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I don't treat the events, forces or the ideologies that gavebirth to Pakistan in 1947 as holy or feel obligated to them beyondthe fact that 1947 event was historical in that it undid the 1847event, the former neutralizing the latter. It corrected an anomalycaused by colonial lust! 5. Colonialism forced us into British India and colonialism createdforces (the English educated predominantly Muhajir) who were theforce behind Pakistan. WithoutBritish colonialism there would have been no Jinnah, no MuslimLeague but then again there would have been no need for 1947because the region that is Pakistan now would have evolved on itsown. 6. Prior to the British interfering in our region (Indus Valley)this area had independent Khanates, Emirates and Kingdoms (Mirs ofSindh, Khans of Balochistan and Sikh Kingdom of the Greater Punjabregion) and we would have evolved naturally without third partydictation - British. I do know though that the evolution of thisregion probably would have ended up with either states or statesomewhat different from what we have now but the solid realities onthe ground would have impacted on the evolution - the foremostbeing that this region has and had a solid Moslem majority,probably greater than 80%. Today there would either have beenstates or a state in the area that is Pakistan (geographic IndusValley) that would be colored by two ground realities - thepeoples, Punjabi, Pashtun, Sindhi, Baloch and predominantly with aIslamic flavor. 7. At end of the day its 'the boots on the ground' that makes thereal difference as indeed it did in 1947, had this region not had aMoslem majority whose numbers carried the weight to give substanceto the dreams of Muslim League. Without one the other would neither have existed orbeen needed. My concern today is with them and which directionwe go to now. In short they wedded us to the greater India and bydefault to the countries that inherited the British Indian Empire -India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. 11.

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What do you think of the new Game of Thrones season 7 trailer. Why do you think that Jon attacked Petyr in the Season 7 Game of Thrones trailer? View more. When can we expect a proper trailer for Game of Thrones season 7. Is anyone else excited for Game of Thrones Season 7. When would the trailer for season 7 of Game of Thrones be released. How do the trailers of Game of Thrones season 8 and season 7 compare. What special thing have you noticed in the game of Thrones season 8 trailer (March 2019). Where are the Unsullied fighting in the season 7 trailer of Game of Thrones. When will HBO release the official main trailer for Game of Thrones season 7. What did you like the most about the new Game of Thrones Season 8 trailer. What was the most amazing part of Game of Thrones Season 8 Trailer. When will the Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer be released. Where can I watch the new trailer for Season 7 of Game of Thrones. What is your favourite part from the final Game of Thrones trailer for Season 8.

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I maintain that Cat wasn’t resurrected because the show doesn’t want to make a habit out of it, once it happens with. In fact the only Season where there was a noticeable drop was Season 2 after the sublime (and best) Season 1. Season 4 is probably the second best season, but then it did have some fantastic moment from the books, Metacritic would put Season 4 as the best to date. Besides, would you rather Game of Thrones had two unbelievably good seasons, with low ratings, or 7 very good seasons with high ratings. I know which I would prefer, and the books are always on the shelf if I want something more immersive. No one was lauding him that much when he write in TV, so who knows in the future. If GRRM wrote faster, he would have a greater input in the show, I’m sure, but the only person’s fault for this is himself. But it is natural, people make mistakes, however good they are. Perhaps they could have trimmed down Jon’s part, but I never saw it as a great waste of time that some do. It had the fewest clunker(1) episodes of any of the 4 seasons. Catelyn was there since the first episode, so, she is the worst cut that they could make. Didn’t one of the writers go on a website and say it happened between seasons 2 and 3? I guess that was after the desertion (Karstark aftermath? and his msg turned out to be a fatally flawed olive branch. And it’s a shame that they’re skipping them so as to have Dany breeze onto Westeros like a leaf when the time comes.

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