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But he was so jarred he could hardly stand as he left to make his way down the stairs, assisted by his woman friend, who was nearly as bad as him. Lurching and leaning on each other, they made it to the door of the bar, then disappeared round the doorway to descend the stairs. The rhythmic bumpity, bumpity, bumpity bump of a pissed academic with arthritic knees falling down the stairs, ricocheting between wall and banister as he went. There followed a short, expectant pause, a kind of pregnant silence, and we concluded that he had arrived at the little landing halfway down. Again we held our breath, then exhaled with relief as the bumpity, bumpity, bumpity, bump began again, as he tumbled down the second half of the stairs, concluding with a satisfying crack as he obviously hit his head on the slate floor at the bottom. We clutched each other and nearly puked from laughing. It had been a long, exhausting day, but all the same that ’s no excuse. When the spasms of merriment eventually passed and we could walk, we went and had a look over the banisters. The academic was sprawled on the floor at the bottom, being revived—the way you should with extremely drunk people— by a glass of white wine administered by his bollocksed lady 203 Under the Duvet friend. He was surrounded by a ring of people only marginally less jarred than himself, who were offering all kinds of conflicting advice. Stand him up. Don’t move him. Ask him who the Prime Minister is. There was talk of calling an ambulance. “He might have brain damage,” someone said. “Would anyone notice? one wag asked.

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Dracula ve Dracula’dan esinlenen Murnau’nun “Bir Dehset Senfonisi”nin kaba bir uyarlamas? ? . Reactions and spoilers about scenes that have not been aired officially by HBO will be removed. That was epic, he comes in lightning fast and strafes the battlements a bit, getting a feel for the defenses. Once he realizes that they have NOTHING to stop him, lol, he goes in for the continuous fire stream to break down that section of the wall, the dragon just hovers mid air at the sweet spot burning away the infrastructure. This Ice Dragon seems alot more coordinated and precise than normal dragons. Bran: It means I can see everything that ever happened, everything that is happening. Sam: Oh. Bran: By the way, why did you come here again. He knows why he came, he just wants him to say it - this is how Bran makes small talk now. That old ironborn guy was almost out of breath at the end. Kinda cheesy, Theon was getting his ass kicked, but thru the miracle of not having balls anymore, he managed to knock him out. I Don't think Theon killed the guy, I think he's still alive. His plan taking Castlery Rock was outwitted by Jaime's army. I believe Cersie may have said something to him inside her chambers that probably got him a little persuaded to fight with the Lannisters side again and turn against Dany. It just adds another complication into the mix that Tyrion would rather not have.

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(Remember Renly Baratheon’s joke about ham. That was a joke about the prophecy. Other characters say that there might not be one single hero after all: “The dragon must have three heads. Add it all up, and some fans have come to the conclusion that Dany, Jon, and Tyrion are the heroes Westeros has been waiting for (though a healthy minority swap Tyrion out for Bran). Tyrion is already joined up with Dany in the show, and given the family connection, you can probably anticipate Jon joining the Daenerys Targaryen Trio sometime this season, too. Will this trio of misfit orphans end the season with a three-way dragon ride, or is that the kind of thing we’ve got to wait for the final season to see. They start burning woth the wights, jon etc are happy but a dragon scream is heard, viserion arrives and spray blue fire on the dothraki the bleu fire extinguish the normal fire and all the dothrakks become wigbts Daenerys: I have to use drogon and rhaegal i have no choice The night king uses a horn Sam opens a book quickly Sam: oh no. This is the horn of Stop When someone uses it dragons cannot be used for a battle, at least he cannot use ks dragon either Sam says the truth becauzs the dragon stay freezed by the spell, Bran starts watching vision to understand the war 10 ships arrive on winterfell, its theon yara ans ernest woth the ironborn, they sceeam and rush towards the walters. Qyburn: 18600 of them are coming today to you Cersei: where atd the 2400 otters. Qyburn smiles and scene cuts back to winterfell At winterfell bran is asking himself a question, why did reagar name two of is sons aegon targarian. Edit: Thank you for solving the mystery of the two Aegons. The Euron being a good guy plot twist, the two Aegons explanation, and the introduction of great new characters like Ernest and Dot. Top 20 with Dayna B Ottawa Club Night Next at Night 3-2-1 JUMP. According to the actor, Euron is even worse than sadistic, flesh-flaying maniac Ramsay Bolton. This season is all about her struggles with that. . Apart from people who had read the books before the show began, it was pretty hard to predict what was going to happen next in the show which kept it interesting.

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The TokenMarket core product gives all the pieces wanted from token creation to token sale to realize a successful launch. Bitcoin, Blockchain, and cryptocurrency have been a hot subject for the past few years and this is a new frontier for the Internet of Issues, good apps, and high-tech devices. Whereas there have been plenty of success tales, within the 2nd quarter of last year, an Ethereum based venture named The DAO entered an ICO to launch an investment fund with no fund supervisor, with the traders being involved in all the investment decisions upon launch. After studying your white paper, an investor should perceive why an ICO suits your undertaking and the way a token will help end customers get essentially the most worth out of your solution. Whereas enterprise capitalists tie up investor money for lengthy intervals of time that can lengthen to years, ICO cash is much extra liquid and with value easily assigned, traded within a really quick period of time. TNB (Time New Financial institution)is the only cryptocurrency issued by M. . . and aims to form time transactions, time commodity exchanges, and time asset exchanges powered by blockchain expertise. EXCLUSIVE— Client blockchain startup Nuggets has just begun its ICO pre-sale, inviting customers to buy Nuggets Tokens to boost money for the startup’s growth. Moreover, the change plans to simply accept all ERC20 customary and NEM mosaic tokens. She is very taken with subjects associated to Monetary Technology, Blockchain, decentralization, and synthetic intelligence. When a cryptocurrency startup agency needs to boost cash by means of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), it usually creates a plan on a whitepaper which states what the undertaking is about, what need(s) the mission will fulfill upon completion, how a lot money is required to undertake the venture, how much of the digital tokens the pioneers of the venture will hold for themselves, what kind of money is accepted, and how long the ICO marketing campaign will run for. Having grown up with the damaging effects of monetary exclusion, including damaged households and private chapter, it is unsurprising that Marko has spent much of his profession preventing monetary inequality and finding methods to instigate a fairer banking system. The tokens, referred to as Bankers (BNK) can be issued in the course of the pre-ICO and ICO. It’ll additionally offer core banking providers, such as financial savings and loans accounts, as well as low-price funding merchandise, reminiscent of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and crypto funds. Tse-Hsin Lu, VP Communications: Tse-Hsin is an expert in digital advertising, particularly for financial providers, who gained her SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION and social media expertise working as leader of the SpectroCoin advertising workforce.

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ta? not a tumor! . Lawyers and public relations people were brought in to sanitize facts before an investigation could take place. Some providers will not offer annuities on funds worth less than ? 0,000. At least half the construction jobs must go to city residents. With the new plans, customers will be entitledto 1000 UK minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data. EE have also claimedthat their 4G plans a? ffer download speeds up to 30Mbpsa. The rest will be lucky to survive, with a governmentassessment of the coffee industry painting a bleak picture. The representatives said they didn't know the true source of the failures but proposed remedies they believed would work. As with cattle, if a cow doesn’t feel comfortable in your company, it will withhold the milk. In the past I have done everything from playing Classic FM to even John Humphrys’s Today show to encourage the flow of milk (The Archers is a guaranteed winner). That's what he deserves. ? doxycycline 100mg capsule per tablet iOS 7.

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He assured the farmers that a bill in this regard will be projected in the coming Assembly session and farmers will be paid appropriate handsome compensation for the loss of their livelihood from the land coming under the ambit of “Ring Road”. tate General Secretary Kissan Morcha, Captain K. . Sharma along with others also accompanied the deputation. During the inaugural function CEC was accompanied by Tsering Wangdus Executive Councillor (Rural Dev. He also extend his warm gratitude to the Assistant Commissioner Development, BDO Kharu and JE of Rural Dev. Department, Executive Engineer, AEE and JE of Construction Division of PWD, LAHDC Leh for their coordination and extraordinary performances. oncerned Staffs of BSNL lead by Additional General Merger, BSNL Ladakh, Field Staffs of the Rural lead by ACD Rural Dev. Senior BJP leader and MLC Vibodh Gupta along with other BJP leaders today visited the Darboon Kha village and took stock of various problems being faced by the locals. On this occasion he also inaugurated electricity supply to the village by switching on a bulb. This electricity supply was ensured through a 63KV transformer which was provided by MLC out of his CDF. Upon his arrival in the village he was given grand reception there by the local people of the area. arboon Kha village, which is at a distance of 40 km from Rajouri didn’t have any kind of electricity till date. or the first time in 71years, a village in Rajouri district was electrified. Gupta in his address firstly congrulated people of the area for getting their village electrified and children were seen playing in the bright light,he added. He further said that our Prime Minister Narendra bhai Modi launched the “Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana” or the Saubhagya scheme to. Scheme aims at providing 'last mile electricity connectivity to all rural and urban areas'On this occasion state secretary BJP Rajinder Gupta also addressed the gathering and highlighted the fact that present Govt.

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So here are a few of our favorite books, movies, toys, video. The late Christopher Lee gets his due opposite Hammer Horror. DESTROYED! Round out your Ha! ween movie marathon. This companion book to Guillermo del Toro's highly. This spectacular pop-up book follows the success of Insight Editions’ best-selling. Let's set the record straight: There have been lots of false posts out. This screen shot from the film settles it; Oct. 2 1. That's also the day after. HarperCollins releases an incredible, in-depth love letter to one of the. Two decades after the short-lived '90s Saturday CBS animated TV show. SKELETON WARRIORS debuted, October Toys has turned your wishes into. Giyos compotible (you can take 'em oport and reossemble) and standing. Another set of toys to put you in the Halloween mood. Oogie Boogie, The Mayor, Dr.

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Convert Validation Key Of Php Designer 8 trail version to full software. All list in APPS. SU is best iphone apps cracked IPA for jailbreak. Never works because we're old farts who love sleep. After watching a horror movie be like just swipe it. Tried to get a few pics together with a similar colour pattern. That happens when you are wide awake at half past two in the morning because you still have nightshift-mode on and watched at least one horror movie so every fucking shadow is moving. I woulda liked to post this earlier today but technical difficulties prevented that from happening. Kena sembunyi bantal busuk dalam bag buat bekal tutup muka. Love going for walks here, every time we try to find somewhere new on the estate, usually getting lost at some point but that is what adventures are all about. Sebelum Iblis Menjemput masih jauh banget dari Jaelangkung. sorry to say. Mau didandanin atw diefek kyk gimana aja, alam bawah sadar gw gak bisa kebawa kalo mreka setan ataupun kesurupan. Tapi anak gw enjoy sik, meskipun nontonnya banyakan sambil ngintip ngintip. After watching horror films the previous two nights, I thought something grabbed my foot in my sleep. TAKE THAT STUPID HORROR AND MICHAEL MYERS! (Just a Photo Edit.

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Thursday, July 7, 1S8I revision 11:45 p. . her affections-until her boyfriend arrives. Fresh from boarding school, a teen-ager uncovers a smear campaign aimed at his father s political career. Law (R) q News M'A'S'H I Barney Tonight 13 NBC Gimj Show(R) World q q rffi(R Miller Show 1BOoe Business For the MacNeilLenrer Ransom OeGrassi Mystery! (R) q Collectors Tony (Off Air) mrss Rpt Record Newshour Wilson I Jr. Qpu Remington Steele I Crazy Like a Fox 700 Club Straight I Cable Remington Steele Paper Chase Talk Kitchen Moneyline Crossfire PrimeNews Larry King Live Headline News Moneyline Sports Newsnight nnr Most Endangered Living I Nature's Q. . . I Cowboy Hand and Eye Portraits Cinema Australia Naturally uiav Species, G. Discharged from the service, the boys join a circus and are forever in hot water. A zoo-raised lion is set free in the African wilderness. One of the West's most respectable citizens is actually the secret leader of a bandit gang. A beautiful young girt dedicates her life to revenge after she learns that her parents died because of a treachrous official from the Manchu Dynasty. Lady's Choice GO To Be Announced 700 Club GUI Perspective B35a SportsLook ITtraa Car 54, Where Are You. Therefore, major network listings reflect the programming of these three affiliates: ABC WBRC, Channel 6, Birmingham; CBS WJSU, Channel 40, Anniston; and NBC WVTM, Channel 13, Birmingham. ABC channels 2 WSB, Atlanta; 6 WBRC, Birmingham; 9 WTVM, Columbus, Ga.

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They may not even agree on what the goals really are. Humans are poor at making rational decisions that involve multiple “dimensions. As soon as you come up against a decision with more than 2 or 3 “dimensions”, the subconscious kicks in and that’s when the problems really start. Biases will influence the decision without the decision-maker even being aware of it. It structures the decision in a way that helps reduce decision bias, that ensures every voice is heard and that actively builds consensus between your stakeholders. The result, which has been validated by researchers around the world, is better decisions with a strong commitment to action from your stakeholders. You define and evaluate a set of business goals which translate into weighted criteria. You score each project against those criteria and calculate a weighted score for each project. The process is similar to a weighted score from a spreadsheet or a project prioritization matrix, but with a couple of important differences. AHP breaks this question up into a number of small judgments. You are shown pairs of criteria and then tell the software which criterion is more important (and by how much). Your various stakeholders get to vote on which criterion is more important. Sometimes there will be good alignment, but other times, such as in the following image, the stakeholders disagree. This process encourages your stakeholders to listen to each other and to learn about other teams’ needs. It means the issue is viewed from a number of different directions, reducing any individual’s bias. Crucially, different perspectives help improve the quality of the decision, but they also help build buy-in and trust in the scores you finally calculate. Combining the weighted criteria with the scores for each project gives you a weighted score for each project.