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The beef between Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson seem to carry on from their on-screen characters to real life, with sources stating that both men were deliberately kept apart during their press tour. Pop Aye 13 April Singapore’s pride - Pop Aye - which won the 'World Cinema Dramatic Special Jury Award' at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival, is finally making its way to Singapore. Directed and written by Kirsten Tan, Pop Aye is the ultimate road trip movie about a man with his long-lost elephant, roaming the streets of Bangkok in search of the farm where they grew up together. (Read our interview with Kirsten Tan here! Gifted 20 April Captain America Chris Evans forgoes his superhero duties to be a single man raising a child prodigy in Gifted. When kids like Mary Adler (Mckenna Grace) solves complicated equations in a millisecond, most parents will jump for joy to enrol their children in gifted schools. But this isn’t the case for uncle Frank (Evans) who just wants his little niece to lead a normal school life. Directed by Marc Webb (The Amazing Spider-Man), the film also stars Octavia Spencer and Jenny Slate. Directed by Herman Yau, Shock Wave also stars Jiang Wu, Song Jia, Ron Ng and Philip Keung. Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol: 2 27 April The misfit gang is back in their second outing as superhero team in Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2. This time, the team sets out on another adventure in the outer region of the cosmos. During their galactic journey, they learn about the mystery of Peter Quill’s (Chris Pratt) true parentage and forge new friendships with allies and fan-favourite characters they meet along the way. Plus, there is no other reason than to watch Baby Groot (Vin Diesel). Head down to Bugis Junction for various promotions and photo opportunities happening later this month. From 3D displays of Star Lord and Baby Groot, to augmented reality (AR) activity for the whole family. We want to provide the latest, the best and the quirky to your screen. Never mind that PG-13 didn’t come into existence until 1984 nor the ongoing hand-wringing over PG-13’s complete takeover of the box office. Nope, just a fun little factoid for you: the R has been the MPAA’s go-to rating for the majority of its existence. Three Blade movies, three R ratings. Probably anything with Frank Miller’s name in the title or listed among the producers?

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Then divide the total number of completed graduate semester hours (or equivalent) beyond the second year (total graduate semester hours minus 36) by 18. You will be evaluated on the basis of your level of competency in the following areas. If you are a Federal employee in the competitive service and your agency has notified you in writing that you are a displaced employee eligible for ICTAP consideration, you may receive selection priority for this position. To receive selection priority, you must: (1) meet ICTAP eligibility criteria (2) be rated well-qualified for the position and; (3) submit the appropriate documentation to support your ICTAP eligibility. To be considered well-qualified and receive selection priority applicants must satisfy all qualification requirements for the position and receive a score of 90 or above. Additional information about the program is on OPM's Career Transition Resources website. You will be evaluated for this job based on how well you meet the qualifications above. Once the announcement has closed, a review of your application package (resume, supporting documents, and responses to the questionnaire) will be used to determine whether you meet the qualification requirements listed on this announcement. If you are minimally qualified, your resume and supporting documentation will be compared against your responses to the assessment questionnaire to determine your level of experience. Please follow all instructions carefully when applying, errors or omissions may affect your eligibility. You should list any relevant performance appraisals and incentive awards in your resume as that information may be taken into consideration during the selection process. If selected, you may be required to provide supporting documentation. Veteran preference eligibles are listed ahead of non-preference eligibles within each quality category. The documents you are required to submit vary based on whether or not you are eligible for preference in federal employment. A complete description of preference categories and the associated required documents is in the Applicant Checklist (External). If your resume does not contain this information, your application may be marked as incomplete and you may not receive consideration for this position. If you meet this requirement based on education you MUST submit a copy of your transcript with your application package or you will be rated ineligible. NOTE: Documents submitted as part of the application package, to include supplemental documents, may be shared beyond the Human Resources Office. Some supplemental documents such as military orders and marriage certificates may contain personal information for someone other than you. You may sanitize these documents to remove another person's personal information before you submit your application.

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Sure, you can choose to not spoil yourself, but if you want to read something about GoT on the internet, you are almost certain to spoil yourself. All for taking drunken and guilt consumed Tyrion as her hand of the queen. This episode gave us clarity about his real motives and that he's first and foremost a Lannister, he always tried to prove it to his father and seems he didn't cease from it now. I will refer only to his last advise, IMO he fail Daenerys ever since he became the hand of the queen (in Mereene and then after at Casterly Rock) but in this episode we understand what were his motives, it's not only the guilt he feels for killing his own father (when he could just escaped) that made him way too soft, it's actually personal interest. He was hoping to make peace with his brother Jaime. Actually, it was his own insane and completely disastrous idea to save his evil treacherous sister and immoral brother by risking the life of Daenerys only left ally, Jon, and sending him beyond the wall to bring evidence for Cersei so she, yes-she, with her 10 remaining soldiers, will agree to have truce while Daenerys could destroy her with a whoof. At their talk on this episode he told Cersei how he's sorry and how much he loved her children, he also told her that Daenerys could destroy her easily but he prevented her from doing so. He groveled in front of her and made his queen doing the same. Cersei, hateful women, always deeply hated Tyrion, blaming him for ruining the family and killing its last defender, Tywin, causing to the death of Tomen and Miracella. Tyrion now want to position himself as the defender of the family and if Cersei will have a child and he will secure his place, he compensate then for everything he done and perhaps will be accepted back to the family. For that, he put Daenerys in a weakness position in front of Cersei, making her to humiliate herself and beg for truce for absolutely nothing. Now, thanks to Tyrion, the NK destroyed the wall (if not for Tyrion, the NK wouldn't have dragon) and the mercenary army of the Golden Company is on its way to attack the them from the other direction. I hate Tyrion, he messed up everything for his own personal interests and in futile attempt to amended his inherently and helplessly sick family relations (perhaps he was hoping that appeasing Cersei will give him peace with that he killed his father, it doesn't matter, for that he ruined everyone, selfish idiot). It could actually ended even worse (not that now the situation seem that good) had Jon died (he was very close, if not Benjen, and it's not Tyrion who sent Benjen) and the NK wouldn't miss Drogon when Daenerys and all the rest were on him (he missed by 1 meter or so). It's also clear that dead Viseryion is stronger than both left living dargons. It's also possible that Tyrion was the one to leak Euron about the sea travel of Greyjoy and Martel forces, intentionally sabotaging his own plan to put siege on Kingslanding for the sake of his evil sister. His plan was only way to prevent Daenerys for taking immediate attack on Kingslanding. Tyrion suggested sending an expendable extraction party north of the wall to get a wight. Jon surprised everyone by saying he would lead the party north of the wall and that Dany couldn't stop him because hes a king. Jon was the one that sent Gendry back to send a raven to Dany asking for help.

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The plot, essentially, didn’t change much in 24 hours during the Kings ’ brief visit to the Midwest. For the record,. The Penguins have won all three games he has played since his return. They will be in California this week to play the Ducks (Wednesday), the Kings (Thursday) and the Sharks (Saturday). The San Jose Sharks are 4-0 at SAP Center this season, a dramatic improvement over their woes at home last season. They didn’t win their fourth game on home ice last season until their 10 th home game, and were 18-20-3 The Blackhawks’ faulty penalty killing had been a constant problem in their first eight games, and they weren’t able to get a perfect effort until Sunday, when they killed both disadvantages they faced against the Kings. They’re still at the bottom of the NHL with a 53. % success rate, but there’s nowhere for them to go now but up. Dallas right wing Ales Hemsky underwent hip surgery to repair an injury he suffered during the World Cup and will be out of action five to six months, the club announced Monday. Patrick Sharp (concussion), Cody Eakin (knee) and Mattias Janmark (knee) also have missed significant playing time, a big reason for the Stars’ 3-4-1 start. Angry voters. The claims, threats and passions surrounding the presidential race have led communities around the U. S. to move polling places out of schools or cancel classes on election day. They point to the recent firebombing of a Republican Party office in one North Carolina county and the shooting-up of another with a BB gun as the type of trouble they fear on election day. Some of those anxieties have been stoked by Donald Trump's repeated claims that the election is rigged and his appeal to his supporters to stand guard against fraud at the polls. Some are worried about clashes between the self-appointed observers and voters. Parent Alpay Balkir said he is glad children will be home. It's difficult to say how many school-based polling places have been moved this year, given how decentralized the voting process is across the country. Some of the pressure to close schools on election day or move voting is coming from parents.

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Alicia liked Josh's 'timbre' and Miley called him 'effortless'. But Blake went 'technical' and chose Sundance for going 'outside of the box'. Next was Alicia's 'folksy' Californian Kylie Rothfield against Texan duet Whitney and Shannon. Kylie, who recently recovered from a vocal hemmorage, did Hound Dog. 'My first concert was Elvis, he could not sing Hound Dog like that,' Faith told Kylie. The sisters did I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz. 'There's no one like you on the show,' Miley told Kylie. Alicia called Whitney and Shannon 'brown goddesses' but chose 23-year-old Kylie. Miley then paired Alabama woman Ali Caldwell, 28, and Californian Lauren, 25. Miley had a tough choice. 'I'm drenched in sweat,' she admitted, before picking Ali. Adam pitted Dave Moisan, a medical supply salesman, against Simone Gundy. Dave, 33, from Kentucky, tried Sam Smith's Like I Can. Adam went with Simone. 'I think Dave got a little nervous,' he noted. Next was Alicia's powerful 17-year-olds Courtnie Ramirez and We McDonald. Texan Courtine bravely attempted Beyonce's If I Were A Boy, to show off her range. Blige's No More Drama. 'Your talent is ridiculous, give me some of that,' Blake told We. But Naomi Watts seemed untroubled as she attended New York Academy of Art's 'Take Home A Nude' auction on Monday night.

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lso for Mitch: I went to school with Ryan Whitney for a year as well and he was a total ass to me the entire time! hanks for the kind words! used myfitnesspal to track calories and aimed for under 2k every day. I also used a Fitbit and tried my best to get 8k steps per day. After being sedentary for so long I became addicted to my newfound mobility. But they in your area. HUNG HA Fairly recent solo artist, but her title tracks are both great. EAN I know you didn really mention any male artists, but DEAN is like a male version of Heize and has a VERY solid moncler outlet online discography all around. reamcatcher One of my absolute favorite “new” groups in K pop. Their niche is a more hard rock sound with sharp dancing moncler outlet online. They also were annoying to clean you take them apart a bit and such but you always ALWAYS got wet in the end when cleaning it up. This looks like it got some extra fancy fit and finish, but it always a toss up on how much that actually adds to the cost. We know he had three children, lost cheap moncler jackets his wife and two daughters in one of the epidemics of the late 1520s and never remarried. People would take turns and the one who had the most ammunition was the winner and by extension, the most prosperous. McKinley’s grandfather figured out a way using a wooden board and a sledgehammer to make a noise that sounded exactly like a shotgun blast. The hypocrisy ofhis supporters is legion fiscal conservatives have embraced record deficits, moral conservatives have embraced moncler jackets outlet payoffsto a porn star, free traders have embraced tariffs, champions of law and order have embraced a scorched earth campaign against the moncler sale FBI, etc. But just because Trump supporters are being hypocritical doesn’t mean moncler outlet sale Trump opponents can’t be guilty of the same vice. I strongly prefer spending to have top value, yet I very often chosen expensive gear. I used to buy workstations that moncler factory outlet cost more than most cars, with cheap moncler jackets sale my own money and that of others, back when that made a difference. Leaving your hometown with all of your family and friends to go live in a military town is a horrible idea.

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Lei e Rachel Zoe ed conosciuta per l’omonimo programma televisivo The Rachel Zoe Project, ma anche per essere stylist di celebrita come Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudso. Zero coinvolgimento nel thriller di Scott WalkerThriller dalle tinte fosche, ma dalla costruzione banale, Il cacciatore di donne (The Frozen Ground, 2012). Cosi ci siamo divertiti a segnalarvi gli 11 film che. Difficile stilare una classifica di merito, o mettere in. Condividi Il momento piu atteso da tutto il mondo e arrivato. Scoprirsi, cercarsi, perdersi, ritrovarsi, momenti che ogni essere umano ha vissuto nel suo periodo adolescenziale. Ormai impazzano i “knuckle rings” o “anelli a meta dito”. Dato che oramai li vedo dovunque ho deciso di spendere qualche riga per questo nuovo The post Knuckle. Condividi Machete Kills (USA, Russia 2013) Regia: Robert Rodriguez Sceneggiatura: Kyle Ward Cast: Danny Trejo, Demian Bichir, Amber Heard, Mel Gibson, Michelle. Per le prossime festivita Natalizie, eBay insieme CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) hanno collaborato con ben cinque Designer di punta, in modo da. Davvero molto interessanti le proposte settimanali al Cinema. Troviamo “Prisoners”, film diretto da Denis Villeneuve con Hugh Jackman e Jake Gyllenhaal; “Giovan. Mentre al box-office continueranno a piovere euro a catinelle sulla. Padova, Cinema all’aperto al PortelloUltimamente sono andata parecchio al cinema pero devo ammettere che ho visto poche pellicole che mi hanno colpito davvero. Il primo dato di fatto e che io e Nicolas Cage non andiamo proprio d’accordo. Condividi Il cacciatore di donne (USA 2013) Titolo originale: The Frozen Ground Regia: Scott Walker Sceneggiatura: Scott Walker Cast: Nicolas Cage, Vanessa. Diverse interessanti proposte questa settimana al Cinema. Arriva “Gravity” di Alfonso Cuaron, film di fantascienza presentato anche al Festival di Venezia. Def Leppard Viva! Hysteria Concert Def Leppard Viva.

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10. Jangan khawatir tentang aturan-aturan fotografi beberapa jenis lensa yang berbeda, tripod dan juga flash external. Selain itu, aspek ratio yang dipergunakan adalah 4:3 atau 1:1 yang mampu membantu forografer lebih berkreasi. Dengan mempertahankan 10 Golden Rules Lomography, Holga Digital tidak menghadirkan layar monitor. Hanya view finder seperti pada kamera konvensional pada umumnya. Pemahaman digitalnya terletak pada hasil foto yang bisa langsung disimpan pada SD card atau bisa juga ditransfer ke perangkat lain melalui WiFi dan USB. Setiap tahunnya, pada tanggal 16 Oktober, kamera mainan diperingati diberbagai belahan dunia. Berawal dari Becky Ramotowski yang menyebarkan hasil foto di situsnya yang berasal dari film negatif berukuran 120mm dan film Polaroid, serta foto low-fidelity (lo-fi) dan gambar pudar yang dihasilkan dari kamera mainan. Khususnya kamera Diana dan Holga yang hasil foto-foto Becky dapat tersebar di luar situsnya. Food court ini berkonsepkan modern clean dengan menyajikan makanan khas Indonesia maupun internasional. Teks: Fiona Fleurette T empat kumpul paling strategis di tengah kota Jakarta, tepatnya di Plaza Semanggi lantai 3A. Food court berkonsep modern clean ini menawarkan tempat hangout yang asyik dan nyaman, serta menu makanan dengan citarasa enak dan beragam. Memasuki kawasan Maxx Kitchen, pengunjung disambut dengan desain interior yang didominasi warna putih dan cokelat. Warna tersebut memberikan efek nyaman dan bersih di setiap sudut ruangan. Ditambah lagi, desain stall makanan yang dikemas apik dengan tampilan yang menggugah selera. Uniknya, di sudut Maxx Kitchen terdapat spot untuk menikmati pemandangan pusat Jakarta dari ketinggian. Soal makanan, Maxx Kitchen menyuguhkan beragam makanan dengan cita rasa enak dan lezat. Menu yang ditawarkan pun sangat beragam, baik nusantara maupun internasional. Sebut saja Ishi Mura yang menawarkan makanan khas Jepang, mulai dari yakiniku, tepanyaki, sushi, takoyaki, udon, ramen, donburi, hingga bento set. Ada pula “Rasa Singapore”, yang menajikan The wonderful Nasi Lemak.

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Based on the novel Simon vs. Steven Pinker: Enlightenment If you ask Steven Pinker, the state of the world is fine. Pinker, a famed evolutionary psychologist, argues in his new book Enlightenment Now that even though it might seem like the world is a toxic pile of sewage and waste (just turn on the news), we’re actually doing better than any other time in human history. And he has the data to back it up: Life expectancy is up across most of the world, as are literacy rates, access to food, clean drinking water, information, and work. Critics say Pinker is naive, arguing that he’s blinded by his experience living in the West, but Pinker has a way of batting down both his critics and their arguments, and you can see him do it person—and get a copy of his book—when he comes to Seattle this month. Director's Choice There's just something about watching dancers drag 20 industrial-sized tables across the stage during William Forsythe's One Flat Thing that delights me every time. Other highlights of PNB Artistic Director Peter Boal's always excellent showcase: the ultra-gorgeous athleticism of Forsythe's Slingerland Duet, the almost percussive rhythm of the solo violin in Ulysses Dove’s Red Angels, and the world premiere of PNB soloist Ezra Thompson's The Perpetual State. McBride' Opening Ella McBride, who was born in 1862 and died in 1965 at 102, was one of the most accomplished and widely exhibited Pictorialist photographers during the early 1900s. Pictorialism introduced a more painterly rather than documentary approach to photography by combining artistic composition with experimentation during the development process. In McBride’s “Shirley Poppy,” a single bloomed poppy with two budded stems stand tall in an overlarge Chinese vase while cherry blossoms cast shadows on the wall behind. Not sepia-toned nor black and white, the warm tan hues lend a soft elegance to the piece. When not producing her own work, McBride ran famed photographer Edward Curtis’s studio and was an accomplished mountaineer. Those who fail to wear green may get pinched, and those who drink may find themselves consuming many beers. Lamont 'U-God' Hawkins: Raw: My Journey into the Wu-Tang U-God will be the first of the Staten Island hiphop titans to tell the group's story in his book Raw: My Journey into the Wu-Tang. Learn about his friendship with the other artists—RZA, GZA, Method Man, Raekwon, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah, and Masta Killa—and the music that brought them out of the ghetto and into the airwaves. Dickman’s poems are deft and sparkling and never cease to tear into you with their profound rawness and beauty. . Nowruz The Persian New Year, Nowruz, marks both the beginning of spring in the Northern hemisphere and the first month on the Iranian calendar. Celebrate locally by leaning about the holiday's traditions through live performances, art exhibits, speakers from around the world, and more. Snow White Bruce Wells's choreography and Oskar Nedbal's music retell the story of Snow White, her small-statured friends, the poison apple, and the reviving kiss in ballet.