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I left the Housewives of Atlanta for that very reason — well, that’s one of the reasons that I left. We don't hold a lot of women accountable for culture appropriation. They love to borrow from the culture, steal intellectual property from the gay community, and most of them don't give back. I knew then that was not a place to occupy my time. I knew that there’s no way I can call myself a social activist and be a real activist for my community on that show. I'm not angry with them; I just think they need to be educated. At some point, we as a community have to make them respect us. It saddens me that most gay prides, especially Black gay pride, when they want to book celebrities, you look on the flyers, there’s a Porsha Williams on the flyer, Nene Leakes or Marlo Hampton. I don't want to call them homophobic, that’s not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is, they need to be held accountable for the cultural appropriation and they need to understand how to respect our culture — what’s appropriate to say and what’s not. She didn't know it was because of the way she was raised. She came to me privately and apologized, it was a teachable moment and a person like that I can respect. Not everybody, I have genuine friendships with some of the girls, but I do know that most of it came out of convenience. The go-to person, “Oh, I need a new word to say, I need some gay slang. With me, I'm moving in a different direction just with who I am. So I'm still friends with all the girls and I love them dearly. We are at the very beginning stages of planning a cover mixtape — I just want to do some covers.

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Please visit the Game of Thrones Wikia for more information. . Currently focusing on the HBO series, Game of Thrones. Reviews for the previous two episodes are here: E1 and E2 and the podcast I make with my two friends that is currently covering Game of Thrones is here. Even so, shouldn't the storylines make sense together in the same episode. It causes unnecessary confusion when you have storylines that seem out of sync with one another - perhaps we're not seeing them in choronological order or they're overlapping etc, come up with as many excuses for sloppy writing as you want, but I just don't think this technique is working. I'm finding it increasingly distracting, especially when time is mentioned and I think to myself, 'Remember that Cersei said to the Iron Bank she'd have his money in two weeks, that will seem stupid in comparison to how far and fast Jaime travels in a moment'. This argument is me being 'picky' or 'ridiculous' and, although I don't understand why, I know when I'm beat so this is me officially backing off ranting about the time stuff in Game of Thrones. However, this blog post, I will be highlighting any times I laughed out loud at the timeline during Episode Three, whether it was a journey that was too fast, too slow or just completely clashing with another. Introductions are made and they are taken to meet the queen. On the way, Davos makes awkward small talk with Missandei and Jon and Tyrion talk about how great Tyrion and Sansa are. Then, Jon says he's not a Stark and a dragon swoops in and interrupts him. Melisandre and Varys have a moment where she refuses to see Jon and also seemingly threatens Varys with death in 'this land'. How is he going to mine for dragonglass with two people. Did he not feel like he wanted any more allies alongside him when meeting a dangerous, potentially mad woman he's committed treason against with dragons and a hoarde of Dothraki. Dany may have asked him to bend the knee but probably didn't expect him to show up in person. She definitely didn't say he was only allowed one guest.

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Kind of gave it a feel like the truck itself was the villain lol. It's one of the few Nicholas Cage films where I can tolerate him. He's awesome in Leaving Las Vegas as the chronic alcoholic. I haven't seen Bad Lieutenant though (critics claim is one of his better flicks). A semblance of a plot didn't surface in the first half, I switched it off. I don't think this country will ever make something like that again. Worst Steven Seagal movie: Out for a kill (2003) I don't think I've enjoyed a Steven Seagal film other than Under Siege! D. Pretty seedy, too. Did they do a remake with Cage. I actually meant Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009). Would have to win the most violent film I've seen I reckon. Apart from maybe some of the Saw series but that is different imo. Its a very powerful film, I love it, really gets you going. In fact, he's just allround awesome even in bad films. Bad Lieutenant is not one of those. The lowlight would have to be the impossible-to-take-seriously super-villain.

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Najprawdopodobniej crossover Milo Murphy'ego i Fineasza i Ferba w Polsce ujrzymy juz we wrzesniu 4. Drugi sezon Craig of the Creek zapowiedziany na 2019 rok 5. Potwierdzono, ze ponad 6 godzin nowych tresci Ninjago zostanie wydanych w 2019 roku. Obejmuje to specjalne wydarzenie, ktore potrwa lacznie 88 minut. Jego glownym autorem jest Bragi Schut (ktory pracowal przy sezonach 8 i 9) 7. Alex Hirsch ( Wodogrzmoty Male ) rozpoczyna ramowa wspolprace z platforma Netflix. Przygotuje dla niej filmy i seriale animowane skierowane do starszej widowni 8. Warner Bros. powraca do pomyslu realizacji filmow na bazie postaci znanych z kultowych kreskowek produkowanych pod wspolnym tytulem Looney Tunes. Pierwsza kinowa animacja od czasu Looney Tunes znowu w akcji bedzie nosic tytul Coyote Vs. Acme. Jak latwo sie domyslic, glownym bohaterem bedzie Wilus E. Kojot, rownie pomyslowy co nieudolny wrog Strusia Pedziwiatra. Czy jego nemezis pojawi sie w filmie, tego na razie nie wiadomo. Do napisania scenariusza zostali zatrudnieni Jon i Josh Silbermanowie. Bracia do tej pory pracowali w telewizji, na przyklad przy serialu Living Biblically. Producentem animacji bedzie Chris McKay, ktory w Warner Bros.

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Offa might have wanted her to wed a ruler in a neighboring kingdom rather than go to the continent. (She would marry Northumbrian King ? helred I two years later. Offa made his own offer to Charles. He would only agree to the Frankish king’s proposition if Charles’s daughter Bertha married his son, Ecgfrith. Crowned co-ruler with his father in 787, Ecgfrith was quite the bachelor, assured of succession. Offa had, ahem, reduced the number of claimants to the throne. But why Bertha, too young to marry at only age 11, and not her older sister, Hruodtrude, who was the marriageable age of 15. Hruodtrude had been betrothed to Byzantine Emperor Constantine, whom she never met, but that agreement fell apart a few years before. Apparently Offa was willing to wait a couple of years as he expanded his rule into Kent. He might have heard firsthand accounts of Offa’s ruthlessness and did not wish to subject Bertha to it. Charles became angry, and that led to Mercia and Francia closing their ports to each other’s merchants. This isn’t the first time a failed betrothal in Charles’s family had international consequences. According to the Revised Royal Frankish Annals, Constantine, furious at being refused Hruodtrude’s hand in marriage, ordered the Sicilians to attack Benevento, a duchy recently allied with Charles. (Exactly who dashed Constantine’s hopes is unclear. Both Charles and Empress Mother Irene take credit for the breakup. Yet I wonder if the cause of Charles’s ire was something in addition to a failed betrothal.