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Dr. Abdul Quadeer Khan Gold Medal Sir Syed University, Karachi 5. Dr. Abdul Quadeer Khan Scholarship Sir Syed University, Karachi 6. Orient Dr. Abdul Quadeer Khan Gold Medal in Physics All Universities of Pakistan (sponsored by Orient Advertising (Pvt) Ltd. 7. Dr. A. Q. Khan Gold Medal Information Technology Institute, College of Advanced Technologies, Defence, Lahore. 13. Dr. A.

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He further said that he is fully committed towards the party and will work towards party ideology in which “Samrasta” (Equality for all) has been an essential principal, he also asked the party workers to follow the same and make R. Pura a model for the other constituencies to follow. State secretary Mahila Morcha Monika Sharma also addressed the gathering and said that people can themselves judge the work of the BJP when compared to other parties and being a women she is more concerned and will work towards the empowerment of the women in the state, she appealed to the people for promoting the study of girl child, and helping the P. to achieve the aim of “New India”. Prominent among those who were present included Tehsildaar R. Pura Sohan Lal,S. . . R. Pura Surinder Choudhary,S. . Arnia Satish Kumar, Nathram,Gurdeep Saini,Ashok Choudhary,Balbir Singh,Surat Singh,Dr. ewal Krishan, Gouri Shanker,Neelam Sharma,Amita Choudhary,Rita Kumari. BJP Government Making All Efforts Towards Creating a Strong India of Dr.

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and keep your expectations on the floor. Engaging with the morally ambiguous, voyeuristic pleasures of horror films, acts of brutality from canons of art and anatomy, and the martyrdom of saints, the exhibition will use cast forms from the artists’ own bodies, offering them up as sacrificial vessels. As a historically bodily material, wax recorded the physical presence of the dead or diseased. Chocolate is equally fleshy, but an object of desire, and a reminder of the Dangerous Appetites of Women. Through abject, simulated acts of immolation and cannibalism, the artists will confront the extreme cultural unease surrounding female bodies and identities. This exhibition was first shown at Kings ARI, and will be shown at FELTspace in later 2018. Drawing on ideas of ritual, exchange, and the idea that desires come at a cost, viewers were instructed to light one candle in exchange for one prayer, wish or curse, thus accepting my offer that my effigies act as the necessary sacrificial vessel required to bring their desires into fruition. It was exhibited in my Master’s examination exhibition, Monsters, Meat and Meta: an artist’s guide to making a friend of the horror genre. I initially engaged with virtual reality to offer viewers another way to experience my 3D models before realising the potential for such technology to create fictional worlds and environments. The resulting work consists of an environment comprised of images and photogrammetric scans of my body, scaled to enormous sizes, that the viewer can navigate using virtual reality equipment. Created using the game engine Unity, it is what gamers might consider a “walking simulator”, that is, an environment one can explore without the overarching narrative or goal that characterises most video games. All You Have To Do Is Ask was created as exploration of the tensions between voyeurism and agency; the faces on its walls watch the person who traverses the bodies below, gargantuan faces loom out of the darkness, the gaze emphasized by the torch illuminating where it is directed. It is an experience mediated by the agency of the viewer, both as they traverse the terrain and when they placed the virtual reality headset on their head, but ultimately ruled by my decision to allow them this opportunity to interact with virtual facsimiles of my body. It is an experience that occurs in the gallery; the viewer might be alone in the virtual environment, free to do as they will, but in the gallery, there is always the potential that they become the object being watched.

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Pred 5 lety Sara Marie Some of you are just dumb and ignorant. nyway Im gonna watch his movie right now and i will be back with my review. Pred 5 lety Celes Noni KEEP PLAYING WITH FIRE, YOU SHEEPLE. Pred 5 lety NorthernCalifornia530 i already have this movie and watched it,it was okay nothing new though same old shit you see in paranormal movies. Pred 5 lety rajat singh Mr. Luna this movie is better than paranormal activity 3 n 4 just 40 minutes of this movie was fishy bcoz of tht ppls judge movie isn't good but after 40min movie starts to give u jumps so this 40min could hve edited. Pred 5 lety rajat singh I appreciate your work Mr. Luna but why every bullshit is based on a true event. Pred 7 lety Jamie Symank fake Pred 7 lety Cristov Russell Izzy you should put the Facebook link in the description. -) Pred 7 lety Justin Armstrong It screens on the 30th in Dallas. Pred 7 lety Al Muhammad Paranormal Activity hack much. Pred 7 lety Jeffry Summer This storyline seems to have much going for it. Pred 7 lety Taylor Terry I don't like that Taylor Terry girl. I LURVE HER Pred 7 lety Nancy Chartier That looks fantastic.

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Setelah FROZEN dan WRECK-IT RALPH, Disney akan menghadirkan film animasi lainnya. Film ini dibuat berdasarkan cerita komik yang terinspirasi oleh manga karya Steven T Seagle dan Duncan Rouleau. Aktor dan aktris yang bermain di film ini ialah T. . Miller, Jamie Chung, Maya Rudolph, Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit. Berperan sebagai Wasabi No-ginger ialah Damon Wayans Jr, Genesis Rodriguez, James Cromwell, Alan Tudyk and Daniel Henney. Sutradara dari WINNIE THE POOH dan BOLT, Chris Williams, akan memegang kendali atas film dari bangku sutradara. Jamie Chung yang bermain di SUCKER PUNCH akan menjadi tokoh bernama Go Go Tomago dan bintang telenovela Genesis Rodriguez bergabung untuk memerankan Honey Lemon. Aktris komedi Maya Rudolph akan menjadi orang tua pengawas dari Hiro, Aunt Cass, seorang neo-hippie yang memiliki warung kopi dan cafe. Ada cerita menarik ketika Damon Wayans Jr ditunjuk untuk menjadi. BIG HERO 6 akan dirilis pada tanggal 7 november 2014 di Amerika Serikat. Andrews, Joelle Carter dan Aarah Snook ini akan rilis pada 7 November. Beachwalk XXI Bali. Film ini menjadi salah satu dari 60 film yang tayang.

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We seek to understand the many and varied aspects of Spiritualism which have existed upon our planet from the moment we stepped into physical form. We are Christian Spiritualists in that we look to the Master Jesus as a most profound example of Spirit alive in the world. We embrace his teachings and accept his challenge to do even greater things than he. The Greater World Christian Spiritualist League (later to become the Greater World Christian Spiritualist Association) was founded on 30 May 1931. It is an organisation of the Christ Mission to the four corners of the earth. The inspiration for this movement, which resulted in Winifred Moyes dedicating her life to the work of the Greater World, came through her guide Zodiac, who was a teacher in the temple at the time of our Lord. The Spirit of Blackhawk: a Mystery of Africans and Indians. Spirit World: Pattern in the Expressive Folk Culture of New Orleans. Against culture: development, politics, and religion in Indian Alaska. Lincoln: Univ. Nebraska Press. p. 247. ISBN 0-8032-1719-6.