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Fine company for any practitioner of the synth-based arts, and Nick Klein’s Bathroom Wall is equally worthy of your time. It’s not too far fetched to imagine Lydia Lunch and David Lynch getting hitched, although I have a feeling he’d be more likely to change his name to David Lunch than Lydia giving up her famous mantle. Enough fantasizing, let’s get to this record, which is a pretty par-for-the-course take on dark and gothic indie post-punk. I’m reminded of groups like DVA Damas and Savages, although Lady Lynch aren’t nearly as noisy and hypnotic as the former, nor are they as fiery and impassioned as the latter. I get that Lady Lynch are in it for the the slinking, simmering grooves, rather than any sort of bombast or pop hooks, but they don’t quite possess the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to push things to the next level, say like The Xx or Cold Beat. Still, Lady Lynch firmly establish a mood through this self-titled debut, one of dark velvet, lace and candle-smoke. Apparently, it’s “bin liner”, which is even better. I’m reminded of groups on the moodier end of the spectrum, like The Vicious and early Iceage, as well as classic Euro-core like Zmiv and Electric Deads. The vocals are gruff and stoutly enough for any self-respecting street-punk group, and they work nicely with these high-energy tunes. Next time I take out the trash, I’ll think of Mulltute. Hear me out: good memes are hilarious, display poor technical craftsmanship as well as advanced cynical wit, are often grossly pixelated from repeated re-posting, and are ultimately pretty disposable. The same could pretty much be said for this Neo Neos album. These songs are bristling with lo-fi crud; they share a uniform fidelity, each song falling into the next with another frantic series of parts; hilarious recordings of friends (or enemies? talking about punk (and Quiznos) are interspersed throughout. Listening to this album feels like a manic late-night scroll through Instagram meme accounts, one poorly-Photoshopped gag after another in a seemingly infinite stream of shitposts.


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If he can continue this trend and combine it with more consistent backfield penetration, he could be dominant. Roberts’ inexplicable issues with ball security spilled into the preseason opener as the rookie tight end dropped a short pass and had the ball knocked free twice after catches, although neither was ruled a fumble. The one stripped from his grip in the middle of the field was overturned when it was ruled his forward momentum had been stopped. Later, a helmet popped the ball free just as he stepped out of bounds. Those don’ t show up on the stat sheet, but it’s playing with fire. Agnew’s clearest path to contributing as a rookie will be in the return game, but the Colts kickers didn’ t do him any favors on Sunday. The early punts and kickoffs were either short or high enough they required a fair catch. Agnew lost his most returnable punt in the sun, letting it bounce once before picking it up and bringing it back seven yards. Golladay shines, Hyder hurt in Lions’ preseason romp Golladay had generated plenty of hype coming into the contest and made good on expectations, carrying his practice performance to his first game action. He finished with three catches, all against tight coverage, for 53 yards and two touchdowns. Obviously, the sample size remains small, but it continues to look like general manager Bob Quinn struck gold with the third-round pick. The veteran running back did little with his limited touches, showing minimal explosion or elusiveness as he gained six yards on five carries. He also showed poor field awareness, stepping out of bounds to negate a catch that would have given the Lions first-and-goal at the 2-yard line. Zenner started off his day with a bang, taking advantage of a well-blocked edge and getting around the corner for a 19-yard gain. But after that, he mustered only seven yards on five carries and three yards on his lone reception.


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It’s like he knows he’s letting her down in some way, while Emilia plays it as trying to hide what she’s feeling and yet she’s clearly very concerned and shook as she realizes what it means that he’s saying. She doesn’t want him to go, she looks like her whole world has just been pulled out from under her. Not just because she’s losing a potential ally, but because Dany is becoming more and more vulnerable with Jon and she doesn’t let herself become vulnerable with people easily. He looks to Dany knowing he’s about to hurt her and it’s also hurting him because he understands her and she understands him. After trying to use her power to make Jon not go, he states that he’s a king, something he doesn’t normally boast in, but he knows he needs to do this for the good of his people and I think that sort of makes her realize how necessary it is for him to go and she nods even though she doesn’t fully agree, but neither has voiced anything in the way of how they feel. Daenerys and Jon both put themselves aside and their emotions to be a queen and king to their people. The way they look at each other in these shots is really showing how much they will work together. He looks to her as he volunteers to go and despite how much it pains her she remains strong and agrees by looking to him. Near the end of the episode we get the group setting off. I love the dialogue, but I also love the framing and shots in this scene, starting with Jorah saying goodbye and spotting Jon coming, he knows there’s more there than either is admitting so he steps aside. He was her most trusted advisor for so long and now it’s Jon. I love how in frame he lets go of her hands and moves out of the frame as Jon enters and comes to Daenerys. It’s very symbolic in the fact that Jorah still loves her, but there’s someone else for her and someone more suited in Jon. There’s only a few lines, but they say everything while actually not saying it. Dany has grown used to Jon because she values and trusts him.


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We hope to see you in downtown Rockport this Holiday Season. Dr. Peace is also a co-editor of “My Neighbor’s Faith: Stories of Interreligious Encounter, Growth, and Transformation”. What a great way to get acquainted with my new town. I was thinking that most Gloucester residents are probably wondering just who is this “Olive Kitteridge,” so I thought maybe they might enjoy reading a book review I wrote about it a few years ago (yes, it was a book—even won a Pulitzer Prize! . Attached is the review that was published in Modern Reformation magazine, of which I am the managing editor (although I’m now also working as an associate editor at Hendrickson over the bridge in Peabody). These are highly esteemed awards and for writers can mean a nice increase in sales (as these are books rarely found beforehand on The New York Times Best Sellers List). I’m wondering, however, how many of your neighbors logged online or ran down to their local bookseller to grab one of these prize winners. So, the question remains, how many of your neighbors have even heard of last year’s Nobel winner Herta Muller or the Pulitzer winner Elizabeth Strout, let alone have read their prize-winning books. But aren’t we curious to know why these writers have won. Surely, they have accom- plished something worthy of our attention. Having said all that, let me recommend that you obtain the 2009 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel Olive Kitteridge; read it yourself and then pass it along to your neighbors. When we meet her, Olive Kitteridge is a cranky retired high school math teacher and her husband Henry, a kindly retired pharmacist. They seem to have a “normal” life, but this is the beauty and the power of this story: no one’s life is ordinary, especially Olive’s.