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There are some brief notes and descriptions on some storyboards. Or maybe it was true that somebody had told him these things in a long conversation, and if that person had told this scene in a dialogue form, maybe mimicking the characters, that's why he was retelling it like that. If he had the scripts, on his desk, why would he pick only this unnecessary dialogue. He had also said that Melisandre says that her mission is complete now because she brought ice and fire together, or something like that, when he was asked about Melisandre. I don't understand how this can be true, because it's wrong, Jon is not ice. I've just checked and Sansa sends her on her behalf to represent the interests of Winterfell, which I think is because she isn't entirely convinced that Jon is thinking about The North. Would you forget that a character goes somewhere if you have just finished reading a book. But you could not notice her in a storyboard drawing. Or if somebody had told you these, he could have missed that part etc. He conspired with Robert's brothers against my beloved Joffrey and tried to steal his throne. Check this out: That letter had been posted in WIC, a year ago. I feel like he found it or he had already seen it there and he wrote those looking at that picture. Because you usually make a few mistakes or changes when you copy something looking at a picture, changing tabs etc. This obsessive compulsive behaviour is definitely not Lads', it terribly reminds some sickos in this sub, but let's ignore that, there may be more sickos, afterall. I have seen with my own eyes that Lads' account was older than a month, even when I saw it on 12nd October, because I had checked the oldest comment there.

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It showcases how deeply ingrained The Washington Post ’s anti-Netanyahu bias is. The paper simply can’t resist an opportunity to take a punch at him. Sean Durns. Algemeiner. 17 January '19. Newspapers typically publish obituaries of famous figures in order to sum up their life’s work. The Washington Post, however, used an obituary to belittle Israel’s prime minister. In so doing, the newspaper not only discarded decorum and decency, but illustrated how deep its biases go. Moshe Arens, a former Israeli politician, died at the age of 93 on January 7, 2019. By any measure, Arens was a legendary figure, serving three times as defense minister and once as foreign minister. He was, as The New York Times reported, an influential ambassador to the US who “proved adept at making Israel’s case in the United States and came to be valued by Reagan administration officials as an Israeli government insider. An aeronautical engineer turned statesman, Arens was “one of the longest-surviving members of Israel’s founding generation,” the paper said — even seeking the premiership. The Post ’s description, however, is both misleading and incomplete. In fact, Netanyahu was a “32-year-old frustrated sales executive at an Israeli furniture company,” according to an Arens obituary penned by Bibi biographer (and frequent critic) Anshel Pfeffer. There is, of course, a significant difference between the jobs of a “salesman” and “executive” — not only in duties, but, if implicitly, in prestige as well.

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Tykwer, dengan Johnny Klimek dan Reinhold Heil, juga terdiri musik. Skenario oleh Tykwer, Andrew Birkin, dan Bernd Eichinger berdasarkan Patrick Suskind 1985 Novel Perfume. Terletak di abad ke-18 Perancis, film ini menceritakan kisah Jean-Baptiste Grenouille (Whishaw), seorang jenius penciuman, dan pencarian pembunuh nya untuk aroma yang sempurna. Sinopsis Film Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006). Film dimulai dengan hukuman dari Jean-Baptiste Grenouille (Ben Whishaw), seorang pembunuh terkenal. Antara pembacaan kalimat dan eksekusi, kisah hidupnya diceritakan dalam kilas balik, dimulai dengan ditinggalkan sejak lahir di pasar ikan Perancis. Dibesarkan di sebuah panti asuhan, Grenouille tumbuh menjadi anak aneh terpisah dengan rasa super penciuman. Setelah tumbuh hingga jatuh tempo sebagai magang penyamak, ia membuat pengiriman pertama ke Paris, di mana ia Revels dalam bau baru. Ia berfokus pada seorang gadis berambut merah (Karoline HERFURTH) menjual plum kuning, mengikutinya dan berulang kali mencoba untuk mengendus, tapi mengejutkan dia dengan tingkah lakunya. Untuk mencegah dia menangis, ia menutup mulut gadis itu dan sengaja mati lemas nya. Setelah menyadari bahwa dia sudah mati, ia strip tubuhnya telanjang dan bau nya seluruh, menjadi bingung ketika memudar aroma tubuhnya. Setelah itu, Grenouille dihantui oleh keinginan untuk menciptakan aroma gadis itu. Setelah melakukan pengiriman ke toko parfum, Grenouille heran pemilik Italia, Giuseppe Baldini (Dustin Hoffman), dengan kemampuannya untuk mengidentifikasi dan menciptakan wewangian. Dia merevitalisasi karir parfum dengan formula baru, menuntut hanya itu Baldini mengajarinya bagaimana melestarikan aroma. Baldini menjelaskan bahwa semua parfum yang harmoni dari dua belas aroma individu, dan mungkin berisi aroma ketiga belas teoritis.

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Really liked the way they handled the Hounds return. If you're leaving town and you know an assassin that can take any face is out to kill you, you don't interact with anyone you don't have to. Glad to see Margery isn't really all in with the faith, as I thought. Great episode overall without it being too crazy, just moved things along. Edit. I don't think she needs her in Highgarden to make her plan work, but if her plan doesn't work, she should not be in KL. I saw a good reddit post about Arya's behavior this episode. Could be that she learned a thing or two from the actress and was out in the open on purpose, but had packs of animal blood under her shirt to stage her own execution, leaving a trail of blood to bring the Waif to a seemingly helpless and dying Arya, who will turn the tables and kill her. I don't think all that was necessary, but it would be cool anyway. I fully expect to see the end of the High Sparrow by the end of the season somehow. They also mentioned The Brotherhood so we might see them return. I half expect Lady Stone heart to make an appearance. Really enjoying it. I didn't see Gendry in that preview for next week. I saw Pod and he could kind of be taken for Gendry in that quick clip.

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Cleveland, June 24. Gene CHAS. CHRISTOPH JOINS J. WALTER THOMPSON Charles 'Christoph has joined the Dan Hosmer, character actor from radio department of- J. Walter Chicago, Is now with KSO-KRNT, Thompson as a writer and producer. Decision of the board Hulbert Taft, came WKRC, Jr. of after decided not to meet with representatives of AFRA and the Mutual network at the Drake hotel, Chicago, today. Such a meeting had been set up on Monday, canceled on Tuesday. Fred Weber, general manager, and Keith Masters, counsel, of Mutual, were slated to gather with Taft and Emily Holt, George Heller and Henry Jaffe, of AFRA. Taft is quoted as declaring that he be'could not negotiate with cause there is another union in the This evidently referred to field. the independent, union of announcers which previously appealed to the and for an election at subsequently withdrew the bid as many of its members went over to AFRA WKRC NLRB AFRA. Latter group claims the indie union is Taft-dominated. In its strike notice yesterday, the AFRA board announced that is an 'unfair' station and suggested that sponsors now having programs on the outlet find some, other Cincinnati station lor the shows. The farm home of Anione Dyer is located a few miles west of Terre Haute, Indiana. Mr.

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Season 1-2 (DVD, 2015, 4-Disc Set) - Region 4 Region 1: The US, US territories, Canada. Region 3: Taiwan, Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong. Region 6: China. EUR 7. 1 From Australia EUR 8. 3 postage Format: DVD Genre: Sports Season: 1 NRL - All Stars 2011 (DVD, 2011, 2-Disc Set) - Region 4 Region 1: The US, US territories, Canada. Region 6: China. EUR 6. 1 From Australia EUR 8. 3 postage Format: DVD Genre: Sports WWE - Royal Rumble 2011 (DVD, 2011) - Region 4 EUR 5. 8 From Australia EUR 8. 3 postage Format: DVD Only 1 left. Region 6: China There are 2 DVD formats based on the area in the world. EUR 8. 0 From Australia EUR 6.


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They conducted flexural property measurements with injection-moulded samples according to the ASTM D-790 method. Table 3. summarizes the flexural modulus and flexural strength of neat PLA and various PLACNs (prepared with OMSFM) measured at 25C. There was a significant increase in flexural modulus for PLACN4 when compared to that of neat PLA, followed by a much slower increase with increasing OMLS content, and a maximum at 50% for PLACN10. On the other hand, the flexural strength shows a remarkable increase with PLACN7, and then gradually decreases with OMLS loading. According to the author, this behaviour may be due to the high OMLS content, which leads to brittleness in the material. They also measured the flexural properties of PLA nanocomposites prepared with various kinds of organically modified MMT but the results showed a similar trend. As seen in Fig. 3. 1(a), there was a marked increase of HDT with an intermediate load of 0. 8MPa, from 76C for the neat PLA to 93. C for PLACN4. This value gradually increased with increasing clay content and in the case of PLACN10 with 10wt. of OMSFM, the value increased to 115C. On the other hand, an imposed load dependence on HDT was clearly observed in the case of PLA-based nanocomposites.