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Marvel have already proven to be experts at the ensemble film. This will be DC and Warner Bros first big test and how they do here will largely inform what we can expect from a Justice League film. People are corrupted by demons, who give them power through magic. Only those who suffered the temptation without falling can see the real truth and fight them. The Old Gods might be fighting against R'hllor or it might be the other way around. The only medieval period in which the story is set is the Medieval Warm Period. The time it's set seems to be more like Ancient History( In Europe, the end of antiquity is often equated with the fall of Rome in 476. . Often times during natural disasters, people would look at the sky for answers. Or for saviours. Be it Ice Age To go north, you must journey south, to reach the west you must go east. To go forward you must go (or look) back and to touch the light you must pass beneath the shadow.

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This leads into my favorite scene in the film: the rules suggest that the party sings a delightful melody to lead the spirit back into the door that they came from, so the entire family proceeds to sing the a melody from a popular commercial they all know and love. The camera rotates in a slow circle as the kids sing along to the song, their faces growing more petrified each time the camera comes back to them. The look on Lucia’s face in particular crushes me every single time. The amount of tension this scene holds forces you to hold your breath until the camera stops revolving. The family is forced to endure a horror-show, and it is solely up to Veronica to take control of her household and fight this thing with everything she has in her body, mind and soul. Not that I didn’t see it coming, but the execution of it was so frightfully exquisite. What I loved so much about this film is that it’s a concept we’ve seen done plenty of times, the equation of an ouija board paired with unsuspecting youngsters is so common in films, and going into this, I felt I was going to see what other films have tried to in the past. Every single image, every idea, is something we’ve never seen in a film like this before. I’m so in awe of the visuals of the eclipse, the seances, the tone of inside the home before and after the spirit attaches itself to Veronica. I lost my fucking mind at the shot of Vero charging back into the house to confront the spirit, passing the familiar painting of the wolves chasing the deer we’ve seen in the house before. But this time when she passes it, when the stakes are so high, the deer in the painting have vanished. Sandra Escacena owns the film and makes everything supernatural about it feel so real.

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