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Looked again at the pic of Jon sitting in the boat and davos on the bach. I don’t want to question you’re souces but looks like Jon is leaving and they’re pushing boat into sea. Well Jon Dany and Tyrion have always been characters with big amounts of screentime and now they are in the same place for a part of the season so obviously a lot of time will be spent there. he other characters will continue to have the same amount of screentime they always. ave. Let’s assume they ARE filming (or at least rehearsing). Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are such a nice couple and yellow press is already making life hard to them. BunBunStark: Back to the Dany and Jon: so we have this new scene, the scene from Saturday of Jon walking down the steps to Dany, and most likely an indoor scene when they first meet. Yeah, at the end of season six I figured that they would meet in 707 or 801. Nope, looks like they meet long before that, and build up some sort of working alliance in that time (or are at least working towards it). I hope we get to see the famous Dragonstone painted table map of Westeros again (it appeared in season two). But it does look like we will get a lot of Dragonstone scenes; I doubt, however, that we will know until the show airs just how much, as lots of them will likely be interior shots. Very exciting! I cannot wait for the first scene with Jon, Daenerys and Tyrion. Jesus, we had a slow start but then the spoilers started they just don? seem to stop. So what? Does everbody get romantically involved with his nephew or his aunt only because they meet each other. They’re walking and moving hands, and the person snapped a pic at the exact moment their hands were close in motion.

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DVD: Lions Gate. The Brain from Planet Arous (1957) Director: Nathan Hertz (Nathan Juran). Screenplay: Ray Buffum Cast: John Agar, Joyce Meadows, Robert Fuller. Cast: Demi Moore, Jeff Daniels, George Dzundza, Mary Steenburgen, Frances McDormand. USA (Paramount). Color. 107m. DVD: Paramount Widescreen Collection. Cast: Werner Krauss, Conrad Veidt, Lil Dagover, Fredrich Feher, Rudolf KleinRogge. Screenplay: Lawrence D. Cohen. Cast: Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie, Amy Irving, John Travolta, Nancy Allen, Betty Buckley. USA (United Artists). Color. 98m. DVD: MGM. Children of the Damned (1963) Director: Anton M. Leader. Producer: Ben Arbeid.

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That are YOUR family? What? 20. “Well. We won’t be sailing to Westeros anytime soon. I’m glad that wasn’t true. ? 21. My aesthetic: Daenerys pretending not to know a language only to surprise the sexist, awful men who are mocking her with it. ? 22. Of course they only respect her after they find out she’s another man’s property. Not for her own sake. Sigh. 23. I like the way Dany goes right back to the beginning of her journey before returning to Westeros. 24. Ugggh, the Waif, ugggh. 25.

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Randolph, scoreless against Portland on Friday, scored the Kings first four points Saturday. Sacramento lost its ninth consecutive game in Portland. Trail Blazers: Ed Davis returned to action after missing Friday's game (ankle). Portland heads to Memphis on Monday to start a five-game road trip, tied for its longest of the season. The Blazers have held four consecutive opponents under 100 points. Lillard went 5 of 6 at the free throw line, leaving him three free throws shy of making 2,000 during his 412-game NBA career. CdM senior Emily Freyman and junior Bella McKinney were going to a decisive third set against Arcadia’s Aubrie Weissbuch and Francesca Yao. In the balance hung the CIF USTA Southern California Regional title match. Freyman and McKinney were down 3-2 in that decisive set, before they buckled down and capped CdM’s undefeated season in remarkable fashion. They won the final four games, McKinney serving out the match that clinched the Sea Kings’ first regional title in program history. Corona del Mar (26-0) beat Arcadia 4-3, with McKinney and Freyman clinching the win with their 6-4,4-6,6-3 win at that No. 3 doubles spot. “It was the best feeling in the world,” McKinney said of having her teammates storm the court after the dramatic win. “I saw Emily crying, then I started crying. They were undefeated, they won the Southern Section and the regional. For me as a coach, I’m super-proud of them for their play on the court, but also how they carry themselves as individuals. They’ve been very selfless, very committed to the team, almost like a family-oriented bond between these 14 girls. CdM handed Arcadia (25-2) its only two losses of the season, including the Sea Kings’ 10-8 win in the Division 1 semifinals. The Apaches threw the Sea Kings for a bit of a loop, putting their top singles player, Lauren Ko, at No.

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Wights lose their vestiges of humanity when they rise undead; they are unable to speak and it’s unclear how much intelligence they retain or how much they can act independently of their White Walker masters. Unlike the zombies in The Walking Dead, however, the Wights can run and attack quickly, and are able to use weapons like swords. They have the same icy blue eyes as the White Walkers. Wights can’t be destroyed by conventional means of attack; even hacking off a limb or decapitation will result in the limbs still functioning separated from the main body. However, enough hacking and slashing will incapacitate a Wight from being able to attack. The Wildings traditionally burned their dead to prevent them from turning into Wights. In “Beyond the Wall,” Daenerys’ three dragons burned legions of Wights with dragonfire. Later, he had the Wights pull Viserion’s corpse from beneath a frozen lake with chains and then touched his head, turning Viserion into a dragon-Wight. What new powers Viserion will have as an undead servant of the Night King, and whether he will have any of the same vulnerabilities as the other Wights remains to be seen. The death and transformation of Daenerys’ dragon showed that even the greatest weapon the living have against the White Walkers can fall and be turned into a weapon against them. The biggest question to be answered in Game of Thrones is whether there is anything that can ultimately stop the White Walkers once and for all, or if Winter will ultimately claim all life on Westeros. That would make a nice twist, that the WhiteWalkers can't control him. Once the Night King reanimated the dead dragon, it was his to command just like dead polar bears and dead horses. They've definitely had a field day reminding everyone of his height this season. Fear is useful. It's only bad if that's all you use. But a good dose of fear leavened with kindness is a good thing. But if that is the ultimate ending, and they do win, IMO it'll be because they both came from nothing, they were pawns with no power at all and they clawed their way through oceans of shit to come through it all. That will be the most predictable bullshit ending ever.

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