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But if this handle is associated with that scene from Apocalypse Now it’s not like I’m going to be disappointed. Also I always wonder WWND and one thing I can think of is the deep regret he’d have if he were alive today, knowing that he played a crucial role in memory-holing the best friend he ever had. When you see them they make you forget that you saw them. We could ask the same question of Land but his answer would be “I’M A ROBOT I CAN’T HELP IT”. The nostalgia for allegedly naturalised forms of social determination that have become merely the idealised and reduced elements belonging to a political cybernetics of consumer design, is the technological mobilisation and selection of an artificial sublimation, according to the same mode of atavistic imperialism by which such allegedly naturalised forms are claimed to have been exploited and destroyed. The jargon derives its own blessing, that of primalness, from the fact that it has developed as little in actuality as in spirit. Nietzsche did not live long enough to grow sick at his stomach over the jargon of authenticity: in the twentieth century he is the German resentment phenomenon par excellence. Nietzsche’s “something stinks” would find its first justification in the strange bathing ceremony of the hale life”. But it’s not necessarily the Latinate conception, in itself, that constitutes the reason why that conception of the human should be dispensed with, or at least should not be hegemonic. Yes, it does have a history of considerable and needless destruction. But it is the pan-Germanic expression of that figure, according to the reductive necessity of alleged efficiency.

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Her quips at Unella and Cersei were just so cutting, I was gagging. I feel it in my bones, the conclusion of this season will leave us all breathless. Yes, she believes in the prophecy but Tommen is the only person in the world she still has (Jaime too but he is away). Yes, he was brainwashed but I don’t think she gave up on him. Also, if Margeary didn’t give Olenna the piece of paper, Olenna would have stayed there too for her grandchildren. Actually, Olenna had said the same thing to Margeary as Cersei said to Olenna. As for the preview. Yes, most probably Cersei is going to the throne room but I don’t think it will be a face off. In the trailer I thought that it was edited in a way as to give the impression she was coming in while he was leaving. We saw some amazing views and even my sister was seeing she is loving all these new images of places we are saying and they were just gorgeously made. I also loved the episode so much, and the writing and direction were superb.

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So it makes sense he'd want a player in the Great Game. I swear its like we arent even watching the same story She is going on her murder mission and she isnt in trouble. She killed the waif and learned to be a killer she passed the test and is off to give those many names to the many faced god Nymeria doesnt pity her she has her own life and is doing her own thing. She isnt getting killed in the near future as far as I can see Click to expand. I am sure they feel she has a role to play else they would have executed her for treason and defection. Honourable Mention Sam the Slayer - Killed a white walker with a dagger in the back, crossbowed a Thenn, lost his virginity in an all-male winter camp WITH A FEMALE, might cure Ser Jorah and will at least perhaps torture the Friend Zone out of him, and stole his fathers sword. 1 Handed Jamie - He killed some Dornish cans. Could maybe see Bronn bailing them out and bringing them to Tyrion, or something like that. Her baby was weak and she abandoned it for the King beyond the wall. Some might want to read the books if they are ever finished. She definitely disrespected that religion IMO, but I don't think she got far enough to make any official oaths or promises to them.

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If you continue on our site, you will approve the use of cookies. Ok. Tried and tested in some of the most exposed locations in Britain Finngard Opaque can offer protection for in excess of 20 years. Optiva 5 is a wash resistant product with a matt finish. Key has been advertised as a different film from the time it was shot. So, one went with that presumption, and it lived up to its promise. It is quite 'different' from what Telugu cinema is churning out. First-time director Nagendra Prasad has made a good effort with this film. The entire film is shot in a single location -- a ritzy room. There are nine people (all newcomers) who are here to write a final test (after passing many other hurdles) for a corporate concern. They are ushered in to this posh room which looks a bit strange with a hi-tech locking system and manned by a security guard.

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99. 99,- adalah masih dikisaran Rp. 100 ribuan, padahal yang sebenarnya harga yang harus Anda bayar adalah Rp. 00. 00,-. Trik lain adalah menghilangkan angka setelah titik desimal. Seporsi makanan seharga Rp. 5. 00,- mungkin tampak mahal, tapi jika hanya ditulis Rp. 85 K, akan membuat konsumen berasumsi angkanya tidak terlalu banyak. Ada juga restoran yang menuliskan angka setelah titik desimal dengan ukuran kecil.