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Brace party base, start reach out process: Sofi Yousuf addresses party cadre Senior BJP leader and MLC, Sofi Yousuf today on Thursday held an exclusive meet at his residence with the party office bearers of Pahalgam Constituency on pretext of increasing reach out process with common people. The meeting is aimed to reach every part of the constituency, Sofi addressed to the partisans. Sofi asked workers to make sure that party cadre is strengthened from the root level. While talking o the recently released amount of CDF he asked workers to be vigorous so that the fund is spend on smoothly and there is early execution of the developmental works. Partisans from the constituency hailed the efforts of, Sofi, and termed him as pragmatic leader with a bold and long lasting developmental vision. Attachments area Ramesh Arora MLC Visited Dental Hospital Ramesh Arora MLC Visited Dental Hospital and met with staff members including superintendent hospital and other technical staff. It was noticed that two machines named as metal casting machine and post lane furnace are meant to prepare crowns are not functioning for the last two years and the same are not utilized. It was painful to note that Two metal casting machines were purchased ten year back in dental hospital Jammu. One machine is not functional from two year the other was not used for ten year from the date of its purchase. MLC took serious note of the matter and advised to utilize the unused machine for the public benefit because coalition Government is working for welfare of general public and casual and callous approach is not acceptable. The matter was also brought into the notice of concerned ministry. delegation of technical staff also met with the MLC and apprise them about their problems and it was also noticed that one electrician is working on same pay scale and grade and without further classification of promotion or enhancement of grade. Technical staff is required to run the machines because contractual period is going to expire within two three months and it will become more difficult to run the machines. rora also discussed the issue of non functioning of CAT Scanning Machine and X-Ray machine in Government Medical collage with concerned superintendent telephonic-ally who assured that steps are taken to do the needful and they will make them functional as early as possible. It is also a blow to those political parties and their leaders who have been misleading the masses on the historic decision of demonetization. He also conveyed his congratulations to the party high command and Maharashtra state unit of BJP for such a splendid victory in ULB elections. arty leaders Karan Singh, Rajni Sethi, Pawan Khajuria, Suresh Janwal, Munhish Sharma, Sanjay Baru, Er. Ghulam Ali Khatana, Anil Parihar, Balbir Ram Rattan, Arvind Gupta, Jaidev Rajwal, Purnima Sharma, Praduman Singh, Ayodhya Gupta, Baldev Singh Billawaria, Veenu Khanna, Surinder Bhagat, Monika Khosla, Chaman Lal Kanathia, Sushma Gupta, Shailja Gupta, Rekha Mahajan, Ashwani Sharma, Tilak Raj Gupta, Indu Bhushan, Sat Pal Karlupia, Jagdish Pandey, H. .

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15 deadline is on a Sunday. An extension only gives you more time to file your tax forms. It is not an extension to pay any tax you owe. You must estimate how much tax you owe and include that amount with Form 4868. Interest and penalties may apply if you pay less than what you actually owe, so take your estimate seriously. Regardless of which approach you take, file your return or extension request by April 18. If your official earnings statement arrives after you’ve filed your taxes, you can amend your return to reflect the accurate amount. More from NerdWallet: The best time to file your tax return TaxAct vs. Take These Steps originally appeared on NerdWallet. Mark Fraser revisits a little seen biographical film in which the predominantly stoic protagonist is humble enough to acknowledge his shortcomings. As a result, the establishment of Pakistan under Attenborough’s incarnation of Jinnah (in this instance played by Alyque Padamsee ) is dismissed as something of a hindrance rather than a bold act of political necessity. It’s at this point the historical events begin to unravel as the fading statesman is reminded of the painful decisions he has had to make throughout his life while tackling grave political and social uncertainties. Given the potential impact this moral conflict of interest could have had on Gandhi’s campaign, it is a strange omission to make. Furthermore, his eventual betrayal of a sibling Pakistan irks Jinnah so much that he puts the Englishman under cross examination during a hallucinatory court hearing conducted towards the end of the film. Jinnah then starts an extended feud with his adult daughter Dina ( Vaneeza Ahmad ) when she announces her plans to marry a Parsee man (his objections come despite the fact Maryam was also one when they married). In the end the only person who stands steadfastly beside him is his younger sister Fatima ( Shireen Shah ), who selflessly sacrifices her own ambitions to support her brother and his cause. As a result Dehlavi’s Jinnah seems far more aware of his flaws than Attenborough’s Gandhi ever is of his. If they succeed in kicking out the British because they have usurped power in India, will their attention then turn to the Muslims? .

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It seems like the Tyrell’s role in Joffrey’s murder is a favorite guess. There’s 15 episodes left in the series the writers need to focus on what’s important to the story. Tyrion, Grey Worm and Missandei did not know there was about to be a battle. They didn’t know that the Astapor and Yunkai fleets would be attacking. Tyrion was drinking and feeling good because the city had reverted to normal due to the influence of the Red Priests and a cessation of Sons of the Harpy attacks. The leaders of Astapor and Yunkai, having seen that Meereen was being ruled by a foreign dwarf, decided that the city was ripe for the taking. Grey Worm indeed told Tyrion that letting the masters of Yunkai and Astapor into the city was a mistake in the first place. And it was. Tyrion underestimated them, and they smelled weakness. Indeed, Tryion’s permissive, 7-year deal was probably interpreted as a sign of weakness, which they decided to explot. If we actually think about show logic, rather than wait for our pet theories to play out, the show makes a whole lot of sense. Getting super old. And Jaime’s development is quickly fading and hes reverting back to old Jaime (in the show anyway). May not be possible but as I said, I’m ready to see a pleasant surprise! (note: the operative word here is “pleasant”). I don’t think it’s even possible for a regular person in this world to truly become “no one. And that is why creepy Jesus smiles. Arya has found herself, and now she goes back to her kill list a bit more skilled if she even does. LS story is not about just her, she will put a lot of characters into Dilemmas.

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This is actually nicely produced as well as truly does secure this’s form. Namun bagi ALEX (Angga Aldi), diterima masuk SMA tersebut bukanlah sebuah karunia, melainkan petaka. Beruntung, Alex punya MAGGIE (Amanda Rawles), sesama murid kelas satu yang menjadi sahabatnya. Satu persatu nyawa melayang secara misterius dan mengerikan. Sekolah Unggulan itupun berubah mencekam dan menakutkan. 208 9 1 day ago AVE MARYAM tayang mulai Kamis, 11 April 2019 Hanya di Cinema XXI. Romo Martin memperkenalkan Suster Monic (66th) dan Romo Yosef (30th) keduanya akan menetap di kota ini. Kehadiran Romo Yosef yang pandai bermain music membuat suster Maryam jatuh hati. Suster Monic sebagai suster sepuh yang sudah berpengalaman mencoba menasehati Romo Yosef namun cinta berkata lain, hingga kedua nya menjalin hubungan diam-diam. Suster Maryam dihadapi oleh 2 pilihan, bertahan pada janjinya atau memilih Romo Yosef. 90 1 Advertisement Advertisement 1 day ago BUMI ITU BULAT tayang mulai Kamis, 11 April 2019 Hanya di Studio XXI Banjarmasin. Meski ber ayah kan seorang banser, Rahabi tidak bangga. Di kampus, Rahabi bersahabat dengan Markus, umat kristiani, Hitu yang bercita-cita menjadi Banser, Sayid calon novelis, dan Tiara yang juga bermasalah dengan keluarga nya. Mereka membentuk grup acapella dengan nama Rujak Acapella. Rahabi ingin Rujak acapella sukses demi membiayai kuliah kedokteran Rara, adiknya. Jalan itu terbuka ketika Aldi, seorang producer musik menawari rekaman, dengan syarat Aisha harus bergabung di Rujak acapella. Aisha sendiri adalah mantan penyanyi remaja terkenal yang memutuskan tidak akan pernah bernyanyi lagi. Demi mengajak Aisha bergabung, Rahabi bersedia melakukan apa saja yang diminta oleh Aisha. Keluarga dan keempat sahabat Rahabi secara perlahan tapi pasti melihat perubahan sikap Rahabi.

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What makes Griffith stand out on this list is that he’s one of few who spent part of his coaching career as a hybrid player-manager, a practice that is rarely seen on the modern MLB stage. (Pete Rose was the most recent player-manager from 1984 to 1986. It isn’t entirely clear whether Griffith was ejected more while he was a hybrid or full-time manager. But the Orange and Black’s skipper didn’t get to that position without getting in a few umpires’ faces. He’s also well acquainted with some of the men who call the games behind the dish. As one Reddit member aptly said after a game in May 2018 that Bochy was tossed out of, it’s never good when you know the umpire by name. But that’s only because nobody threw a tantrum and got ejected as theatrically as Sweet Lou. His most notable ejections typically ended with him throwing things, from the first base bag to his own hat. (And the hat didn’t get thrown until after he was done kicking it around the infield. . What’s best is the Hall of Famer and two-time Manager of the Year became an MLB executive after his coaching career ended. His new job focuses on — you guessed it — on-field issues, particularly altercations with umpires. Instead of the heavily-animated tirades that Piniella would go on, this three-time Manager of the Year would start an argument with a more diplomatic demeanor, allowing his emotions to bubble over slowly like a pot of boiling water. Once his anger completely bubbled over, however, umpires typically banished him to the clubhouse for the rest of the game. But it’s really no wonder he was so angry all the time. The Twins played below. 00 ball his last four seasons in Minnesota, so there’s no doubt Gardenhire was fuming most of the time. The jury’s still out on how he’ll fair in Detroit, but we can bet he’ll be getting plenty of face time with the behind-the-plate umps. (Heck, he was ejected from his debut with the Tigers!