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The investigation will last until around 1:30am or later, depending on how active the spirits are. We have been featured on Ghost Adventures, Ghost Towns and a virtual reality episode that hasn't even been released yet. McRaven is extremely active and you are sure to have a great time. Nightfall: a time when shadows descend and the moon rises, a time when people remind themselves there are reasons to fear the dark. When the lights go out at Marston University, Troy can sense something has gone wrong. He has faced evil before, deep within the shadows of a haunted house known as Malichon Manor. Rachel has faced evil, too, when as a child she learned the monster in the closet could be real. Yet it turns out their experiences were just practice, a necessary crucible to prepare them for the darkness about to befall Marston University. Nightfall is here, and unless Troy and Rachel can stop it, the darkness will consume them all. Also, check out its predecessor short, “Malichon Manor”. Join us as we talk about the real story of the Count of Monte Cristo. Even though the clouds are dark and gloomy in Santa Fe today, our spirits will not be dampened. ? e are using the Earth Magic deck today. ?

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Wiseman works in the observational mode, which means his films contain no captions, dates, or talking-head interviews: We just see what his camera captured, which in this case includes community meetings, benefit dinners, after-school programs, readings with authors and scholars (including Richard Dawkins and Ta-Nehisi Coates), and NYPL patrons going about their business in the library’s branches all over the city. The result is almost hypnotic and, perhaps surprisingly, deeply moving. It makes a case for having faith in the public institutions where ordinary people work — away from the limelight, without trying to score political points — in order to make our communities truly better. For many who saw it (including me), it felt like a movie made not just for but about me. Lady Bird is a masterful, exquisite coming-of-age comedy starring the great Saoirse Ronan as Christine — or “Lady Bird,” as she’s re-christened herself — and it’s as funny, smart, and filled with yearning as its heroine. Writer-director Greta Gerwig made the film as an act of love, not just toward her hometown of Sacramento but also toward girlhood, and toward the feeling of always being on the outside of wherever real life is happening. Lady Bird is the rare movie that manages to be affectionate, entertaining, hilarious, witty, and confident. And one line from it struck me as the guiding principle of many of the year’s best films: “Don’t you think they are the same thing. Directions to our Toyota Dealership Serving Baltimore, MD. New editions of the RAV4, Corolla and Tacoma highlight our Toyota dealership's offerings, while the Buy Happy benefits you'll find with our used vehicles sold here make the trip well worth your time. Use the directions to find your way down from Baltimore, then enjoy a new Toyota for taking you around the Inner Harbor, Camden Yards and everywhere else in your city. You'll Find Great Deals With Any New or Used Car Here at Our Toyota Dealership Serving Baltimore With all-new standard safety systems, plenty of helpful tech and impressively designed cabins, the latest new Toyota Highlander, Camry and 4Runner editions make for excellent options here in the Baltimore area. Offering other affordable options, our certified pre-owned Toyota models and used vehicles from other popular brands provide you with plenty more to choose from. Whichever vehicle style you select, you'll find the new Toyota or used car leasing or financing process is easy when you're shopping from Baltimore or nearby. Choose Reliable Toyota Parts and Service Just 20 Minutes from Baltimore Instead of trusting an independent auto shop that's prone to using after-market parts, trust in the service offerings found here at our Toyota dealership just south of Baltimore.

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The second season is also now on Netflix and surpasses the first. The plotline veers away from the original film, but the heart of Fargo is still very much in this TV show. The second series flips back 27 years before the events of the original. The third season is the best yet, offering two versions of Ewan McGregor as warring twin brothers. Watch on Netflix now The Get Down has a lot to live up to. It's the most expensive Netflix show ever made - knocking Marco Polo of that perch - thanks to its creator Baz Luhrmann's vibrant style that suits the show's premise. And that premise is a doozy: The Get Down charts the beginnings of hip-hop in the 1970s, telling the tale through the eyes of young rapper Ezekiel. Bombastic in its approach and beautiful to look at, The Get Down is a potent mix of fictional characters and real-life stars of the hip-hop scene, including Grandmaster Flash who also produced the show. All 12 episodes are available to binge now - you'll either love or hate it. Netflix recently revealed that this will be the only season of The Get Down as it's cancelled the show - which we reckon is a big mistake as it's a great watch. Watch on Netflix now Alison Brie already proved she had comedic chops in Community but GLOW cements her as a comedy genius who can turn on the seriousness when she needs to. The show is a look at the underground sensation of ladies wrestling, with all the wit and gender stereotype reversing you would expect from the maker of Orange Is The New Black. It's a great, highly original watch, with a superb cast that includes British singer Kate Nash. Watch on Netflix now This seven-part mini series is a Western with true grit. It may be called Godless but it starts off wordless, with an intro that leaves you both breathless and wanting more.

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Phllly exhibs attended a cocktail Nat Wolf and Jerry Frledlander Windsor, Jane and Eva Novak, ers. He has since joined the Guild, appointed by Variety (Slub as a com- party tor Bud Abbott and Lou Costello at the Ritz Carlton Thursday after learning, he said, that it has James Klrkwood and William Des- mittee to handle work of picking never voted on or otherwise taken mond. Joe Longo, Loew's pji. taking toroper collective bargaining agent over operation of the house. He may go into Closed for two years, the Blackis set for a world premiere in Salt the army shortly, however, being a stone, small i-nd obsolete house in Netco's Golf Tourney Lake City. The house to Eddie Hyman, h. . Par theatre Raymond capital. House was Cost of attending the tournamenl, built and (Wed. at Universal. operated for a time by of Paramount's Vancouver (B. C. John Rawlings directs and Mar- including fbod, refreshments, etc, Richard and Casimir Stahley, known exchange. It looked like a trailer for 'Arsenic and Old Lice. 'Hunted for Cholly Knickererbocker, but I guess he had sortie place else cial District WB modore I Ms lowed Manager, Hose,.

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The comic provided the best different complexion df ieach. An- laughs. Fletcher and Pasquale are two other oddity was that two of the turns made long Jumps to open on men with accordion and clarionet the Orpheum time at this point, They did well in No. 2. Barton and Edwards coming direct from Chi- Sparling include a Yiddish comic cago and Princess Radjah jumping and stralglit. Good laughs for their across the continent from New comedy and their good singing did danced in twos and threes, closing slowed up the turn when pened, This with each of the trio coming on for Josie Flynn will. etire from her They are quite vaudeville act, Josie Flynn's Minspecialty. Miss Flynn will produce a Soli's Marteba Band, consisting of Hyde. In an attractive revue heads the present bill at Loew's Warfield. It is an entertaining but ordinary vaudeville show. Miss Blondell in captivating costumes did well, refreshingly putting over songs and doing a good deal with a Frisco dance imitation. Adequate description oC this quaint medley of vocalism, knock-about fun and dancing could not be given in the space at our disposal. The Marx Brothers are one of the greatest music bail acta in the United States, and it's very easily understood after seeing their most artistic performance. This Civic Center is one of the distinctive features of the city. It is a plot of about six squares Just below the state capitol.

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Throughout his career Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss. An illustrator, author, and painter, Tom Lea depicted in images. William W. Dreyer, curator, IheAn of Dr. Seuss, and Adair Margo. Tom Lea, Preliminary Sketch for Mural, WestTexas Room. State ojTexas Building (detail), 1936, Pencil and ink on illustration board, — —. The Art of Dr. Seuss is organized by the Chase Art Croup, Northbrook, Illinois, and Art on 5th, Ausitn, Texas. Sky is a program of ExhibitsUSA, a national division of Mid-American Arts Alliance with The Texas Commission on the Arts. Museum of Art 2005 Exhibition Sponsors are Berman Family Foundation, Creen Family Foundation, Rosemary Haggar. Vaughan Family Foundation, Chris Mattsson and John McHale, Bettye and Bill Nowlin, and Texas Commission on the Arts. T. The Austin Museum of Art 2005 Promotional Sponsors are News 8 Austin and Time Warner Cable, The Austin Chronicle, and.

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