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I saw your first step, heard your first word, was part of your first dream. And now you are come to me at last, Brandon Stark, though the hour is late. - Bloodraven (Bran II, ADWD). These words matter, and I believe they go beyond having had many titles, or having been many trees and ravens simultaneously. But this quote isn’t my only reason for thinking this way. So, even though Arya’s consciousness was inhabiting Nymeria, was that truly Arya. Because the show doesn’t display internal monologues, it’s often looked over that the POVs change dramatically while they’re warging. She is a wolf, she behaves with the instincts of a wolf, makes the insights of a wolf, yet doesn’t really remember herself to be Arya or truly recall memories of being Arya. Her pack is Nymeria’s pack, and her brothers and sisters are Nymeria’s brothers and sisters (though she does not identify them by the names given by the Stark children), and unless she brings with her a very strong desire to accomplish something specific, she will just live out what Nymeria was doing. Yet when she wakes Arya remembers everything she experienced as Nymeria as if it was a dream. Later while blinded, Arya later skinchanges a cat, but even then she is barely aware of it while it’s happening. At the beginning of ASOS, while Jojen is training Bran to use his warging abilies, Jojen not only warns Bran not to spend too much time in Summer lest he lose himself, but Jojen also tries to get Bran to bend Summer to his will through the simple exercise of trying to get Bran to remember to mark a tree. Yet even that is difficult, as his vague recollection of needing to complete a mundane task is overpowered by his new animal self.

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Listen as they argue over the overrated-ness of Quentin Tarantino, James Cameron and so on. They also share their thoughts on the recent Zimmerman verdict. All this plus much more on this week's Pop Pundits. They also breakdown their top 5 favorite MC's of all time. All this and much much more on this weeks Pop Pundits. Jay-Z's album artwork is going to be displayed in a museum. The Pundits share their thoughts on the rebooting of Clark Kent. Did it work? They also discuss Yeezus, Jay-Z's new album Magna Carter Holy Grail, the NSA's Prism program, and discuss the latest movie news involving Avengers 2, Amazing Spiderman 2, and Prometheus 2. Also, check the seperate interview with DJ Juggy when you're finished with this episode. No DJ's were harmed in the recording of this Podcast. Hangover III doesn't hit with critics, but does okay money wise. Arrested Development is now available on Netflix so prepare to binge watch.


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My message to Jean Schmidt regarding the debt ceiling. He’s too little yet to evince any real menace, but the birth of baby Miles is intercut with the apprehension of a remote-cabin murderer, a cue that something will soon go amiss with the happy family. Advertisement For a little while, The Prodigy treats the question of its advertisements (“What’s wrong with Miles? ) as a hanging mystery, rather than the dull inevitability common to so many creepy-kid movies. This one moves forward quickly as Miles grows up, hitting his milestones early under the supervision of two doting parents, and the watchful eye of a suspicious family dog. The movie checks in briefly at infancy, age 2, and age 5, before settling in at age 8, when Miles (played for most of the movie by Jackson Robert Scott, the doomed little brother from It ) has been firmly established as, yes, a prodigy, though the movie never really specifies a field in which he’s prodigious. He’s simply in possession of generically unnerving sophistication. But there are warning signs that Miles’ directionless genius may be something more sinister than a developmental difference. At one point, in his sleep, he starts speaking in what turns out to be a rare dialect from the Hungary-Romania border. At first, it feels like The Prodigy is preparing to offer bitter comeuppance for the initially excited Sarah, making an example of any parents foolish enough to consider their little ones exceptionally gifted—and pouring salt in the wound by casting Schilling, such a skillful embodier of privilege on Orange Is The New Black. To its credit, the movie is more specific and less spiteful than that, offering a relatively fresh variation on its formula that’s somewhere between demonic-possession horror and bad-seed horror. To reveal the precise nature of what’s wrong with Miles would constitute a spoiler, though that doesn’t stop the movie itself from eagerly spilling the beans surprisingly early, like a kid who just can’t keep a secret to himself. Even after its central revelation, though, there are welcome ambiguities that play off both a manipulation of natural sympathies for children and the darker sneaking suspicion that they could also be stone-cold sociopaths.


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