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S. . Miskowski’s I Wish I Was Like You is a posthumous narrative whose first-person narrator’s acerbic voice is a blistering joy. A slender book, it’s an icepick pressed slowly but irresistibly through the heart. Victor LaValle’s The Changeling combines a portrait of a marriage gone horribly wrong in the wake of the couple’s first child, with elements of Scandinavian folklore. It’s a fairy tale of New York that is terrifying and exhilarating. Steve Rasnic Tem’s UBO is unlike any of the other novels in this group, a nightmarish fantasy in which the protagonist is abducted from his bed by monstrous insects and brought to a world where he is forced to inhabit the consciousnesses of history’s great villains. Emil Ferris’s My Favorite Thing Is Monsters is a breathtaking blend of word and image, a mystery in which vividly rendered horror tropes realize the perspective of the narrator, a young girl whose attempts to solve a possible crime lead her to the darker avenues of the human experience. Stephen Graham Jones’s Mapping the Interior is another of his high-wire performances, a story of a particularly visceral haunting whose few characters and restricted setting suggest a minimalist drama, and which packs all the punch of a book five times its length. Of these, Mariana Enriquez’s Things We Lost in the Fire was about the strongest, a brilliant blend of tropes taken from the horror tradition with the recent history of Buenos Aires and Argentina. Once again, though, Enriquez’s book has a good deal of competition. In some ways, 2017 might be S.

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Bukan seperti yang diisukan seperti Licorice, Lumpia atau Lontong Sayur, tapi yang tepat adalah Lollipop. Android Lollipop ini sendiri saat ini baru tersedia pada 3 perangkat saja yaitu Nexus 6, Nexus 9 dan Nexus Player. Ketiga produk ini sendiri juga sejatinya diluncurkan bersamaan dengan sistem operasi terbaru dari Google ini. Seperti yang dilansir The Verge via Detik, Lollipop adalah pembaruan OS Android yang mempunyai perubahan tampilan paling banyak sejak Google merilis Android 4. Ice Cream Sandwich. Perbedaan paling kentara antara Lollipop dan KitKat, OS Android sebelumnya, tentu adalah tampilan antarmukanya, yang berjuluk Material Design. Lollipop mempunyai animasi yang halus, desain yang lebih bersih pun warna yang lebih cerah. Tujuan utama dari penggunaan Material Design adalah menyatukan tampilan dan pengalaman pengguna dari setiap perangkat Android, baik tablet, ponsel, set top box, ataupun lainnya. Perangkat-perangkat lain yang akan mendapatkan update Android Lollipop dalam waktu dekat ini adalah Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 dan juga perangkat-perangkat Google Play Edition. Update ini akan didapatkan dalam jangka waktu beberapa Minggu ke depan. Sempat menuai banyak kritikan ditahun lalu, Konami tidak mau mengulangi kesalahan mereka dan berjanji untuk memperbaiki grafis mereka. Sebagai langkah awal, Konami akan merombak engine yang mereka gunakan dan meningkatkan kualitas grafis baik di konsol next gen maupun last gen dan PC.


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Hlomane used the cellphone he stole from her to contact her again, resulting in further trauma, the court heard. On December 10 last year, he attacked, robbed and raped another woman. He took a number of photos of her and threatened to post them on social media and leave her at the landmark if she didn’t do what he said. He robbed and repeatedly raped another woman, assaulting her severely and leaving her with numerous facial and head injuries. He robbed a woman on January 25, and throttled her to the point where she passed out. She sustained a dislocated jaw and numerous facial injuries. Took pictures of victim On February 4, he repeatedly raped and robbed a UCT student. He forced her to take him to an ATM and withdraw money for him. According to the State, the woman fought back, and apologised to him for defending herself. Prosecutor Susan Galloway argued that Hlomane planned the attacks and, in some cases, forced his victims to walk naked or blindfolded, and forced them to discuss their personal lives with him. Hlomane was arrested on March 12, days after UCT offered a R100 000 reward for information about the attacks. The Jewish Federations of North America board of trustees voted in favor of the decision at the annual JFNA General Assembly, in an effort to underscore the urgency it feels about the implementation of the government resolution on the Kotel.


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