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Neither prequel nor sequel, “Shadow Recruit” appears to exist outside of the Jack Ryan universe, altogether. It probably would have been easier to adapt the books in Clancy’s “Jack Ryan Jr. ” with Chris Pine at the helm, but that might have required paying steeper options fees or jumping through a different kind of hoop. The fourth Ryan, Pine, understood the dynamics of making such a midcourse correction. After all, he had already assumed the role of Kirk the Younger in the “Star Trek” movie franchise. He’s passed that test easy enough, but the jury remains out on Pine as Ryan. As in previous iterations, he is shot down and seriously injured in the crash of a marine helicopter. He uses the recuperation process to acquire the skills necessary to become a successful Wall Street trader and analyst. One of the things he discovers is a Kremlin-generated plot to crush the economies of the U. . economies, triggered under the cover of a terrorist attack by a domestic sleeper cell. To prevent such a scenario from playing out, Ryan travels to Moscow as a representative for his brokerage firm and a covert CIA operative. What happens next could have been borrowed from the “Mission:Impossible” playbook.

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eo, deixe a sua sugest? nos coment? ios. Seu mashup pode aparecer aqui no canal nas pr? imas semanas. Tags: Captain Marvel Trailer, Captain Marvel, Capit. Marvel, New Trailer, CAPITANA MARVEL Tr? ler, Avengers 4, Avengers, avengers infinity war, captain marvel, captain marvel trailer, capit. A CONCEPT trailer of what we may see in 2019's Captain Marvel. Please do share! ? Subscribe to Smasher for more trailers. It is the twenty-first movie installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as the ninth installment of Phase Three.


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A friend of mine turned off a 3D home viewing experience of Jean-Luc Godard’s latest, Goodbye to Language (Adieu au langage, 2014). Last year, I saw Goodbye to Language at the Melbourne International Film Festival. The experience did two things for me: 1) it gave me a literal headache, and 2) it showed me something I have never seen before and had no idea cinema was even capable of. Aside from its low key observations about life, love, humanity, park benches, dogs, time and, obviously, space, Godard constantly interrupts the idea of entertainment and passive viewing by showing the distance between 2D and 3D as extreme. It might be ugly but it makes its point with aplomb. Then, just when you think you have a handle on what he’s saying, he goes and does something truly amazing. But I’ll at least try to describe what it looks like. The image splits and does something both fascinating and difficult to watch: the left side of the image stays where it is while the right side of the image separates and appears to turn in on itself. Confused? I was. Essentially, your eyes are seeing different things within the same image, I think. Even if you hate Godard’s smug intellecturising (totes a word), the advancement of the medium is worth your time, imho. To some extent I suppose I want people to finish watching Godard’s films even when they’re frustrating because giving up seems too easy.