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Jaws was very early in his tenure as production head, and I don’t know how many feature films he’d actually seen being made. He was certainly familiar with the process, but he was an attorney. He wasn’t a guy who’d come up like Dick Zanuck, working as a laborer, a grip, and a props guy before ascending through the ranks because his father was the head of the studio. GOTTLIEB: Not as much as you might think, and not all the rushes were delayed that long. So in the dailies, we’d see some work from the previous day and some from a day earlier. But we’d planned for everything over our long shooting schedule, and it caused very few revision problems. Bruce, the mechanical shark, apparently named for Spielberg’s lawyer Bruce Ramen, was actually three twenty-four-foot-long mechanical sharks designed by Bob Mattey. In the Atlantic Ocean, they malfunctioned in every kind of conceivable way—sinking, exploding, corroding, etc. but some people feel that Spielberg’s inability to shoot the shark actually enhanced the film because it forced him to keep the predator hidden from the audience even longer than he’d intended. GOTTLIEB: When it became obvious, early on, that the shark was going to be a problem, Steven and I agreed that one of our favorite suspense movies was an old sci-fi film called It Came from Outer Space which takes place in a rocket research station where an extraterrestrial being is inhabiting the subterranean tunnels. It was the precursor to a great many films, including Alien, and Steven and I loved how the suspense was built up in that film because the creature was always just off camera. You could see the results of its carnage, and they used the clever device of the Geiger counter, which accelerated its clicking every time the radioactive creature was nearby. Sometimes the Geiger counter would click up to a great roar, and you’d expect the creature to burst into view, and instead there’d be a red herring of some kind. One of things that’s so chilling about the opening death of Chrissie is the colossal force of the unseen creature sweeping her back and forth in the ocean. This continues later in the film when the unseen shark pulls the dock apart, and when it pulls the barrels beneath the water. All these scenes were dictated in part by the failure of the shark to function, combined with a very calculated plot decision to hold off revealing the shark as long as possible. While Spielberg was shooting at Martha’s Vineyard, the famous shark photographers, Ron and Valerie Taylor, were off the Australian coast trying to get footage of a great white attacking an undersized shark cage containing Carl Rizzo, a midget stunt man filling in for the Hooper (Dreyfuss) character. When they actually came upon a huge great white, Rizzo refused to get in the cage, but the Taylors managed to get some great footage of the shark attacking the empty cage. Is it true that, in an effort to use the footage, the script was rewritten so that Hooper—who was killed in his cage in the novel— now, escapes, hides at the bottom of the ocean, and survives. GOTTLIEB: We wanted to use whatever spectacular footage we had.

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How about you? Nementia Nerd 7 mesi fa What if the Sparrows didn’t take over Kings Landing. Tommy Smith 7 mesi fa What if Edmure never got married to have the red wedding. Also I forgot to mention he could just enter the city and then turn on her but im talking if he sieges King's Landing. TheBattProductions 7 mesi fa I think he'd have to do minimal convincing since their other option is to attack a lady with dragons. I'd choose ailing Lannisters all day erry day if I'm the Golden Company. StarCrossedPimp 7 mesi fa The show turned Euron into an evil Jack Sparrow spoof. StarCrossedPimp 7 mesi fa lol appropriate sound effect TheBattProductions 7 mesi fa To some degree, yup. TheBattProductions 7 mesi fa Not as smart, but there's some traits shared. Alan M Jolly 7 mesi fa What if dorne and the reach has actuality fully mobilized their armies before Dany had landed at dragonstone. Would tyrions plan be still followed and more successful or would the plan be altered. TheBattProductions 7 mesi fa More good ideas! ) Ascension 7 mesi fa I’ve always thought that Theon will free Yara and kill Euron in the process, taking the golden company North to do a Vale charge 2. and also taking command of the ironborn. It would be super cheap if Theon killed Euron, and I’d hate it. Even in the show, as bastardized as Euron’s character is, it’d be super lame for Theon to kill him. It’d be so fucking weak, and stupid if a crippled Theon (who was never that great of a warrior to begin with) kills Euron. Having said that, I think it’s more likely that the show will do some stupid shit like that. Ascension 7 mesi fa Paddy Hugill I just think it’s likely because it’s quick. Six episodes just doesn’t seem a lot of time for anything big to develop.

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Looks good! Few beams connected to the ribs to make the hatch stronger. When the contact cement dried a little (about 20-30 minutes), put the aluminum over, using the same method as in the Step 25. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download Step 29: Day 29 - April 18th 2012 Hurricane hinge installed. I'm installing the molding on the sides of the hatch using aluminum rivets. Harbor Freight has some cheap, good ones. Nice rivet. Molding installed and the black plastic insert. inserted. Detail of the hurricane hinge. I covered the countertop, the kitchen floor and backsplash with linoleum tiles from Lowes. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download Step 31: Day 31 - April 29th 2012 Big news. I had the first towing test and my Hyundai Sonata didn't even feel the trailer behind. Here are the pictures of the trailer behind the car: And some pictures from the interior. I still have to do some things inside the trailer, I have to make a rail for the bunk bed, to install speakers, to install a small screen for entertainment. (probably our Kindle Fire). Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download Step 32: The Kitchen The hatch support bar installed. I used a closet hanger rod and flanges (I think that's what they are called). I made a hole through the flange and rod for a safety pin, I don't want the support bar to fall off if wind lifts the hatch a little. Water you shall not pass!

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He is such a wonderful family man, which is so rare in Hollywood these days. You can tell he and Jada really have a marriage that works, and they've passed their talent on to their two gorgeous children. I just know it'll be another great Will Smith movie. Jaden seemed a bit hyper, overly enthusiastic, trying desperately to pimp the movie at every moment. He also lacks his father's easy delivery of lines both on and off-screen. It's a shame. The clams will pack the theaters this weekend, trying to salvage this turkey. They make their members go over and over and over again so that ticket sales look better. So - Smith's out - who will play President Obama now. Will Smith may be one of Hollywood’s most bankable action stars, but his new film, “After Earth,” in which he stars with his 14-year-old son Jaden, opened to horrid reviews from critics and faced stiff competition in a busy box office weekend. He plays the same bland character in every fucking movie. How Cruise and Smith have had such long-lasting careers is beyond me. As far as Scienos, at least Travolta can act when he tries. So embarrassing the degrees this family will go to make the whole family famous. The teachings of Scientology are 100% believable to anyone with more than half a brain. Mr. Smith has said he is not affiliated with Scientology. Who cares if the movie is based on the teachings of Mr. Hubbard? Indiana Jones and many other movies rely on Christianity to tell their stories.


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Richardson said, referring to. China’s mass detention program. “We can’t say we didn’t know. But. Communist Party. The government pushed policies to spread the Mandarin language. Thum, a researcher focusing on Uighur society at the University of Nottingham. Thum says the U. . designation of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement. United States’ extended Guantanamo Bay detention of 22. Orwellian surveillance network that undergirds the current detention campaign. But the extreme surveillance pales against what detainees. Muslim minority. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation said nothing during a. China has invested heavily in development projects in recent years, most. Initiative, a massive construction project designed to connect Africa, Europe. January, argued that deepening economic relationships, coziness. A day before the protest, human rights organizations. Middle East Christians from a crackdown on predominantly Muslim countries, and working.


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Honestly I didn’t want to watch it earlier and am kinda surprised more of the faithful here went over to the dark side and watched it already. ( Bummer since we all like to talk beforehand. Ozymandias from breaking bad has a 10, Hope Game of Thrones gets one to this year. Now I want Neil Marshall to do a reboot set in Planetos. It seems like it’s too late for any of the rest to start warging. I think the COTF are using Bran to get what they wanted. Just because they are magical beings doesn’t mean they don’t have an agenda. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are also off-limits for the next 90 minutes as well. While they are not war mongering and riven by ambition like the human world they are not perfect. It’s probably a making amends for all the wrong he did in Kingslanding. If however he is action on some broader Targ prophesy action plan I’ll reverse my opinion. I’d suggest they send out ravens and head off to meetings. The wildlings will stay where they are so as not to cause more tension. I was Ice Dragon on the unmentionable site (like 6 months ago) but stopped going there bc someone else stole my name and refused to stop using it. They’re condensing storylines like crazy, and I feel like they don’t have much of a role to play in the wars to come. Regardless, their army coming into KL cannot mean good things. Unfortunately I don’t really have any theories of my own. If we’re getting WW, Winterfell, and CotF, he most be pretty central to the episode (hopefully). Glad to have some unspoiled company as we wait it out. Just really pissed right now that the show was leaked.