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put things right. I’ve been sitting here scratching my head trying to think of one thing Ouija has to recommend in its favor, but I gotta be honest — I’m drawing a complete blank. The acting’s bad, the story’s stupid and predictable, the “scares” are anything but scary, and the whole thing is a rancid mess. I almost didn’t even bother to review it because it was too easy a target, but I figured that if I could warn off at least one other person from seeing it, then I could chalk it up as my good deed for the day. ure, the picture and sound quality on the DVD are both fine (I can’t really comment on the extras because the disc I got from Netflix was one of those “bare-bones” rental versions, sorry), but so what. It’s a brand new movie, the technical specs should be flawless. In fact, it got noticed a lot, and evidently by at least some of the right people, because on the basis of positive “buzz” alone, the aforementioned relegation to so-called “home viewing platforms” was quickly scuttled in favor of a limited theatrical release — which just as quickly became a wide theatrical release — which finally ended with this being one of the most-talked- about “supernatural thrillers” in years. Maybe it’s not fair to expect any movie to live up to all that, much less a modest production out of Detroit like this one, but I like to think that I’m honest enough with myself (and, hopefully, with the rest of you) to recognize that my belief that this is just a more-stylishly-done-than-usual presentation of a rather poorly-thought-through, and in many cases bog-standard, story would be unchanged even without the profound sense of “well, that was a bit of a letdown” I left the theater with. I’m not holding Mitchell’s rave reviews against him by any stretch, nor is it fair to judge his work against a yardstick fashioned from others’ praise, but hey — I’m only human, and when I come out of a movie that most everyone else has gushed one superlative after another about feeling decidedly unimpressed, I’ve gotta wonder where the disconnect comes from. Am I really that hard to please, or is everyone else just that wrong. And therein lies the entire difference in perception. If you don’t watch a lot of horror flicks and are inclined to write the ones you haven’t seen off completely, you could be forgiven for being surprised that some of them are this well done. But when you do watch a lot of horror, and you see vastly superior fare like Starry Eyes garnering far less attention, well — you’re bound to wonder what all the fuss is about in this case. Furthermore, the idea that sexual “promiscuity” (as in, being female and actually enjoying sex) equals death is the oldest card in the “slasher” movie hand, Mitchell just has the nerve to obfuscate it under a thick enough layer of pretense that you can be swindled into believing he’s “deconstructing” the whole notion rather than reinforcing it. Trust me when I say he’s clearly doing the latter. Jay and her sister, Kelly (Lili Sepe) live in a house that’s pure 1970s throwback, and most of their friends drive cars that date to that era, but one member of their slacker clique has a flip-open plastic toy seashell that doubles as a Kindle-type device, while their mom has a fancy-ass modern refrigerator to go along with her Curtis Mathes console TVs and outdated brown shag carpeting. The streets and driveways of their suburban neighborhood seem to be populated with decidedly modern cars and SUVs and mini-vans, as well. This dichotomy of past and future might feel right at home in, say, a David Lynch film, or some other equally-channeled-from-the-subconscious story, but in a narrative as by-the-numbers as this one, it just feels like weirdness for its own sake, and a rather naked plea for attention that the filmmakers don’t trust you enough to get on the first pass, so they keep hammering the point home. Think of the scene in the thoroughly risible Juno where she takes a call in her bedroom on one of those old plastic hamburger-shaped phones and, afraid that you’ll miss how cool and “shabby-chic” the whole thing is, they actually have her say into the receiver “sorry, I can’t hear you so well — I’m talking to you on my hamburger phone,” and you”ll get what I’m driving at here.

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In series two, during Blackwater, Sansa asks Cersei if they are safe when Stannis Baratheon’s army attack King’s Landing, revealing the first hint that she could be taken. Related articles When will Game of Thrones season 8 be released. Should the city fall, they’ll be the first ones out of the doors. ” Reddit user jugligen noted. They go on to point a number of other instances that hint at Sansa’s kidnap in season seven. In The Spoils Of War, Cersei explains that she has hired the Golden Company to “retrieve some things that belong to her”. Could that be Sansa who fled King’s Landing in season four after Joffrey’s (Jack Gleeson) death. Later, in Beyond The Wall, Sansa insists to Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie) she is safe at Winterfell alone. HBO Game of Thrones: Sophie Turner stars as Sansa Stark in the hit HBO series Sophie Turner in pictures Fri, August 25, 2017 Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner in pictures. And finally, in Beyond The Wall, Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) warns that Cersei should not be trusted. Is this another hint that Cersei will capture Sansa and make her pay for fleeing King’s Landing. It comes after it was hinted Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) could be in big trouble in the final series. Fans pointed out the Mother of Dragons lost a large part of her army during season seven, which could lead to her defeat. Unfortunately, the Sand Snakes were killed with a large part of the Dornish army. This means that Daenerys now only has the Dothraki and her army of Unsullied but fans have been left questioning why Dorne has been forgotten. Could the army make a surprise appeared in the final series to help Daenerys with her final push to take the Iron Throne. Game of Thrones season 8 will air on Sky Atlantic and HBO in 2019. Related articles Game of Thrones season 8: Will the release be brought forward. Especially with season 7, which, I my opinion, was a travesty.

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Yang mereka takutkan adalah sosok yang sudah membuat banyak anak-anak lain menghilang, termasuk adik Bill. Sosok yang jauh lebih menyeramkan dari orangtua masing-masing. Belum lagi predikatnya sebagai salah satu cerita paling seram yang pernah ditulis oleh Stephen King. Sebelum ini, It pernah disadur ke miniseri televisi yang dibagi menjadi dua episode. Quick review: miniseri televisi tersebut sudah berusaha untuk loyal kepada materi bukunya, penampilan Pennywise yang seram, namun dari segi efek memang terasa tertahan. Lagipula ketika ditonton bareng sekarang-sekarang ini, efek filmnya terasa sangat out-of-date. Banyak aspek kemampuan Pennywise yang tidak bisa digambarkan dengan baik tahun 1990 itu, sehingga banyak yang enggak terfilmkan. Aku suka gimana matanya tampak natural ketika melihat ke dua arah sekaligus, aku suka gimana ilernya menetes-netes setiap kali ngebujuk anak-anak. Sebenarnya Pennywise itupun hanyalah salah satu dari wujud jelmaan dari makhluk yang Bill and-the-genk sebut sebagai It (aku jadi teringat cerita Lupus yang nyebut hantu sebagai Anuan karena dia takut menyebutnya sebagai hantu). It mengambil bentuk yang berbeda-beda tergantung dari anak mana yang mau ia mangsa berikutnya. Dan dari adegan pembuka kematian Georgie yang sangat ikonik hingga ke menit-menit It bergiliran menakuti tujuh protagonis kita, film ini setia mengikuti apa yang tersurat di novel. Adegan Ben di perpustakaan ketika dia melihat halaman buku yang terus berulang dengan nenek-nenek menyeringai mengerikan di latar belakang adalah salah satu favoritku. Mereka terlihat beneran kayak teman sepermainan beneran. Persahabatan mereka, gimana anak-anak bergaul, film ini merekamnya dengan jujur. Ada nuansa underdog beneran yang melingkupi mereka karena mereka harus berurusan dengan sesuatu yang tidak mereka mengerti yang mana tidak akan ada yang percaya kepada mereka. Dari ketujuh anak, Ben actually tokoh favoritku di novel It. Makanya aku agak kurang sreg kenapa di film ini mereka enggak lagi bikin dam; yang meniadakan kemampuan Ben di mana Ben lah yang merancang dam. Meski demikian, It bukan sekedar cerita sekumpulan anak muda melawan musuh terbesar mereka, yakni ketakutan, yang terpersonifikasi sebagai badut dengan balonnya. Ada tone kelam seputar tumbuh remaja, sexuality, trauma dan gimana untuk melupakannya yang dibahas dalam narasi.

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Plague of Fantasies is a rare vinyl release from Aidan Baker. Pressed on virgin vinyl in an edition of only 300 copies. Hissing Veil, BESTIAL MOUTHS debut, is 40 minutes of intense gloom. A meditation on the relationship between transgressor and victim conceived in a flurry of automatic writing, Hissing Veil is an urgent declaration revealed in a barrage of primitive rhythms and feral calls. Uncompromising, beautiful synth and beat driven compositions haunted by deep and brooding female vocals. Limited to 500 hand numbered copies on clear vinyl. Considered one of America's premier noise bands, BOY DIRT CAR returns with a sermon, or possibly a soundtrack to a beautiful yet disturbed mantra, with a possible insight to breakdown. DARREN BROWN, DAVE SZOLWINSKI, DAN KUBINSKI, KEITH BRAMMER, STEVE WHALEN and JEFF HAMILTON are joined by guests RICO MCCOULM, MIKE SAWYER, JOSH MEAD and JARROD OLMAN for this journey into enlightenment or dementia. Found sounds combine with interludes of thrashed out bass, distorto guitar, and manipulations alongside vocal musings, tantrums and almost choral-like insertions within and around. Alessandro Brivio's new record is another collection of complex and obsessive rhythmic tracks, reflecting his studies and passion for African aesthetics. The title is an homage to the Senufo secret society (the Poro) and to the Associazione Poro, a foundation of Africanists founded by the great Italian collector Carlo Monzino. Silkscreened cover (black on black carboard), with small insert. Guitarist, sculptor and designer of strange marimba-like instruments (made of found beach stones), litophones, cymbals and huge bells NINNI MORGIA accesses infinite guitar timbres (electronic, filtered analog sounds, soothing bowed drones, wild distortion or small, bird-like plucking techniques). Propelled by MARCELLO MAGLIOCCHI's warm acoustic sounds from strings, metal sheets, handmade rattles and tuned drums, the eleven pieces here slowly grow, build up and dynamically move across pure avant garde, early electronica, psychedelic hypnosis and wild free jazz. Semi-collaborative split release between two Canadian groups, with members of both groups contributing to each other's songs. Composed, recorded and mixed between 2009 and 2011. With thanks to Dave Phillips for his strings, Doreen Kutzke for her voice and to the people and animals recorded without their knowledge. Roigk and Fromberg are two multi-disciplinary artists living in Berlin. It's worth resting with the beasts to prepare ballon mails for bats, urutaues, sirens, leopard seals, humpback whales, monarch butterflies (poor bb), blowflies and maggots.

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In my mind it’s as influential (albeit way lesser known) as Psycho or Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There are countless sub genres born out of Black Christmas, that would all splinter off as their own thing throughout the late 70s to mid 80s. Predating Halloween by four years, it offers a similar premise, set around a snowy college town on Christmas Eve. I love the performances, love the aesthetic and especially atmosphere that Bob Clark created, book ending this film like he would with A Christmas Story 9 years later. Instead of diffused colorful lights and warm saturated tones along with music, Black Christmas, while also showing a house, is painted in stark blacks and whites, no music but the sound of snow falling. I like horror films that could happen in real life. This film set the bar for those kinds of horror films that followed, Cape Fear, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Wolf Creek and so on. Zombies, vampires and monsters don’t do it for me. . I had not seen a horror film since I was a kid on VHS and it was my first time seeing a horror film in a cinema. Intense laughing and intense fear is a killer combo. . John Carpenter’s Halloween and The Thing are also some of my favorites. . Stands the test of time and people’s reactions to it are so strong. Just mention the name around anyone who is near a body of water and watch people think twice about getting in. I also want to mention The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974). Such a beautiful looking film, but so utterly terrifying. The performances, the sound, the pace and the color palette all add up to the most uneasy but mesmerizing watch.

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Ethan changes his piece for Showcase after criticism from his father, adding extra dancers (including Grace), angering Abigail. Kaylah is overcome by last-minute nerves and Tara helps talk her into taking the stage, for which Christian is thankful and unknowingly alleviates her earlier uneasiness by telling her he loves her first. Kat takes up the talent agent's offer, and accompanied by a keen Ben, attends a football cheerleading tryout before getting a callback. Tara begins having body issues, feeling like she's not attractive enough for Christian and accidentally fake tans herself to excess, but Christian eventually assures her she's fine as she is. Ben invites Kat to join his and Sammy's flash mob to impress her. Tara finds a picture of Christian and his mother on his bulletin board and unfolds it to reveal Christian's father. Tara questions him about his father but Christian refuses to talk about it. Grace makes things awkward between Abigail and Ethan when she says they obviously are dating each other, making Abigail tense and amusing Ethan. Tara and Christian, criticised by Miss Raine for skipping class, make their dance project a duet but still join Ben and Sammy's flash mob. Grace and Abigail also participate in the flash mob with Ethan as the cameraman. Sammy informs Ben that their planned flash mob show on the ferry is not possible due to the workers being on strike; Ben then decides to hold it on the train. Afterwards, Grace makes it known to Ethan that she in fact likes him before kissing him in sight of Abigail. This crosses into Tara and Christian's argument over Tara researching his father's whereabouts. Sammy is hyped with energy (and caffeine) and is still trying to juggle his work priorities with dancing, but in a mind slip, accidentally forgets to lock up at work and allows the cash to be stolen. Tara is still reeling from her break-up with Christian, and tries calling him to help her practice as Ben is unworried (and has BO ); meanwhile, Tara takes her and Ben's concerns that Saskia has a grudge against her up with Miss Raine, who brushes her off, telling her she asked Saskia to be hard on Tara due to her recent lack of commitment to dancing. Christian is unresponsive to Tara's calls, and skips class the next day with Kat (who is struggling with her own exams, having skipped school) to entertain kids at a fairy -themed birthday party, leaving Abigail to do her routine with Sammy, who accidentally lets her fall, causing even more mayhem. On the last day of semester, the boys (Sammy, Ben and Christian) and the girls (Tara, Abigail, Grace and Kat) all try to have fun without talking about the other, but fail as Christian grows closer to Kat and further away from Tara. The boys try to get into a club (Kat says to the girls that her agent gave her tickets to get in), but fail to and then visit a tattoo parlour, where Sammy insists he wants a tattoo. When Christian interferes, he, Sammy and Ben come to blows; all then visit the club after Christian and Kat exchange photos and texts (into which Grace had been prying)—the pair later kiss.