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Saudi Arabia's king is now condemning the violence. Saudi Arabia's pulled its ambassador from Damascus. Syrian government troops have launched maybe the bloodiest crackdown yet last week since those protests began in March, but this could actually be a game changer. ROMANS: OK. And the president of Yemen has now been released from a hospital in Saudi Arabia. Ali Abdullah Saleh suffered shrapnel wounds and severe burns during the assassination attempt. It's not clear when he might attempt to return to Yemen. Opposition forces are vowing to keep him from returning. I'm telling you right now, that looks like a completely -- VELSHI: Different -- ROMANS: -- different person than the man who was leading Yemen before that assassination attempt. ROMANS: It just shows you, I guess, the -- remember, that was an attack on the mosque inside the presidential palace. There were some member of his cabinet who were actually killed. VELSHI: Yes. ROMANS: He went to Saudi Arabia for treatment. There were those inside the country who were saying he would never come back, he vowed he would. VELSHI: He's back. ROMANS: There you go, pictures now.

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I’ll leave my full thoughts for the Recap, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed that, and am completely stoked for ToJ next week. In season 3 she spoke of his sons death, and he almost killed her. This was after convincing Stannis not to come to King’s Landing because he’d be winning the throne with “blood magic”. Then in season 5, he was wary of Shireen being sacrificed by her, so much that he asked Stannis if she could come back with him to Castle Black. Then when she comes back to Castle Black at the end of season 5, first thing he asks is “where is Shireen? . So now he’s going to trust her to use blood magic to revive some guy he barely knows because he thinks he might be a good leader. Afterall, it looked like she’d failed and it was after sunset. Perhaps it was both the Red God and The Great Other’s magic working on him. I know that many people do not feel that this is necessary, but just look at this episode. Many people imagined that warging would be important, even though the show never set that up. Many people imagined that the Old Gods would be important, even though the show never set that up. Instead, this episode saw the execution (figuratively and literally) of two big things that had been set up: R’hllor reviving someone and Ramsay offing Roose and his baby brother. This does not mean that everything that we can see the show setting up will come to pass: but the track record for conjectures that are not set up is pretty damn dismal. Three, Theon is trying to head home: that could be fired soon. Four, and this is huge, Tyrion is damned good with dragons: expect that to get some major firing sometime soon.

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November 20th, 2012 37:32 In 2009, a fertility clinic controversially offered parents the ability to customize their children. How will society take the idea of designing children. Do we have a moral obligation to design better people. So check out this in-depth look on the most widely-abused hard drug in the world. November 13th, 2012 25:57 Star Trek was famous for its holodeck, a completely immersive holographic environment that could be any space a user wanted. October 30th, 2012 25:31 Josh and Chuck have been planning this thing since spring and it's finally here. October 25th, 2012 32:49 Since the 1960s, the Pentagon has called for a suit that can make a soldier jump higher, run faster longer and generally be a badder dude. October 11th, 2012 52:58 Sure it's everywhere and there's a more-than-90-percent chance you eat it once a month. It takes up only 6 percent of Earth's land, yet houses 50% of the world's species. September 27th, 2012 46:43 As ubiquitous as they've become, it's easy to overlook the marvels of engineering that are subways. A: Yes September 25th, 2012 31:04 There's a secret war going on around us, and it's happening on a daily basis. The Air Force recently launched a new unit specifically designed to carry out and defend against cyberwar. September 20th, 2012 1:07:24 A well-crafted piece of music can bring us to incredible highs and crushing lows, sometimes within the same song. September 18th, 2012 30:58 There's a very good question that no one has yet satisfactorily answered: Where did life on Earth come from. After all, books are seeds that germinate new points of view. September 4th, 2012 32:34 Over the course of human existence, thousands of nuclear weapons have been exploded on Earth and in space.

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“Leave the poor animal alone, ” he said. The Canberra Times reports that in 2013 a fiberglass dinosaur was stolen from the museum in an apparent birthday prank. After a three-day hunt, the 10-foot-long model was recovered from a home in a Canberra suburb. LOCH NESS MONSTER REDUX? 'DINOSAUR-LIKE-CREATURE' REPORTEDLY SPOTTED IN NORTH CAROLINA LAKE Museums’ dinosaur displays have been in the news during the last few weeks. The Natural History Museum in London, for example, recently confirmed that it is changing a dinosaur display after a 10-year-old boy pointed out an error. Senator Percy Downe said he has received complaints from military members that injured lower ranked personnel are being passed over for federal positions in favour of officers who have been medically released from the Canadian Forces. Since 2005, those medically released from the Canadian Forces have been eligible for priority employment appointments in the federal public service. Downe said he has tried to get to the bottom of the issue but has been stymied because the Public Service Commission, the organization monitoring federal hiring, doesn’ t keep the needed information. In December, Downe raised concerns the federal government was not hiring enough injured military personnel. Just over 25 per cent of veterans who were given priority hiring status in the public service because they were released by the military for medical reasons couldn’ t find jobs, according to government statistics. Five hundred and eighty-five individuals released from the Canadian Forces for medical reasons between 2005 and early 2016 were unsuccessful in finding work with federal departments within the required time, and as a result lost the priority status they had for hiring. “Most departments have a dismal record of hiring veterans, ” Downe added. The bulk of the hiring has been by the Department of National Defence. Most of those released for medical reasons are corporals or privates. Most departments have a dismal record of hiring veterans PSC president Patrick Borbey recently wrote Downe to acknowledge that the organization does not track the ranks of medically released military personnel who have a priority entitlement for jobs.

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George the Dog George is looking for a lady, so he has come to the Speed Dating Agency for help. CamGirl A student in her twenties duels with her alter ego as a “cam model”, where men pay to watch her have sex. Ouija Sex When a heart-broken man tries to contact his deceased girlfriend, he discovers she wants more than just a chat. Parting Gifts Two exes agree to meet up and exchange belongings, only for old passions and argument to resurface - all hinging around one last item neither are happy to let go. The Letters Impatient adoptive parents send secret letters to the teenage orphan Zolika, before meeting him in person. While the parents prepare for his arrival outside, Zolika has to find the ultimate solution to make sure his beloved Dori gets free from the orphanage. Tom Sophie and Henry are trying to locate their grown up son Tom, having lost contact with him for the umpteenth time during his struggles with drug addiction. Sophie will do anything to find her son but Henry knows it’s time to take a step back. Plymouth Arts Cinema is a trading name of Plymouth Arts Centre. Registered Charity No 800664, supported by Plymouth City Council. Watch Ouija Seance: The Final Game and you’ll likely see them all. They’re headed to a friend’s place for a weekend-long party. Before they are able to leave, Sarah receives a call letting her know that she needs to go to the creepy, old house her grandmother left her. She is selling the house and has to leave some paperwork there. Barb’s jerky, French boyfriend, Guillaume and another guy named Rico, who is an ex of Sarah’s join the girls on this trip. None of the group are Italian but seem to be going to college there.

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Of course, few people truly expect, or desire, a war among highly industrialized countries. But in a world as unpredictable as ours military forces have an important deterrence role. Advanced jet fighters are a significant way to earn the respect of one’s opponents, and to push nations to negotiate before any shorts are fired. One can assume that the window to develop and field fifth-generation jet fighters before they become surpassed by newer developments may not last for much longer. And over by the gates you can have your picture taken in a mock-up of an old VW bus like the hippies used to drive, also decorated psychedelically. When you get into the city proper, passing several psychedelic billboards, you’ ll find it jumping with events celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love. Having come to an end half a century ago, the Summer of Love is one of those events San Francisco has never quite got over, like the gold rush and those two earthquakes. The summer of 1967 is considered by people who like to consider such things to be the high-water mark of the hippies, the climax of the counterculture, the Camelot moment when all that was lovely and innocent about the sixties blossomed fleetingly from the potential to the actual. The locus of the Summer of Love was the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. This summer old VW buses — real ones, each of them an antique, and also painted psychedelically — are cruising its streets, carrying tourists past the historic sites while an eccentrically dressed guide explains what they’ re looking at. An exhibit called “On the Road to the Summer of Love” is at the California Historical Society downtown, which is only a stone’s throw away from the San Francisco Central Library, where, in addition to its four Summer of Love exhibits, seminars are being held with titles like “Hippie Food” and “Jefferson Airplane: A Deep Dive. From there you can walk to City Hall for an exhibition of photos of Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix. Back in the Haight district, the branch library is offering tie-dye classes and a 1967 fashion show. Over the hill, in the Castro district, the GLBT History Museum celebrates with “Lavender Tinted Glasses, ” an exhibit “highlighting the roles of four queers in the making of the Summer of Love. You probably missed the big Summer of Love concert and light show in the park, but there’s talk of another one coming up. There was also some SOL stuff across the bay in Berkeley, but that was just bandwagoning.