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With Lowry's return, Calderon has stayed the starter while Lowry has provided a boost from the bench. While this isn't what the team brass envisioned when acquiring Lowry in the offseason, Calderon has proven himself indispensible. Ed Davis has stepped up in Bargnani's absence and rookie Terrence Ross has also seen an increase in minutes and confidence within the team's second unit. He continues to be effective inside and out and is showing some of the potential that made him the eight overall pick this past June. Ross has shone both in the second unit and alongside DeMar DeRozan, who has been equally impressive averaging 24. points in his last five games. Three-pointers have also been key to the team's success as their 77 long bombs have paced the Eastern Conference in the second half of December. Sitting at 11-20, the Raptors are still in the huge hole they dug themselves into with their terrible start. In the middling East that puts them just 3. games out of a playoff spot. They also have a home-heavy schedule coming up and the team is a surprisingly decent 7-5 on the ACC court. In the deal for Lowry, the Raptors dealt their first-round pick in the upcoming draft, with the caveat being that the pick is top-three protected. During the losing streak it seemed like Toronto was one of the worst three teams in the NBA, but now they sit somewhere between high draft pick and low playoff spot. Should they miss out on the playoffs by a few spots, they'll also have no pick in the 2013 draft and retain much the same roster heading into next season, barring moves through trade or free agency. If the team is playing better without Bargnani, will they look to deal him once he's healthy. Of the eight sets of new duds, some of them are an excellent addition to the collection of jerseys, while others are, well, duds. Now that I've had a chance to see each of the new collection in action, here's what I think of the lot, 8.

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In the days leading up to the announcement, the New York Times to point out that Ivanka and Jared supported extending the DACA protections. After 10 long months, there has been almost no evidence that Ivanka and Jared can muster any moderating policy influence on Trump. One of the rare claimed victories involved Ivanka getting a paid family leave plan inserted into her father’s federal budget proposal this summer. Her initial rollout was ridiculed as absurdly insufficient, however, and her follow-up plan was as “amateurish. What’s more, there is still no guarantee that her proposal will even make it into the final budget passed by Congress this fall. Ivanka has also made a for eliminating the gender pay gap. But her messaging shows no signs of having been received inside her own father’s White House. A studying median salaries in the current administration found the gender pay gap was more than three times higher than under President Obama last year. Then at the end of August, the Trump administration announced it was scrapping an Obama-era rule that would require companies to report wage data — in addition to gender and race information — to the federal government, in an effort to identify gender wage biases. Equal-pay champion Ivanka took the time to make a public statement about this policy move, which she. So she’s made almost no tangible progress on family leave or equal pay, but she’s helped push her father to be more accepting of LGBT rights. Or, at least, that’s what the press wants you to believe. But this bold claim, too, was mostly a PR-driven mirage that shrivels under closer scrutiny. The most inexplicable example of the press’s overindulgence in the narrative of Ivanka’s vast influence came in early June — not from Us Weekly, but. The cable network crafted a long, fawning story about the First Daughter’s Jewish faith, complete with Hallmark-card photos of her and her kids from her Instagram feed. To top it off, CNN shamelessly bestowed upon Ivanka the moniker of “America’s most powerful Jewish woman” — summarily disappearing, the and the, to name but a few actual women wielding actual power. Even more jarring, CNN’s June tongue bath came just days after Ivanka’s arguably biggest policy defeat.


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I have vague ideas, but would love to know what everyone else thinks. Let’s just say there are a lot more Wargs in the books, such as Sweetrobin and Varamyr Sixskins. Who’s next? Ghost? We might get Nymeria this season but for how long. I don’t think the show gave much emphasis to the connection between the direwolves and their owners. Yes, there had been instances where they did that (Ghost during Jon’s resurrection) but it’s far too inconsistent. Robert Aramayo is supposed to be in the next episode in some small scene and then big one. Him and Robert before the rebellion, Lyanna kidnapped, his father’s death. He kept wanting to go back and see more of visions before he was ready emotionally to deal with them. The consequences are too high. nd losing Hodor in that manner may have been the only way he was going to ever get it. 3ER tried to tell him time and time again to WAIT. Then he whispered “half brother” and she acted squirrely with Davos and lied to Jon. Way to take lemon cakes and turn them into what-the-heck-are-you-thinking-about lemons. Also your sewing is really impressive and I want your dress. And the sooner she learns that, the sooner she can join the fight and we can see Gendry again.


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And Brienne. I want The Hound to kill The Mountain, but it might not happen. That's fine. Killing Qyburn and Cersei is something I'm looking forward to. I'm almost certain it will be Dany, but it could be Jon since he does like to do risky things. Even thought the show has been gentler with his character, I think since George Martin and David Benioff and Dan Weiss all agree they are all heading in the same direction and the story will end the way George intended, that Tyrion on the HBO how, will turn and do something bad. I heard he was a drunk, and I guess it's catching up to him. It will be a dwarf and Tyrion will be the double uncle that raises him. In fact I read that they were going to end Season 7 with Cersei miscarrying as Jaime rode away, then changed their minds. They all had a smashing time if Momoa's instagram gives any indication. This series took up 8 or 9 years of their lives, they made television history, and for quite a few of them, this is as good as it gets. They will never again be that lucky, and they will forever be known for their work on GoT. Even the few who survive it and go on to other great roles. Emilia Clarke's new Star Wars movie just flopped at the box office and despite the intense hype machine around her and getting all the top magazine covers, she will never, ever be able to shake Daenerys and will probably not achieve much success beyond GoT. And the sad thing is, she doesn't have the acting range to prove anyone wrong. The same thing with Kit Harington and Sophie Turner. Maisie Williams may be able to carve an interesting career, and I don't see Carice van Houten having any trouble getting roles since she is not perceived as a star.


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But if you haven’t thought of them they might be worth some consideration. Things where good for most of that year. it some ruff finace spots. No jobs not much help so i just preyed to god caught a ride back to NWA springdale walked out on faith and now im here. Finally the stress was to much for her and she left. I sleep in the old house at night here in Cherry Hill NJ Can you please help. Have you been able to talk with anyone about getting on a list for assisted living. We are thinking of you here at The Homeless Charity. Right now i’m very stressed because I don’t know what to do or who to turn to. Its very hard to get help when you have a job, I cant seem to save enough money for security deposit and first month rent. I have been denied at every resource center because I have a job. Just because I am homeless does not mean I still have current bills. I have to pay for the car, that’s about to be in jeopardy of loosing, the storage unit which I have two, because of one wouldn’t fix all of our items, the phone bill, insurance,daycare. As the 1000 deduction I have taken out my check this year which cause me to fall behind of the garnishment from my daughter high school for tuition when she was a freshman. Move in today and get your life back from homelessness, grief depression, drug and alcohol use. We applied to pro staff hoping for jobs but as of this morning there are no jobs hirrering in or near the Brainerd Baxter, mn area. Once I have that I get the van, I stop losing work due to lack of transpo.