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Tapi. bukan karena sedih atau terharu, tapi karena ketakutan sepanjang film. Senjata biologis efektif sekali mengenyahkan manusia. Train to busan boleh lah,, baru nonton juga soalnya. Reply Delete Replies Reply Susi Susindra October 31, 2016 at 7:50 AM Aku paling penasaran dengan Carrie. Kelihatannya paling menarik dan cocok dengan seleraku. Hihihi. Eva. ayo nonton horor bareeeeng Reply Delete Replies Reply Timo October 31, 2016 at 8:14 AM Aku emang lbh suka thriller drpd horror, jd kl Train to Busan tuh suka dehhh. Reply Delete Replies Reply Fadhil Asqar October 31, 2016 at 9:52 AM Goosebumps. ilm yg keren. Tapi beda jauh sama bukunya hehehe. Reply Delete Replies Reply Citra Rahman October 31, 2016 at 11:18 PM Udah nonton ketiga film di atas kecuali yang nomor 1. Karena alurnya dibuat seperti mengulur-ulur waktu yang malah bikin aku sebel menontonnya.

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I mean, their reactions in the council chamber said a lot without actually saying anything. Finally we have the scenes from the leaked episode. I haven’t actually watched the whole episode yet, but I did see a few of the Jon and Dany scenes and there’s a lot in them. First of all, Daenerys rushes off to save Jon the minute she finds out he needs help. When she shows up with her dragons, we can see how valuable Jon is to her. Keep in mind she flew into battle with the Lannisters with only Drogon, yet when Jon is in danger she’s there with all 3. Her showing up to help and putting herself at risk shows how vulnerable she is where Jon is concerned. She even waits after Viserion has been taken down, trying to save Jon, until he tells her to leave, “sacrificing” himself. The shot of her reaching for him is one that really stands out to me because she’s reaching for his hand. Taking a person’s hand symbolizes so much, it shows trust, love, friendship, agreement, a bond. The list goes on. They’ve never touched hands before, even in the cave when John moves her torch to show her more of the walls, he touches her arm, and on the cliff when Dany stops Jon to ask about being stabbed in the heart she grabs his arm. They’re reaching for each other, but they just can’t make it. Now, it may seem small, but reaching for each other’s hands shows up again in the episode meaning it’s pretty important and symbolic.

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Click to expand. Click to shrink. In a new interview with IGN he promises plenty of “death and destruction” and says “the guillotine swings quite heavily” this year. He also discusses new character alliances, the pressing threat facing Westeros, and starting the journey toward the end of the series. We’re heading into the final lap,” Benioff is quoted as saying. “That’s the guess, though nothing is yet set in stone, but that’s what we’re looking at. . Benioff and Weiss said that producing 10 full episodes given the scope of the show is becoming problematic. That being said, the already incredibly long offseason would be even longer. EW reports that the Game of Thrones creators go to great lengths to keep things under wraps and preserve the element of surprise for the fans. Dan Weiss believes “any sane person would admit that knowing this stuff in advance lessens the experience of watching it, and yet people are really hungry to find out things that that will make something they presumably like worse for them. During the waits between book releases and during the show offseason, I search for every bit of news I can find. If anything, it heightens my excitement for what’s to come. In his sample chapter from The Winds of Winter, we learn that the Ironborn ships have arrived, the dragons are flying over the battle, and the Second Sons are indeed “Queen’s men” again.


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Thorne and the others clearly killed Jon in the dark and when he was alone, and left his body there to be found the next morning. Thus, it will be easy for them to accuse the wildlings of that deed and to have an excuse to break the pact Jon had with the Free Folk. Thorne cannot publicly admit he plotted to get rid of his Lord Commander; he would be beheaded for treason! (Remember, Jon Snow was judged, among other things, for killing another brother of the NW, Qhorin Halfhand). They judged that their LC had (in their judgement) become a traitor by helping enemies of the 7 Kingdoms. Because most people in Westeros firmly accept that the Wildlings are an enemy, there would be few that would disagree with them. However, we have another issue: most people do not believe that the 1st enemy is even real, and it is probable that most of the Thorne’s cronies believe that Jon is hugely exaggerating the threat as part of his treason. It becomes a W’esque “You are with us or you are against us” dichotomy. GRRM revels in trichotomies in part because most people cannot handle them, and it makes for interesting character dynamics. The Night’s Watch is well aware of that particular need and even (especially) the ones just back from Hardhome will insist upon it. I was hoping for a ceremony in front of the weirwood tree up north, but that doesn’t appear to be in the cards. The only problem I saw with those leaks was why would Davos help Mel in any way. Plus Mel showed no signs of being interested in Jon, well at least not as much as in the books. So unless they show her seeing something in the flames just before Jon gets shanked then why would she care about him at all.

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