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Katheryn has also been featured as guest roles in many hit television series like Nikita, Criminal Minds, Oz, Wild Card, and many more. However, she makes an impression when she entered the show in season 4 as part of Lagertha’s court where she will be trained in the art of war as well as the equally important art of love in order to become a successful shield maiden. Asrid is later kidnapped and forced to be married off to Herald, thus making her the Queen of Rogaland as well as Vestfold. Josefin has been staring in the television series Vikings since season 4 and we hope to see her again in the next seasons of Vikings as well. Nothing says adventure quite like traveling around the world with just a backpack on your shoulders and a passport ready to be filled. Especially when we learned that Friends was finally set to come to an end. New York CIty is arguably the best city in the world. If you are a tourist in NYC there is no end to the list of things you can see and do. Every now and then you are met with an opportunity to visit a place that you would not have ordinarily chosen as your next vacation. When you go on a summer vacation, you want the weather to be on your side. Depending on where you live, things can be a bit hit and miss. There's Broadway, Fifth Avenue, Saturday Night Live, and enough. I did a class. I never wanted to be an actor, ever. I still don’t,” the 38-year-old Vikings actor told GQ Australia when asked to describe the moment he realized he could act. There’s people that like to get up and talk in front of people. I wasn’t the kid that enjoyed reading out loud in class,” Travis told the mag about doing casting meetings. “I’ve walked out halfway through, embarrassed, plenty of times.

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It was another addition to the controversy of hardcore hip hop due to the sexual and violent lyrics and went on to sell two million albums. They both eventually left the crumbling Death Row Records in 1999. Daz left due to long-lasting internal struggles on the label after friend and labelmate Tupac Shakur's murder in 1996. Kurupt started Antra Records, while Daz and Soopafly started D. . . Recordz. In 2002 a feud arose between the two when Kurupt decided to sign back with Death Row Records, upsetting everyone involved with the group. His awaited Death Row release Against Tha Grain had been postponed several times while Kurupt was on the label, later being released in August 2005, after he was off. In January 2005, Daz made another solo album release titled Tha Dogg Pound Gangsta LP. In 2006 Snoop Dogg decided to get involved and the three released their official reunion album Cali Iz Active. Dead, RBX, Lil' C-Style, Techniec, Soopafly, Tha Eastsidaz and many more. Tha Dogg Pound Gangstaz are commonly featured on each other's albums and projects. The two went on to feature on Doggystyle and various features and soundtracks as Tha Dogg Pound. In the October that followed, towards the end of the same year, Tupac Shakur had been bailed out of jail by Death Row's Suge Knight in exchange for releasing his following four albums on Death Row Records. In early September of the same year, Shakur was murdered in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kurupt and Daz were deeply affected by this and struggled to release anything after Shakur's passing. 7 years later in a 2003 interview, Daz stated that he now believed Suge Knight was responsible for Shakur's murder.


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She doesn’t care that he’s a Lannister or a dwarf and he’s the highest rank in her council. She has loyal people who used to be slaves, but are not anymore because of Dany’s actions. The speech from Missandei paints the picture clearer for Jon to think Dany is actually a good and kind leader. Dany lets him mine the Dragonglass, even if she’s cold and impolite when she decides to let him. Jon’s first impression of Dany is that she is entitled, vengeful, and rude. Evidenced by the throne room scene, the imprisonment, her reluctance to refer to him by his title, her insistence that he bend the knee to get anything from her, etc. It’s only when he talks to those around her, and sees who she has allied herself with, that he might have any reason to think she’s not truly a bad ruler. But while Jon is imprisoned on Dragonstone, he can’t see the “bad things” she does first hand. He’s not there when she burns the Tarlys alive for not kneeling. He’s not there to see her growing paranoia at her council. He’s not there to see the total destruction her dragons and Dothraki army can cause to human soldiers. On Dragonstone, all he sees is loyal followers, an affinity for outcasts, and mother fucking dragons. When Dany comes to save them from the Wight Hunt, Jon sees a perfect weapon against the Night King, and he sees a woman willing to go into battle herself to save someone who has been reluctant to bow to her. In the beginning Jon saw some of her bad qualities. He saw a spoiled girl sitting on a throne demanding him to kneel. He saw a woman who imprisioned him against his will on an island when he said no. He saw an angry Targaryan lash out at her Hand on a beach and threaten Kings Landing with fire, only to be calmed by Jon’s own words. He saw her fly off on a dragon and come back pretty proud of herself for killing her enemies.


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Bekerjasama dengan distributor Film, Columbia Pictures. Film ini rencananya akan dirilis pada 4 Agustus 2017 dalam 3D dan 2D oleh Columbia Pictures. Jika anda ingin melihat trailer filmnya ada dibawah ini. Ini adalah prekuel tahun 2014 Annabelle dan film keempat dalam seri film The Conjuring. Ini menceritakan kisah di balik asal boneka Annabelle yang dimiliki. Bintang film ini Stephanie Sigman, Talitha Bateman, Lulu Wilson, Anthony LaPaglia, dan Miranda Otto. Film ini dijadwalkan akan dirilis di Amerika Serikat pada tanggal 11 Agustus 2017. Saat mereka memutuskan untuk pindah rumah dan menjualnya ke seorang biarawati dan beberapa gadis dari sebuah panti asuhan yang telah ditutup. Ciptaan boneka yang dimiliki, Annabelle, mengarahkan perhatiannya pada gadis-gadis yang mengubah tempat perlindungan mereka menjadi badai teror. Film ini mengisahkan tentang asal mula terbuatnya boneka dan istrinya. Dua puluh tahun yang lalu, mereka menemukan putri mereka meninggal secara tragis. Sejak saat itu, Annabelle pun muncul dan merubah suasana rumah menjadi teror yang mencekam. Maya) yang hidup bahagia bersama sang putri, Kayla. Dalam kejadian itu, Kayla membawa boneka kesayangannya yang diberi nama. Sabta). Elsa lalu menawarkan ide kepada Maira, agar bisa berkomunikasi. Afexi). Mereka ingin mencari tahu kejadian aneh yang dialaminya ini.


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Unforturately, standard turntable design has left too much to chance in terms of cartridge mounting and performance. By providing complete compatibility between tonearm and cartridge to achieve the optimum tonearm resonant frequency: the level at which annoying bass frequency interfere -ice is minimized. For the accuracy and fidelity conventional turntables can deny you. You'll get outstancing performance without struggling to install the cartrdge. There's no longer a headsrell There's no more fumbling to calibrate overhang or stylus position. Tracking and anti -skating adjustments have been virtually eliminated. Technics The science of sound C RCLE NO I ON READER SERVICE CAR) Just plug any P-Moun: cartricge into a Technics straight, low mess, high pe-forrrance tonearm, and tighten one locking screw With Technics, your records are now virtually immune t the g-oove wear, poor channel separation and distortion caused by improper cartridge-to-tonearm mounting. I have no desire for a tuner or an open -reel tape deck, but I still enjoy learning about them and still read your test reports. Letters Moreover, contrary to Mr. Slater's belief, there are audible differences between CD player models. I anxiously scan every audio publication each month for reviews of CD players and software-and, incidentally, STEREO RE- VIEW has been sorely lacking in reviews of the discs. ALFRED W. MYERS White Plains, N. . Most of the CD's released so far appeared first as LP's, and noteworthy ones have been reviewed in these pages. That is, which concert hall do you want to reproduce. Avery Fisher Hallor, heaven forfend, Philharmonic Hall before Mr. Fisher paid to have it rebuilt.


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MOMA, the Highline, lots of fun foods and of course the New York book launch party for Interviewing Users. If you have some thoughts about the book, it would be tremendously valuable to me if you’d share them on that page, too. We had a really dynamic interactive session and a quick exercise about Interviewing Users. At least 20 BlabDroids will zip around to attendees-they’re self-propelled via motorized wheels- and ask them often very personal questions like, “Tell me something that you’ve never told a stranger before,” “What’s the worst thing you’ve done to someone,” and “Who do you love most in the world? . Although this initially lead Weizenbaum to worry about AI’s potential to manipulate, Reben and Hoff have created the BlabDroids to appear comforting and non-judgmental, and to capture meaningful interactions with their subjects. I’d love to see the results, as well as the raw footage and of course to get to talk to someone about their experience being interviewed like this would be very interesting. Similar to Interviewing without questions, eye contact or rapport, the notion of freeing up people from human interactions in order to liberate them to reveal more deeply is a curious (and certainly valid) idea. No doubt the clips will be great; people are pretty interesting and curious, so pointing a camera at them will be entertaining. Thanks to Nathan at CCA for hosting and to Rosenfeld Media for all the books that we gave out. Thanks to the friends and family who helped make everything run smoothly, and to everyone who came out and brought such great energy. Special thanks to the War Stories presenters; see a quick summary here. While the emphasis will be on catching up, I’m excited for whatever peek I can get into some different types of design environments. The room was filled beyond capacity with people happily diving into yummy beer, wine, snacks and desserts. We gave away 20 free copies of the book, and had the first-ever live War Stories. Each storyteller seemed somewhat surprised that their stories produced laughter, with several folks beginning by disclaiming “I’m not going to be funny” only to produce that reaction from the group. Real human stories that involve screwups, frustration, surprise and conflict can be funny even if it’s not something we wish on anyone else. There’s a humor of recognition and also the humor that comes from the way a story is told.