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State Secretary Rajinder Sharma spoke on Challenges before Nation. He said that the basic philosophy of BJP is pro-founded by Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhayay that constitutes Article 3 of BJP Constitution. Rajeev Charak spoke on Worker, Working System and personality development. Mahila Morcha State President Purnima Sharma spoke on achievements of Centre and state government and appealed the morcha activists to highlight the same in their respective areas. Proceedings of the workshop were conduct by Mahila Morcha State General Secretary Anju Dogra. Mamta Singh meets public at party office BJP State Vice-President Mamta Singh and State Secretary Rajinder Sharma, during their weekly sitting at party office on Saturday, met with a large number of people drawn from different sections of the society, who narrated their day to day problems and sought the intervention of the party in getting the same mitigated. The people who met Mamata Singh and Rajinder Sharma had their problems related to various departments. Mamta Singh assured them that whatever has been narrated by them will be forwarded to the concerned ministry in the state and it will be ensured that the same problem are not faced by the people in the future. Bank robberies-a wakeup call for authorities: Prof Virender BJP State Spokesperson, Prof. Earlier there used to be attacks on the police stations to loot the arms and ammunition and now there are happenings of loot of money from the banks. Thus counter the efforts of Government of India to check the transaction of Hawala Money to the terrorists and other separatist elements, thus making it as an unfruitful exercise in the valley. He said that this could not have happened had there been no nexus between the banks employees, police administration and persons in the state administration. The Spokesperson asked the state government, particular to those at the helm of affairs in the police department, to show their sincerity and commitment to their duties and to the nation, take necessary steps to catch hard of those involved in bank robberies and to enhance the security and make appropriate arrangement to check the repetition of such events. He asked, in particular to the bank authorities to device a mechanism not only to ensure the safety of the banks but also probe the involvement of the bank employees in such like episodes.


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British Lawmakers Accuse Facebook Of 'Intentionally' Violating UK Privacy Laws Cache Translate Page A new report issued by British lawmakers argues Facebook “intentionally and knowingly” violated the United Kingdom’s data privacy and competition laws. The report, published by the U. . Parliament’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee on Monday, said Facebook’s “handling of personal data, and its use for political campaigns, are prime and legitimate areas for inspection by regulators, and it should not be able to evade all editorial responsibility for the content shared by its users across its platforms. The committee began studying the role of social media platforms. The report called on U. . lawmakers to create regulations to hold tech giants like Facebook accountable for the malicious spread of online information. Lawmakers reviewed a series of internal Facebook documents they obtained late last year from Six4Three, an app developer that filed a lawsuit against Facebook in the United States in 2015. According to the committee, those documents showed Facebook was “willing to override its users’ privacy settings in order to transfer data” to other big tech companies like Netflix and Spotify. Facebook has stated that it never sold users’ data and that those companies were business partners. The report, which is 108 pages, also said Facebook was intentionally “starving” its competitors by limiting data access to those apps, as alleged in Six4Three’s lawsuit. Parliament should investigate whether Facebook is “unfairly using its dominant market position in social media to decide which business should succeed or fail,” according to the report. Collins told the Post he plans to make Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testify before Parliament if the tech mogul ever lands in Britain. The lawmaker first shared that sentiment after Zuckerberg failed to appear at hearings multiple times last year.


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Hale and is determined to undermine Mary's authority. She is on to Anne Hastings and Dr. Hale's secret liaison and she's practical. As an older woman, she seems alone, but she has a sense of humor and speaks her mind. She sees through the pretensions of Anne Hastings and Emma Green and the inexperience of Mary Phinney. Yet we sense she is more likely an ally of Mary Phinney. Foster has his own problems. He is only a civilian contract surgeon and he grew up in a slave-owning Maryland household. His wife wants to go West and leave the war behind while Foster feels that the war presents an opportunity to learn, research and make medical advancements. Managing both men is Dr. Alfred Summers (Peter Gerety), a career Army surgeon who has the rank of major. He was formerly a servant in a doctor's household and learned about medical practices of the day. African American doctors weren't allowed to practice in Union hospitals until after the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 (Jan. 1). He is attracted to an escaped slave who works as a laundress, Aurelia (Shalita Grant).


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Indeed, to become a Lannister and Lady of Casterly Rock means taking everything from the proud Lioness. I’d like Brienne to become Lady of Casterly Rock and fulfill Tywin’s wish of suitable Lannister heirs. He liked the cute prostitute of Volantis, but he discovered that he couldn’t. In Meereen imo he chose to simply ignore the subject (although it had been a favourite activity, as he stated) because it would have brought painful memories. The North probably has the lowest population density, but I sincerely doubt it’s the least populated. It’s still a huge region, almost as large as the other 6 combined, so I’d guess it has quite a lot of inhabitants. Probably more than than every other region except the Reach, the Riverlands, and the Westerlands. Everything and everyone is more complex, more lush, more dark. Probably coz u never complain are always sweet and are fun to read. Hopefully you will remain spoiler free all season. Most agree book 3 (a storm of swords) is the best of the bunch. So basically it’s like a regular season minus two of the sort of slower episodes in the middle. With basically 8 episodes and geographic concentration of characters (meaning fewer independent storylines), Season 7 hopefully won’t feel shortened at all. I guess I will have to move my reviews there as well, considering I haven’t been following the filming news and that books are pretty much non-existant for me at this point (so no mention of them in my reviews). I like to speculate a bit, maybe see some filming locations and stuff, but I don’t want any legit spoilers.


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He was later sentenced to 30 days in prison for contempt of court. The rabbinical court argues that by providing his son with a job and stipend, the father is responsible for his son's intransigence. His lawyers argue he is being used as leverage to pressure his son and are appealing to the Supreme Court. 'One of the most basic tenets of justice is that a person carries his own sins and is not punished for the sins of others,' said a statement from his lawyers. 'The father has no control over his son. The father twice backed out of scheduled interviews with The Associated Press. According to his lawyers, the father and son are estranged, and despite his best efforts, he has been unable to force him to grant a divorce. The statement said the father has fired the son from his job and pleaded with religious leaders to convince him. The court rejected a US Embassy request to have the passports returned, telling the embassy that its involvement in the case was 'unacceptable and intolerable. The embassy said it has provided the father with assistance but declined to comment further. The New York-based Organization for the Resolution of Agunot, which works to help solve Jewish divorce disputes, has followed the case. May arrived in New Delhi late Sunday on her first trip outside of Europe since she became prime minister in July. She was accompanied by trade officials and a large business delegation consisting predominantly of small and medium-sized businesses. The talks between the two leaders focused on bringing down trade barriers and preparing the ground for a free-trade deal after Britain leaves the EU. Modi hopes to attract British companies to invest in India and urge Britain to ease visa restrictions on Indian business leaders traveling to the U.


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Of course half of them are already dead, but Cersei and Walder Frey are still around, and she would add anothers (Baelish and Ramsay for instance) if she knew everything. And would you trust such a weak shortsighted man with the safety of your wife and stepchild. Stealing or not, you have to admit he pointlessly is putting all of them in danger. I thought Sam was stealing the sword for two reasons: it's his by right, and he needs to take it to the Citadel to study its properties. He already knows that the world needs all the Valyrian steel it can get, and he probably wants to know more about the material in general. Arya is going to come back to Westeros and start using her new skills to assassinate the people she hates. While this does make sense, it still just seems so secondary and irrelevant now that we're reaching the end game of the story that it feels out of place. While Cersei and Walder are still alive, that's true, and you're right, she could add more names down the line, we 1) Don't know if she'll even get there in time to finish off her list, and 2) Even if she does somehow get to kill them, it still feels like there's more obvious and connected ways to make it happen. The only one that I think she could kill is Littlefinger, and he wasn't even on the original list. The King's Landing story line feeling petty and irrelevant given the stakes has a purpose. It shows that while there's a looming threat that will end up killing them all if something isn't done, we have a host of people that are still fighting over a iron chair despite plenty of warnings, a chair that will be meaningless when the White Walkers come. It's a purely personal story line that has lost half of the people that made it personal, and the other half are basically facing looming death in ways that don't include her. Cersei in the trial by combat, Walder Frey potentially during the Battles of Winterfell. Chronofan8 posted. Ruppe21 posted.