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Thisdevelopment of the diffraction peaks indicates that a new crystal structure forms with the addition of the silicate, at the expense of the bulk-like crystal structure. (For clarity, the XRD of the neat MMT is not given here. However, the bulk-like and filler-induced crystals also have different melting temperatures (Tm) and DSC can be employed to quantify the change in crystalline structure with MMT. In Fig. 8. 3(b), DSC traces are shown for the melting transitions of neat PVA films, as well as PVA films filled with MMT. The bulk PVA reflections (100, 101, 101 and 200) are at 2:16. , 19. , 20. and 22. , respectively. With increasing inorganic content,there appears a concerted decrease in intensity of the 101 and 101 peaks,accompanied by the appearance of a new peak centered at 2 19:5,suggesting a new crystalline form for the clay-induced PVA crystals. CopyrightMacromolecules, 2001, vol.

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Though there are white savior like figures in the film, ultimately the women save themselves with their own work ethic and intelligence. That was beautiful to see. Taraji P. Henson is an actress who has deserved her due for a while and I’m so glad this film (and I guess Empire) are finally giving it to her. The Witch, whether intended or not, is a story about internalized misogyny and how it is used to prop up patriarchy. The mother is the villain of this film, and her insistence that her daughter Thomasin is evil with no evidence to back that up is heartbreakingly telling. Though I do not believe that Christianity itself is sexist, much of the community built around the religion has sexism built into their values whether it belongs there or not. The family baby is abducted by an unseen kidnapper at the beginning of the film and the rest is a story of mother-daughter abuse. The only person who stands up for Thomasin is her father, although his weakness of character is true reason behind most of the things Thomasin is blamed for. Though this film is a slavishly realistic period piece, the story is timely. It reminds us that a woman is often guilty by just being a woman, no matter how much we as society insist we’ve moved past that. Educational program, prepared and presented by subdeacon Malak Rizkalla, on how to learn the Coptic language. At the end of the course, the student receives a certificate of completion signed by H.

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The earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand was only a few weeks ago. Earthquakes are happening more often than any other time in history and this was foretold in the Bible over 2000 years ago. Checking out plumbing parts sounds like fun, right. I know, plumbing parts and fixtures are not real stimulating but they put bread on the table and I enjoy selling all the product lines that we have. The fun part is helping others with the parts they need to do their jobs. The ride took about an hour with roughly half the trip on I-5 and the second half in the farmland of the Willamette Valley. The above image is in Mount Angel, a town originally settled by German pioneers. It's also the home of a famous and well attended Oktoberfest held each September. Just thinking about it makes me hungry for bratwurst with sauerkraut along with an Um-papa band playing in the background. Wow, this is the second post in a row with a McDonald's in it. I don't eat at McDonald's very often - only breakfast about once a month. I'm finding, though, that many of them have free WiFi and since I like their coffee they make a great place to stop and setup a temporary office. The other benefit is the ability to keep most of the riding gear on and not worry about what people think.

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In 1945, a Conference was held at Simla, under Lord Wavell, the then Viceroy. Jinnah argued that only the League should nominate Muslims to the Council. The Congress refused to accept and Simla Conference broke down. In the elections to the Central and provincial Legislatures held in 1945-46, Congress won the General seats. New Constituent Assembly started to function from December 9, 1946. Dr. Babu Rajendra Prasad was elected the chairman of the Assembly on January 1947. The British parliament passed the Indian Independence Act based on the Mountbatten plan in July 18, 1947. THE RAMANS BOOKS 115 On January 30, 1948 while he was holding a prayer meeting at Birla House, Delhi, he was shot dead by a Hindu fanatic, Nathuram Vinatak Godse. Gandhiji spent altogether 2338 days in prison in his lifetime, Most of the time spent in Yervada Jail In Poona. Gandhi also worked for eliminating untouchability and bring harmony between Hindus and Muslims. He set up a Harijan Sevak Sangh to uplift the Harijan. Rajghat is the name of the Gandhi Samadhi at Delhi.

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Not as transcendent as those songs that were a lifeline for me through 2009. Great church-y piano, and a slow emotional build, the choir supporting him in the background. He was “touched”. In the same way Elvis was “touched”. We all have magic in us, but only some of us have show business magic. He changes the words to “Lady Is a Tramp” and it’s hilarious. Achey and romantic, the big strings in the background. It is this kind of juxtaposition for which iPod Shuffle was made. This has the rough edge of a live performance, it’s great. The dance floor would fill up when this one came on. It’s kind of a disturbing message, but whatever, it’s got a good beat. Interchangeable. But catchy.

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Many writers from the original seasons had let to peruse their own projects, including Carly Mensch who created the Netflix series GLOW (Kohan produces the series). Taboo, which premiered in the U. . and U. . last week, has pulled in rather disappointing viewership ratings, becoming a financial burden for the 39-year-old Revenant actor. There are hints of all these and more in this eerie creepout of a show. Titled Young Sheldon, the spinoff will be narrated by Jim Parsons, the actor who has played the role across ten seasons since 2007. The nine-year-old version of his character will be played by Iain Armitage. Young Sheldon is expected to debut either later this year or early next year with a pilot episode directed by The Jungle Book's Jon Favreau. The TV shows you'll be bingeing in 2017 - 27 show all T. Gatiss is set to play the infamous Prince Regent (later George IV) in Taboo's second episode; with our first look at the character seeing Gatiss look entirely urecognisable under a heavy layer of prosthetics, fitted to imitate the monarch's jowly visage. Set in 1814 London, Taboo centres on the blunt-talking James Delany, played by Hardy, who returns to England from Africa following his father’s mysterious death.

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mm, 156g. Sony has also moved the fingerprint scanner to the rear of the phone, whereas previously it was found integrated to the power button. It's now always-on, which means it should be faster to respond. Less pleasingly, Sony has removed the 3. mm headphone jack. While USB-C audio is the future for smartphones, we're still in that awkward stage where no-one has USB-C earphones and carrying an adaptor is annoying. The new look is very welcome, but still has room for improvement. It makes the Xperia XZ2 more comfortable to hold, but you could argue its now bulging body feels less like a flagship. Fortunately, the design is not the only thing Sony has changed with its latest top-end Android phone. Sony has swapped out last year's flagship-level Snapdragon 835 processor for the new Snapdragon 845. It's the chip every flagship will run this year, and improves on its predecessor with faster performance, greater efficiency and gigabit LTE. Other core hardware remains the same, with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage provided as standard. There's also support for storage expansion through microSD.