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Fire and Blood. Lord Zach ( talk ) 19:12, June 28, 2016 (UTC)If in fact Jon is the son of Rhaegar, Daenerys cannot kill him without MASSIVE repercussions. She would completely lose the North and she would also be marked as a Kinslayer, which is a major taboo in Westeros. This is also assuming that Jon even wants the throne. If anyone was paying attention, Jon was named the King in the North by the Northerners. Daenerys for the throne, there would be no contest because Jon would most likely reject the throne unless he really had no other choice. So in hindsight, this conversation is bullshit to begin with. And yes, while not explicitly stated, Rhaegar is most likely Jon's father, so that argument is also moot. Also, while Daenerys has massive amounts of forces and dragons, it would be less than likely that she would be able to conquer the North. Mantequilla219 ( talk ) 19:38, June 28, 2016 (UTC)People that assume that Jon has the rightfull claim to the throne, i dont know how you think. First of all no one knows he is the the BASTARD son to Rhaegar Targaryen except Bran. And second of all, as i wrote in capital letter before, he is a BASTARD. Rhaegar was not married to Lyanna, he was married to Elia Martell which makes Jon a bastard. By the laws of Westeros bastards have no claim to the throne. I dont think a bastard has more claim to the throne than a trueborn Targaryen. nd lets assume he has a rightfull claim and lets also assume he does want the iron throne, how in the world will he be able to compete with Daenerys with her forces that consist the fleet of the Iron Born,the Dothraki Horde, The Unsullied, the army of Dorne and the Tyrells and 3 DRAGONS for it. Daenerys deserves and has the rightfull claim to the seven kingdoms. She is good, kind, great leader who is just. SaraDracaryen ( talk ) 22:09, June 28, 2016 (UTC) SaraDracaryen That is exactly what I said, nobody stands a chance against her forces.

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The larger the gift, the greater the victory over the recipient. Follows Ongka as he prepares for the giving of his Moka. Her employer is developing what they hope will be the first Viagra drug for women that wins FDA approval to treat a new disease: Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD). Liz gains permission to film the company for her own documentary. Subtitle on supplementary material: The strange science of female pleasure. Producer, director, editor, camera, Liz Canner; executive producers, Julie Parker Benello, Wendy Ettinger, Judith Helfand, Marc Weiss; editors, Sandra Christie, Jeremiah Zagar. A documentary about female sexual pleasure and the quest by pharmaceutical companies to create a Viagra-like drug to treat female sexual dysfunction. Language: English Series: Strange Science of Female Pleasure: An Investigative Documentary Distributor: Astrea Media URL. Also discuses the filmmaker and his conflicts about whether he should return to Japan and fill the role of eldest son or if he should tell his family about his homosexuality and go his own way. The three segments of this magazine-format film explore the current work of historical archaeologists at three sites across the United States. Details of peoples' lives are revealed in excavations at slave quarters on St. Simon Island, slag heaps in northern California mining towns occupied between 1859-1902, and subway construction in Cambridge, MA, where urban archaeologists devise new methods to discover artifacts in land still used. Language: English Series: Odyssey Distributor: PBS URL. A central Brazilian Xavante, a Wayuu from Venezuela, and a US anthropologist explore an indigenous campaign to protect a river from devastating effects of uncontrolled Amazonian soy cultivation. Xavante and Wayuu are nationally and internationally prominent political actors and both face challenges over water. Owners highlights a civic protest showing strategic use of culture to bring attention to deforestation and excessive use of agritoxins in unregulated soy cultivation. The film features a diversity of Xavante opinions and evidence that non-indigenous members of the local population both support and oppose indigenous demands. The film showcases indigenous efforts to build networks among different native peoples and across nations. The film results from long collaboration between anthropologist Laura Graham and Xavante and more recent collaboration with Wayuu.

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This therapy is something that Lithuanian software development company TeleSoftas wants to help with, courtesy of its “VR Inner Child” software, an immersive virtual reality tool created to help psychotherapists treat phobias. Metrics that are measured include eye movement, heartbeat, perspiration, and skin temperature. These stress parameters allow a patient to be safely pushed to their limits and overcome their anxiety over a period of time — courtesy of a gamified system that lets them try and improve on their previous numbers. “There haven’t been any clinical trials yet to prove its effectiveness,” Kemesis said. “However, transactional analysis theory, which is what our technology is based on, has been applied for many years to treat various mental disorders and phobias. Oh, and if you’re not afraid of heights, subsequent phobia-challenging VR experiences promise to include open and closed spaces, public speaking, and spiders. Google envisions the service, which launched in public beta last September, as the first entry point for IoT data into its cloud. Once the data has been ingested, users can use Cloud IoT Core to push data to Google’s cloud databases, analytics tools, serverless platform and machine learning services. Unsurprisingly, the service supports Google’s own Android Things platform out of the box, but Google has also partnered with the likes of ARM, Cisco, Intel, NXP, Sierra Wireless and other hardware partners to make their products work with its service. Current users include the likes of Schlumberger, which uses it as part of its IoT integration strategy, Smart Parking in New Zealand, bike-sharing service Blaze and Mexican bus operator Grupo ADO. To use Cloud IoT Core, users pay per megabyte of ingested data. According to a very recent report from Nikkei, Samsung Electronics is going to reduce the production of OLED panels, all because of the lower than expected sales of Apple’s 10th-anniversary special smartphone, the iPhone X. This step by Google seems to be well in conformity with the Apple’s decision to cut the iPhone X production. Samsung, which was originally aiming to scale the production of OLED displays for iPhone X to a number as high as 45 to 50 million, will now only be making 20 million or even fewer of these panels. After being introduced and especially during the holiday season, iPhone X was sold in great numbers and Apple was already gearing to introduce its second model this year. More recently, however, there have been various reports that the special smartphone from Apple was experiencing a much serious decrease in its sales after the holiday season was over. Although the South Korea based tech giant hasn’t defined the production target of its OLED displays for the upcoming quarter, Nikkei says that it will be much lower than the previous quarter. To fill in the deficit, Samsung is also aiming at gaining new China-based smartphone vendors for selling these OLED panels. For the iPhone X models that are expected to be released this year, Apple has also closed another deal with LG Display so that the company doesn’t have to rely on one supplier when it comes to getting OLED panels for its smartphones.

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Huerter was a good bet for the first round next year, and that timetable has accelerated. His size, shooting stroke and ability to make difficult shots off the catch and dribble are all high-level traits for a two-guard, and he tested well athletically, which didn’t hurt. His ability to make quick decisions and space the floor would fit nicely in San Antonio. He’s a quick, bouncy athlete who could eventually become a quality backcourt scorer and starting-caliber player. He will make his case as a prospect while benefiting from a degree of mystery, and his camp will presumably schedule his team workouts carefully—opting to sit out 5-on-5 at the combine didn’t hurt him much with teams, given the fact he’s never played college basketball. The upside with him is legitimate, and the unknown elements stand to help him in the draft. DiVincenzo broke out in a major way at the combine and fortified the strong impression he left in March and over the course of Villanova’s season. It’s clear he’s not a flash in the pan, as his consistent level of focus, instincts for forcing turnovers and grabbing rebounds and ability to hit open jumpers build in a degree of safety. He was one of the top athletes at the combine, but more importantly, his athletic ability actually pops within the context of his game. DiVincenzo has to improve as a man-to-man defender and doesn’t consistently create great shots for himself, but he knows how to play with and off of others and clearly has the makings of a quality role player. He’s likely punched his first-round ticket, and seems likely to remain in the draft. Brown requires some work as a scorer, but he’s the type of big, ball-moving perimeter player that should fit neatly with the way Utah likes to play. If he can improve and become a passable jump shooter, Brown’s ball-handling, passing feel and versatility on either end of the floor could make him a quality rotation player. He wasn’t especially consistent at Oregon, but scouts have been intrigued by him dating back to his high school days, and he remains a good bet to land somewhere in the middle of the first round. The prevailing belief among team executives we spoke with is that he has a promise in the first round. Based on those conversations, it appears his landing spot will fall somewhere between 17 and 22. Hutchison is a developed prospect who should be able to contribute immediately, and a lot of scouts are high on his tools, shooting ability, and capacity for playing on and off the ball. The Bulls, who have long favored drafting older college prospects and plugging them in, make sense as a landing spot. In wake of the combine, where he impressed teams in interviews, there’s now a sense around the league that he may be having second thoughts, and could opt to return to Missouri barring a first-round promise.

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Usually, we kept the lighting in the apartment moody—but when it came to filming this scene, I insisted we have all the lights on bright. I wanted it to be harsh and jarring; I was also thinking Kubrick, A Clockwork Orange. In the very last take, there was one of those lucky accidents that make filming worthwhile: Bateman had just finished killing Paul Allen in a frenzy, and he sits down on the couch and lights a cigar. As he did so, I saw that the blood had only spattered one-half of Christian’s face. In profile, he looked almost normal—but when you cut to another angle, you saw the bloody side. When it came out, the movie was loved and hated in about equal measure. It was only after a few years that its reputation grew in a way I can’t explain. The film, produced in China, starring the internationally known Hong Kong action star Chow Yun-fat, and directed by the Taiwanese (and by then widely known in the West) Lee, was an old-fashioned wuxia epic, full of the high-flying martial arts that verge on surrealistic fantasy. Crouching Tiger remains unique for ushering in not only broader Western awareness of this time-honored Hong Kong movie genre, but particularly a mainstream American interest in foreign-language cinema. One that was even bigger than the foreign art-house boom that took American cinemas by storm in the mid-20th century. Even in 2018, even given the steeply increased role of Chinese financing in Hollywood, it’s hard to imagine a lush martial-arts melodrama set amid the 19th-century Qing dynasty—and entirely performed in Mandarin, no less—becoming a domestic blockbuster. Any one part of that equation would be a nonstarter for the local megaplex. Yet this consummately produced, gorgeous first-act fight explains exactly how Crouching Tiger came to be such a success. Lee’s filmmaking floated and tumbled with the ease of his actors. It’s brought to life in the brief but memorable role for the wuxia great Cheng Pei-pei, who plays the antagonistic star of this scene. I planned everything; everything worked against me. Even the weather. A lot of it was shot in the desert, it was really tough. There’s nothing.

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Killer bees, territorial pig men and giant, one-eyed birds can all send you to an early grave, but other dangers are less tangible. Even your own mind can become an enemy, summoning shadowy hallucinations whose attacks are all too real. And it’s a race, to get home before it gets dark, and to build up before the world becomes even more dangerous. Every step you take away from the safety of your campfire or base puts you more at risk, but the call of adventure is alluring. I won’t soon forget my first encounter with a Treeguard, one of Don’t Starve’s boss monsters. I needed some wood, so I was merrily chopping down trees, only for one of them to spring to life and start battering me. I did the only logical thing: I set fire to it with my torch. That’s what you get for being dumb enough to be made of wood. Unfortunately, that just pissed the Treeguard off, so I bravely ran away. As it chased me, the fire spread, and before long the forest had been replaced by an inferno. Since finishing its stint in early access, it’s now free with the base game. If you don’t mind getting a bit wet, check out The Flame in the Flood. Killing lots mutants won’t give you experience, and it won’t suddenly give you a trait that makes you a more effective mutant-murderer. Instead, through failure and success, you’ll learn the best way of dealing with whatever crisis you come across. Every fleeting life is an opportunity to experiment and practise, even though you know it will probably be cut short in an unexpected way. But then it stops being unexpected, and next time you’ll be prepared. Starting again is exciting because it’s a chance to test out a new character build, mixing and matching different abilities and flaws. Certain locations are fixed, but the map does get reconfigured when you start a new life, so won’t be constantly repeating the same journeys. This is a game where a little scratch can ultimately kill you.

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I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds additionally. I'm satisfied to search out a lot of useful information here in the submit, we want work out more techniques in this regard, thanks for sharing. It provides a opportunity to every film maker to put up their efforts to make films, in which they've got highlighted environmental issues. You have performed a formidable task and our entire community might be grateful to you. And I do have a couple of questions for you if you tend not to mind. Could it be simply me or does it appear like some of the remarks look like they are left by brain dead people? -P And, if you are posting on other online sites, I would like to keep up with everything new you have to post. Could you list of every one of all your public pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile. Take that number, multiply it by five, divide it by six, subtract seven, multiply again by two, and begin to add some 1,200,342 towards the result. Because of my readers detailed no accomplished at math, you may then FORGET about this number and pick fresh number in one to thirteen, and go to your next page for your own free psychic reading in line with THAT variety. You only get one chance here, so best number wisely. If are usually going devote your hard earned money on the psychic reading will be a choice to know some for this steps involved with. A clear pathway anyone insight and clarity to the inner process. It is useful to learn the best steps in getting the most out of your psychic reading. Make sure you truly understand will be free when you visit a psychic website. Sometimes a psychic website may give you a free introductory reading for a few minutes and then they expect for you to definitely pay for more time by using a credit trading card. It is important to read all in the membership rules before you choosed to use one such websites. Generally these types of stories upward just like the case of my mate. A person generally was killed free psychic reading in some awful way, and the spirit will not leave the premises.

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She's also the world's premier, headlining Muslim superhero, and very much due a movie or TV series to bring her to mass popularity like those who came before her. In tonight's episode we are joined by Alasdair Stuart, owner of Escape Artists and longtime comic-book expert, to enthusiastically discuss why the younger generations are already loving Kamala Khan, and why she's so important in the grand scheme. You don't have to have read any of her comics, but by the end of this you will want to. This was a commissioned show, and we kick off with some important (and good news) about future commissions. The first was back in 2010 for Digital Cowboys when we covered most of the games in the series. The second was in early 2012 on Digital Gonzo when we covered the contentious Skyward Sword on the Wii (This episode is now available exclusively through Patreon). Majora's Mask 3D My guests this time are Laura Kate Dale, Gary Blower, Glen Watts, Iain Hopwood, Lloyd Huhn, David Garcia Abril and Richard Lago. This show was recorded back in 2015 while the Switch was still called the NX, Breath of the Wild didn't have a name and Twilight Princess HD had yet to be announced. When we do a fourth Zelda show it will be a lot sooner and will be all about Breath of the Wild, which after thirty or so hours of play may be my favourite of them all. More than two dozen people have recorded their memories and insight and sent them to me to arrange. A picture begins to emerge of a troubled relationship with someone capable of amazing creative endeavours and baffling business decisions. Someone who many of us can never fully let go because of the power of these happy memories of childhood, family and the hundreds of gaming worlds which we charted together (some of us literally, you had to draw your maps in pencil back then). As the Switch is launched we look back on what the emergence of a new console meant to us, and why we always come back to a place of hope. Sam Chapter 4. James Batchelor of Bond and Beyond 5. Collin 6. Daniel Floyd of Extra Credits 7. Bob Chipman of Geek. om 17.

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See The Possession film with single prepare the style by simply clicking on the image on the sign way up button. Enjoy all the albums completely new movie having all much-loved movie surging. This is truly spectacular and may even some of those rare remarkable. Management, images and image effects have been all really innovative as well as brilliant. The pleasure with the script, often humorous and has lots of heart for those his characters are all very well developed. Full The Possession in High Quality Video 1080p. Jacobson, Writer: Juliet Snowden, Supervising Sound Editor: Jussi Tegelman, Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Marti D. Walker, Casting: Nancy Nayor, Makeup Artist: Tanya Hudson, Camera Operator: Glen A. Dickson, Special Effects Coordinator: Jak Osmond, Property Master: Dean Barker, Assistant Art Director: Randy Hutniak, Steadicam Operator: James Baldanza, Digital Intermediate: Christine Vasquez, Editor: Eric L. Now you can see 30 Days of Night in high definition format with duration 113 Min and was released on 2007-10-17 and MPAA rating is 258. Full 30 Days of Night in Best Video Format by viewing the download link. Watch full with title 30 Days of Night full and free movie streaming in best video format. Enjoy movie with title 30 Days of Night free an fun at here. Right now, you is able to see that hundreds many people in search of free 30 Days of Night movie and watch it on the sweat house with connection to the web. Possibly be happy, you can easily reach tons of fulfilled members that became fed up with waiting for dvds inside mail, and it's simple to watch free of charge 30 Days of Night. You can obtain new on the web movie, and Download full it totally free in your site. It is fast, quick, free and additionally to attempt. Enjoy now 30 Days of Night on the web movie with no downloading. You can view online film streaming inside HD high quality in 113 Min length.