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In a break from tradition of sending pardoned turkeys to a farm, Mount Vernon or even Disney World, these lucky ducks will live out their lives at Virginia Tech — tuition-free. Gratis higher education surely isn’t in the cards in the U. S. for at least the next four years. 2) They never have to work again. “This is retirement for the birds,” said Rami Dalloul, associate professor of animal and poultry sciences, who’s overseeing the turkey transfer. Turkeys terrorize as they prepare for annual Thanksgiving feast 3 ) The retirement home is a fine-feathered nest. Gobbler’s Rest, their private college quarters, is all about creature comforts. Wood shavings five inches thick on the floor? Check.

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She knew more about orgasms than the man entrusted with writing scholarly papers about how they’re achieved. There’s plenty of nudity, of course, but it doesn’t get in the way of the storytelling and parallel storylines involving Caitlin FitzGerald, Nicholas D’Agosto, Beau Bridges, Julianne Nicholson and Allison Janney, all of whom could be in the running for Emmy noms in supporting categories. In addition to the sexual research and soap-opera sidebars, “Masters of Sex” takes a sharp knife to the hypocrisy of academia and its almighty pursuit of funding. Although the mini-series mirror each other in the key story elements, the settings are polar opposites of each other. The titular structures couldn’t be more different, either. In the original mini-series, the nearly 5-mile-long Oresund Bridge separates Denmark and Sweden, which, unlike Juarez, aren’t famous for their staggering murder rates, smugglers’ tunnels or unchecked illegal immigration. Both series open with an electrical outage on the bridge, followed by the disposing of a dead body at its center. In fact, the body belongs to two separate people, one recently killed and the other frozen and cut in half. Because the parts straddle the border, police from both sides are required to cooperate with other in the investigation. The male cops are hard-boiled, but willing to bend the rules when they feel it’s necessary.

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