that her loyalties are to Jon, and the elephant in the room being addressed: Brienne confessing to Davos and Mel that hey, I was the one who killed Stannis. Great moments from Tyrion, Missandei, and Grey Worm, but surprisingly not a peep from Varys. It may well be that war between the slavers and the freedmen is unavoidable, but it always is worth trying to find a peaceful way to solve problems than to rush into war.

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Alhamdulillah, telah dilaksanakan program eco camp di SDN Bedono 2 semoga ilmu yang di dapat, dapat diaplikasikan dalam kehidupan sehari hari untuk menjaga ekosistem bumi pertiwi. Lokasi lahir boleh dimana saja, tapi lokasi mimpi harus tetep di langit. Material: DKN 101, 102, 106, 146, 169,163,192,213,214,175, UV GEL, Shiny NW. Knapp 1,5 Jahre Nachhaltigkeitsforschung - schon wars. Bound to the witch Nightsinger ever since she saved her from the bandits who murdered her family, Zera longs for freedom from the woods they hide in. With her heart in a jar under Nightsinger’s control, she serves the witch unquestioningly. She’s inelegant, smart-mouthed, carefree, and out for his blood. The Prince’s honor has him quickly aiming for her throat. But after almost 200 pages of this one-I did give it the good college try-I couldn’t waste any of my time to it. They are heavily trope-y, and while I do have my fair share of tropes that I love the tropes often used in high fantasy aren’t my cup of tea-I mean, how many long lost princess stories can one have. The idea of a heartless MC has intrigued me since Once Upon a Time did Cora’s backstory. But it was a great premises, and I looked forward to seeing how something similarly would be handled in book form. And mentally she’s suppose to be 19, so I really can’t blame her behavior totally on youth. I mean, I’ve read 13 year-old protagonist with more maturity and grace than her. But I didn’t really get the sort of angst I was expecting. I was thinking I would get more gritty actual angst, than YA I’m a surly teenager angst. I mean, come on, girl has her heart ripped out, is essentially some witch’s slave, AND her entire family was killed she should have issues more than the fact she can’t wear her so called slutty dresses. It’s not that it can’t be done right, it’s just that it usually isn’t.

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Oz (in 2012): It apos. Some doctors argue that there is not enough data on the pill apos. This is the complete episode listing for the informational television show The Dr. Oz Show. The titles of each episode segment (Segments A,B,C,D) shown below are consistent with the opening credits of each episode This week, Dr. Oz had Dr. Mercola on his show again. They did a whole little segment on Earthing, so I thought I d share it with you. By the end, Dr. Oz seems to agree that there s probably something to the theory behind grounding ourselves. Fitte Frauen sollten dieses Wort aus ihrem Ged chtnis streichen. Vor einiger Zeit habe ich Inselurlaub gemacht. Massagen sollen zudem gut im Kamf gegen Cellulite sein. Wenn du wirklich schnell abnehmen willst, vergiss Hungerkuren. Es hat mit Sch nheitsidealen, Selbstwahrnehmung, Lifestyle zu tun. Je nach pers nlicher Konstitution betrifft sie im Laufe eines Lebens rund 80 bis 90 Prozent aller Frauen. Nach einem Workout muss sich dein K rper regenerieren. Vermerken Sie am besten auch, warum Sie gegessen haben.

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This interface do just wonders when it comes to smooth playbacks. This player app features all the projection types like dome, cube, and more that are required to play the VR videos. Fish Eye is the best feature of this player which lets the users to split the videos in such a way that there is no strain on your eyes. Only you need to ensure that it is adjusted properly between the pupilary lenses and the VR headset. As the name depicts, the 3D VR video player is also free to download. The wide range of play options lets the users enjoy the VR videos to great level. Though all its features are good, but the one that is most appreciated by the users is head tracking system. This great technology lets the player track your head’s drift movements. Thus, the users can easily watch the VR videos without any need of Gyro sensor. Let us tell you some wonderful features of this amazing app. Whether it is the 2D, 360 Side-by-Side or 360 Top Bottom, Homido provides best support to all. The outstanding feature of this player is the inbuilt web browser which lets the user to browse the internet and play the video of their own choice. However, as the inputs to Homido are given through had tracking the users are required to have gyro sensor in their Android phone. So, it depends on your choice that which you want to install into your device. However, in the case you find some shortcomings in the one, you can try another as all of them are free. Plum Benefits is a unique benefit offered exclusively to companies and their employees. Become an employer of choice and join the over 50,000 corporations who make Plum Benefits their Entertainment Benefits Provider. All Disney logos, photographs, brand names and images are registered trademarks and copyright of the Walt Disney Company.

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What he doesn’t tell people is that he is an avid reader of filming and leak spoilers. The smartest thing Sansa ever said was “Only a fool would trust Littlefinger. But she’s a fool too, and a hypocrite. Knowing all she knows, she still keeps that creepy, double-crossing, dangerous multiple murderer by her side in the sacred home she values so much. My routine is to stay away from various internet sites for 24hrs, have an early night, then wake up in the early hours, make a couple of sandwiches and a big mug of good coffee, stream the episode, watch it through in bed on my Samsung tablet (I don’t even have a TV set), no pauses, no rewinds. Then immediately rewatch it, maybe pausing, rewinding to catch some dialogue (I always turn subtitles off because they’re distracting) or some visual thing. By then, I’ll have had two mugs of coffee, it’s nearing 7am and it’s time to face workaday commitments. I’m so envious of people who can watch GoT live in the evening and have a glass or two of Dornish red or Arbour Gold! Damn. I’ve even left out the disgusting parts where he hits on the recently widowed Catelyn and makes believe he admired Ned as he presents her with his bones. People have asked when was the last time Arya laughed, well she certainly did during some parts of the play. nd we saw her face fall and her grief take over when they did Ned’s execution scene. Also, since shearing the Frey sheep, she’s been reclaiming herself in every scene she’s been in: empathising with the Lannister soldiers, wisely coming to terms with Nymeria’s independence, and recognising the kindness of Hot Pie. Frankly he does see her and in my eyes he has a look of curiosity. Knowing Little Finger he is playing all the moves in his head as he tells Sansa in the last episode that everyone is in an uproar over. We should not be so naive to think that he would have told Tywin just because. There have been jarring moments in the past 7 years. I’ve noticed some, but I don’t get too hung up about it.

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All I remember is that it was about a boy and his dog who have to enter a race to get money to help his sick mother. At the end, the boy’s dog’s heart gives out and the boy carries him across the finish line. Can anyone tell me the name of this movie please. The girl is an outsider and she feels she doesn’t belong anywhere. I rememeber a scene from the movie when the girl meets the dog. The girl has entered the building where the dogfights are held and she stands with her back against the door. The dog escapes and reaches the girl who is standing in front of the door. The dog looks in her eyes and the girl slowly moves and opens the door. I think the dog and the girl meets and become friends. All I can remember is that a dog is trying to get back home. That he meets an old woman (I think she owns a duck? . But I think this is the movie that Tyler was talking about. A friend just told me about it, but I can’t seem to find any information about it on the internet. I was wondering if anyone knew the title of this movie. This man is sitting at a big computer desk and he is downloading information onto a disk. He then puts the disk into a pocket on a backpack that the little dog is wearing. Then I think I can remember a lady coming in after the dog has gone and she pushes the man down the stairs and kills him.