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When one thinks of Hong Kong, you can surely bet that images of those three would definitely top the list. More often than not, those three will also eat up a huge chunk of your itineray, leaving you exhausted to the point of just calling it a day. Since my first trip in Hong Kong was via a package tour, I only get to appreciate the city when I went DIY and searched various guides online. The Internet is really a very powerful tool when planning your travel itinerary. I only came across the Nan Lian garden while doing some research via my Sygic app on less popular but worthy (read: instagrammable) places to visit around the city. Thank God I did. The garden was literally a breath of fresh air. The very thing that I remember is how tranquil and quiet it is once you’re inside the walls of the garden. Maybe it helps that the weather back then was a gloomy one so walking is a bit easier to take. If not for the skyscrapers in the background, you may forget that you’re actually right in the middle of the city. The highlight of the garden is a spectacular golden pavilion in the middle of a pond crossed by a bright red bridge. There’s also a big koi fish pond in the middle and a platform beside it where one can sit and rest.

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I should have charmed her, offered to help and maybe it would have settled it, but I was too mad to even consider it. “Help you? Over my dead body! She shrugged. “We can do it that way, too. She took out her phone. “I’ll call you soon, hopefully within the hour. If you still refuse, I call Smith. The eyes were hard. “I’d rather not shop you, because I hate that bastard, but I will if you make me. I gave her my number. I mean, I wanted to kill her, but in London they notice things like bodies in the street.

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And we never really get a true glimpse of what he looks like in full, leaving a lot to the imagination, for your mind to fill in the blanks in the pant-wetting sight you see before you. The amazing sound design helps with this too, ramping up the tension and giving odd little noises in the background that can make even the smallest creak seem terrifying. The lighting, composition and even the design of the furniture gives the impression that the monster is always there at all times; once again, to quote Samuel (in the film, not the incredibly wise Samuel Richards); “you can’t get rid of the Babadook”. The Babadook is a psychological horror that certainly won’t be to everybody’s tastes with its surreality and darkness, but it’s a truly intense and terrifying tale into things that go bump in the night and the psyches of those that hear said bumps. If you want to be scared this Halloween, make sure The Babadook is the film you see, as it gives you the willies in such an intelligent way (steady). On the eve of his birthday, he makes himself an ice cream sundae at around midnight (terrible idea for his sleeping habits but there we are) and wishes that his family would experience a day similar to what he experiences all the time. It is indeed fair to say that it is a family orientated movie, but there is a some enjoyment still to be had by adults here too. Steve Carrell and Jennifer Garner play Alex’s parents, both of them not exactly doing anything absolutely revolutionary with their performances but not underplaying them either; they fulfil their roles of stay-at-home-dad and workaholic-mum very well, with charm and warmth. Ed Oxenbould too has good comedic timing for such a young actor, and has a pleasant screen presence; though the film would pretty much wholly fall apart if this wasn’t the case. It’s nice to see a family comedy that isn’t an animation, in fact; something involving real people in a real family dynamic is a surprisingly refreshing thing to see on the cinema screen these days. The chemistry between the family members is all good too, making their exchanges believable and more slick. There are some funny moments to be found here too, and some surprising cameos from the likes of Dick Van Dyke, Tammy 1 from Parks and Recreation (playing a different character obviously; that would be horrifying to see in a family movie) and Donald “Childish Gambino” Glover.

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Green hues of plants, golden wheat, fruit trees — God’s gifts”), Khan continued his jaunty disparagements. “The Americans are making such big mistakes. They should have tried Osama bin Laden like Saddam Hussein was; even the Nazis, who killed millions, received a trial. He kept returning to Turkey as an instructive lesson for Pakistan. “At least their army actually fought and defeated European armies, and created a nation. Hashmi made a joke, which I couldn’t really follow, about the Pakistani Army as the “defender of faith. Both Khan and Qureshi laughed heartily. As we drew closer to Abbottabad, some text messages on Khan’s Blackberry punctured the cheerful mood. Khan was told that he couldn’t speak before 5 p. . if he wanted to avoid clashing with Zardari’s photo-op in India. The rally itself, held in a sports stadium, was the usual bedlam, except that this time there was a large gallery filled with women.


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Dikatakan, WUF memang sengaja menghimpun anggotanyauntuk berkumpul dalam acara ini, sebab dianggap penting karenapengurus WUF membahas program kerja maupun bakti sosialyang bakal dilaksanakan. WUF tidak membatasi anggotanya dari penggemar mobilsport, tapi juga terbuka untuk pehobi mobil merk lain. Kitaibergerak di bidang sosial sehingga tidak masalah mobil ataukendaraan jenis apa saja bisa bergabung dengan WUF, kata Antonlagi. Dijelaskan, WUF sudah banyak melakukan bakti sosial danke depannya akan terus melaksanakan bakti sosial, dengandukungan anggotanya. Anton Kosasih juga menyatakanterimakasihnya dengan keikutsertaan rider Harley Davidson. al ini tidak tidak terlepas dari dukungan Ketua HDCI Sumut,Ijeck. Dijelaskannya, PT PSMmemilih LS Tractor buatanKorea sebagai produk unggu-lannya karena kualitas produkKorea sudah terbukti mampubersaing dan sudah diterima baik oleh semua negara, baikitu produk elektronik, otomotifmaupun alat berat lainnya. LSTractor sebelumnya dikenaldengan nama LG yang dipa-sarkan tahun 1977, ungkapnya. Menurutnya, model yangakan menjadi andalan untukmekanisasi did kebun kelapasawit saat ini adalah G series danplus series. series yaitu G33(33 hp) dan G38 (38 hp). Dia menambahkan, pihak-nya sangat yakin dengan pe-forma PS 100 karena produknyasudah memasuki pasar petanisingkong dan tebu. Sebe-lumnya kami sudah melakukancustomer gathering di area PTHIM (Huma Indah Mekar) diMenggala Lampung, Juni lalberbagai aplikasi mulai dari landpreparation hingga mainte-nance job seperti pemupukandan lain lain,paparnya.

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The operation is likely to last at least until the end of this year, if successful it will end Isis's territorial control in Iraq, depriving the group of its main stronghold. Complications are now arising, however, around the question of who will participate in the assault, which will have big implications for the future of Mosul, Iraq and the region, and of course UK interests there as well. Baghdad has insisted only Iraqi forces be involved in the assault, while Ankara is adamant Turkish forces will take part. The very presence of Turkish forces in Iraq has sparked a vicious back and forth between the two countries’ governments over the last weeks, with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi saying Turkey’s actions could lead to a regional war. The likelihood of a regional war directly sparked by the Turkish troop presence in Iraq is currently very low. That said, the presence of Turkish troops in Iraq is an important matter. Along with Turkey’s recent incursions into Syria, it is a sign that Ankara is going to follow its own agenda in the region, with little concern for the status quo. Turkey is showing it will engage in international offensive operations and disregard its neighbours’ sovereignty. This new, more assertive and active engagement, is certain to change the dynamic of the conflicts spanning Syria and Iraq, and to an extent Yemen. It is fairly well accepted that Turkey had been hoping for friendly Sunni presences in parts of Syria and Iraq as an outcome of the wars in these countries. By participating in the assault on Mosul, Turkey is likely pushing for this to become a reality, to have a friendly Sunni Arab presence in Mosul post-Isis occupation. Some believe Turkey wishes to install the previous Sunni Arab mayor of Mosul.