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They regretted that they are being held responsible for the damage caused to machines by non-technical staff in Super Specialty, which is totally unjustified. On one hand, they are not being past wages, on the other, are subjected to harassment, they lamented. Aseem heard their grievances with patience and assured that whatever has been brought into his notice will be soon taken up with the Health Minister. The rally is to promote 100 years of good work done by Rotary Foundation which raises funds for humanitarian service projects including clean and green India projects. bout 22 cyclists will cover the 4500 Kms in 33 days with 27 flag-off points across India. IGP Jammu Danish Rana and Municipal Commissioner, Dr Manmohan Singh was also present on the occasion. he participants will travel through Delhi, Jaipur, Gandhi nagar, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram to reach Kanyakumari on the December 9, 2016. Rotary club of Madras, president of Rtn Ambalavanan addressed the gathering and provided information about the entire programme. oordinator Dr. Dushyant Choudhary, president Rotary club Jammu Tawi, B. Chandan, Vikram Jindal from Chennai and Ashok Gupta and Jatinder, Jaswant from Jammu Rotary club were also present on the occasion. State Gen. Secretary(Org) Shri Ashok Koul asked party workers to resume the party activities to ensure the welfare of people and development of state. Bharatiya Janata Party organized party workers convention on Monday in Budgam presided by District President Budgam Gh. Hassan Khan in which State Gen Secretary(org) Shri Ashok Koul was the Chief Guest. All the senior members- including District Office Bearer, Constituency presidents and other members were president and discussed the prevailing situation in Kashmir. The senior party members of the party appreciated the party workers for remaining steadfast during the present crisis in Kashmir. tate Gen.

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Cak i njegov pazljiv, visoko svestan um nece ga spasiti od posledica i z l e t a u lukavstvo, osim ako 366 S T R E L A C ima Skorpiju u ascedentu. Poznajem jodnog pritajenog Strelca koji ima takav Plutonov ascedent i zbog toga vrlo lako uspeva da igra sah. Ova vrsta Jupiterove osobe je izuzetak, ali budite spremni da i takve sretnete. Na prstima nosi tri prstena sa tirkizima, na nogama su mu zvoncici koji skladno zvone kao da dolaze sa dalekog crkvenog tornja koji nestaje u oblacima. Strelac veselo duva u sjajan limeni rog, napravljen od mekog, savitljivog tek malo orosenog metala. Hrabro, on zabada ogroman karanfil na svoje siroko srce i savija luk prema nebu. Ne zelim da vas obeshrabrim, ali muskarci Strelci imaju ovu cudnu naviku. Skoce na velikog, belog konja i jurisaju kroz ulice, masuci macem i braneci svoju stvar. Ali, prvo ga morate skinuti sa tog belog konja, daleko od slonova, a naravno i bradata zena ce morati da ode. Problemi i cirkusi ne ostavljaju m n o g o vremena za porodicni zivot, a da i ne spominjemo sentimentalno drzanje za ruke. Naravno, ponekad njegova naivna bujnost moze izmaci kontroli. Na primer, u trenutku ludog, burnog veselja, bacice vas visoko u vazduh - i zaboravice da vas uhvati. Ali, ne treba da budete pesimista - jer ovaj covek je krajnji optimista. Samo bi pomislio da su zaboravili da stave i konja. Ja sam p o t p u n o za, jer sam i sama vatreni znak. Ali, to moze dovesti do takvog naivnog verovanja z b o g kojeg cesto pada u bare. Poverenje je velika stvar, ali imati poverenja u pogresne ljude moze usporiti cak i trkackog konja. Njegovi snovi su uvek p o m n o istrazeni uz p o m o c Jupiterove inteligentne logike i radoznalosti.

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Owen tells her the lab went great, and that there's a trauma surgeon in April. She says she quit. She knows now that he was right. She can still be a surgeon, but she just doesn't want to anymore. Owen is speechless and just tells Jackson it's enough. Cristina was charged with monitoring him while Teddy went to retrieve the lungs. His daughter was warned that it was possible that he'd need a new heart in addition to the lungs. Cristina consulted with the cardio fellow, Dr. McQueen, but he left Roy in her hands with instructions to insert an intra-aortic balloon pump. Teddy said that there was a chance that when she transplanted the lungs, his heart damage would reverse. Teddy arrived and transplanted the lungs successfully. She was unhappy with her butt and was in to have a surgical implant to make her butt larger. Lexie had doubts that she was having the surgery for herself, but she assured Lexie that her new butt was just for her. Bailey was frustrated when the autopsy showed no obvious cause of death. Callie gets upset and tells Arizona to stop giving her things away. The flight is eighteen hours, we can fight on the plane. You can't fit nine patients in an ambulance but two will fit just fine. Seven of my patients may have died today, but these two won't.

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In we have no actual rubber monBrian Spears is doing the makeup and he’s amazing. He’s already built up such a body of work and experience that he’s bringing to this, in design, execution and doing it as dirt-cheap as we “It’s Also helping keep costs down is I be shot at Calvert Vaux Park, near Coney Island. Later in the evening. The Hellbenders might be the most intrepid and committed figures in modern American cinema when it comes to the Lord. 'W the where the crew have turned the church, school and attached office buildings into their studio. (The finale will what a left-of-center approach,” Mattis says, “but this film fact that about three-quarters of Hellbenders is being shot at St. Cecilia’s, certainly and that’s the mainstay of the story. Whether or not the Church completely need. AND into the Blair didn't possessed levitation. Hellbenders hardly seems like the kind of movie a Catholic institution would approve of, and Petty says, “They certainly didn’t want to ask too many questions, you’re biting somebody’s somebody’s face open — 1, traditional horror film, when off or ripping you’re right in there, and you’ve got the whole parallax effect. OR SOMETHING EVEN MORE MlDNIGHTRELEASiNG. OM BEAST: A MONSTER AMONG MEN and ON DVD NOW. By MICHAEL GINGOLD f the many recent films to have blended the fantastical trappings of the supernatural with the unflinching gaze of the documentary- style camera, perhaps none has done so as persuasively as Toad Road. An attention-getter and award-winner at several festivals (includ- ing Montreal’s Fantasia, where the interview below took place). Toad Road also attracted the notice of Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller of Spec- who came on board as executive producers to help the movie toward release. It opens in select cities October 18 from Artsploitation Films, which then sends it out on DVD and digital platforms in December. Toad Road is based on an actual urban legend from his hometown.

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Well, we're here now to tear shit up if you thought Dick Daily irns lough, just wail. We got 12 eyes on you now, and we're gonna tell the world about all the barf, pee and wasted sperm flowing through this resulting little campus. Whattagig it uxis worth remmmg the Big Indian's heart with a rusty protractor when he wanted to hold out for a dental plan. Never one to shy away from a crowd, young Sara drew on a little-known Leshner family ability, sword swallowing, and proceeded to perform fellatio before an audience of more than thirty onlookers. After the exhibition was over, Sara gargled some Listerine as the crowd roared its approval. As the competition rose and the temperatures soared, Grotas upped the ante by shedding his shirt, pants and sadly his boxers as well. PORTRAIT OF A PETITE PENIS, PART DEUX: In another sickening variation on one of those all-toocommon leitmotifs of Street Society, the scouts down in the tropics stumbled upon another ill-advised unveiling of the Organ That Dare Not Speak Its Name. Then, just two days later, Lob decided, in a drunken stupor, to repeat the performance, live and uncensored for a different group of innocent co-eds. IRON-i WOMAN KISS-A-THON: The fine gentlemen of TEP have been doing their best to break out of social obscurity into the world of social insignificance, but none of their hijinx has been more glorious than serving as the site for Phi Sig frosh, Shari Wellen's 100th hook up Balloons and streamers decorated the halls and kazoos abounded as Shari broke the century mark. Having already swapped saliva with every TEP brother from floors one to three, as well as a horde of other innocent victims! Shari's doing her best to work her way through school. Having imbibed a few cold ones, Kratter decided to stop by the Senior Screamer at Circa to try his luck with the ladies. Catching Alpha Phi Social Chair Anjali Mehta in his sights he locked, loaded and fired off his best line. All bolded names quit baseball and are rejoining the Chicago Bulls. Must be neat, courteous and a mammal. No weirdos. Call 573-MELT for more info. Justice for the Underclasses Smokey Joe's for Dinner 15% Off with Freshman or Sophomore I.

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