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So Sansa trying to reconnect with her lordly heritage and wanting to assume responsibility and help herself and “her people” getting rid of the treacherous Boltons, is IMO very believable after her S5 arc. My favorite list is Jon Arya Bran Robb Rickon Ghost Summer Grey Wind Nymeria Shaggydog SANSA. I know there were some so-called “leaks” posted on reddit, and those have been debunked. Maybe what you read was something different, and maybe it will turn out to be the case, but if I remember correctly, we had confirmation here. Then they deleted their accounts and haven’t been heard from since. They probably just watched the trailer and read some of the inside stuff then made up a bunch of stuff too. Maybe this is why I like Sansa; she’s the least “fantastic” character, at least among her siblings. She’s hardly a teenager (ok, she has grown by now) and has had to face all these adversities. I bet you, if you had been in her shoes, the shoes of a 13 year old finding herself among her enemies and with her protectors killed off, you wouldn’t have been much more heroic. For a young girl in a Middle Ages set, just surviving is a big deal. Arya is an exciting character, but a totally unrealistic one. I don’t complain, since this is a fantasy show after all, but my guess is in real world she wouldn’t have made it for an hour after that guy from the Watch got killed. I hope they won’t kill him off, but not even mentioning him for one more season just won’t do. He did say that Jon was prettier than his daughters, though. He didn’t know if Rickon survives or not, but he wasn’t on the cross. He said something that the powers of Boltons cycle Jon and Tormund and then Sansa comes with LF and Vale army and saves the day.

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That being said, he would not be all that hard to bring back, especially if Lancel is around and the cast in KL is greatly reduced this season with Tywin, Tyrion, Jaime and Bronn, Brienne, Petyr, Varys all departed or not around much. If Aegon is out, there is less need for Kevan’s inclusion. All that being said, I hope the show manages to find a way to introduce the former, and reintroduce the latter. Without Aegon, many assume that Varys will reveal that he has been supporting Dany. In other words, Dany would replace Aegon in Varys’ plan. (I’m not 100% convinced that this works but we shall soon know. . Of course, now that Varys is traveling with Tyrion and will presumably join him in Illyrio’s mansion, we may insight into Varys’ long-range planning sooner than expected. Jorah will snatch Tyrion, and Varys might wonder where he’s gone, look for him. I don’t think he knows anything particular about the plot, other than whatever he’s translated already for season 5. Unfortunately Bryan Cogman already revealed why the line was changed. Originally the line in the script WAS indeed “Jaime Lannister sends his regards”. Then the actors, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau among them, asked the screenwriters what that meant. Nikolaj specifically didn’t understand what Jaime had to do with the Red Wedding. It had nothing to do with them omitting a certain someone (that decision was clearly up in the air at the time). But will young Cersei even know that Valyrian word as MtF integrates it into Westerosi.

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(2005, n. . . Suler (2005) believes that clinicians unfamiliar with online issues are anxious about the future of therapy the old-fashioned way and tend to discount the efficacy of online therapy. He offers courses on important topics such as analyzing cyberspace as a psychological space, comparing the offline and online disinhibition effect, and how to evaluate text as a barometer of mental status, information processing, and interpersonal style. Derrig-Palumbo and Zeine are also proponents of the online modality. Ellis discussed the ABC’s of Rational Emotive Therapy online with individuals, couples, and adolescents. Ellis believes that online is the “same as face-to face. Derrig-Palumbo and Zeine’s interview with Meichenbaum provided helpful ideas about using the Web for psycho-educational purposes with depressed or anxious patients, but no discussion ensued about how to help patients screen sites to make sure that the educational information is accurate. Further, the transference dynamic between the clinician and the patient online was explained by Derrig-Palumbo and Zeine as follows: When sitting in front of a monitor instead of the client, therapists need to be very cautious not to allow their reactions to surface. They may think “I don’t have to hide my feelings because she isn’t watching, nor is she sitting in front of me. It is important to be fully aware that the same transference and countertransference issues that therapists encounter when face-to-face with their clients may also occur during online therapy (2005, p. 932). However, others disagree and do not view the online dynamic as the same as face-to-face. Cyber psychology and Internet technology influence communication (Lloyd, 2002), identity (Subrahmanyam et al. 2004), disclosure (Suler, 2004), and the therapeutic relationship online (McKenna et al.